My 25th birthday !! :)

Turned 25 Yup, another year goes by,and an year now less in my already shortened life !! (... Happy Birthday to me. !!! )

A week before, I was asked how do i feel about completing a silver jubilee, like I had at 24, and that was the first I was reminded that I had a birthday coming up. I'm kinda making a habit out of forgetting it (joking !!). So here they are, my thoughts on my 25th.

It was a great relief to realise I still have friends who remember. Given the amount of time I've spent doing the much over coveted MBA this last year, hence, not with friends, it was a pleasant surprise (may be orkut birthday reminder woked for them!!). Nice, to the extent of being funny, was when my buddies started wishing me a week in advance and amidst wild guesses of when my birthday actually was, I had one full week of wishes! (Sometimes it's better when people forget. ;))

My brother gifted me a sexy lighter ...he thinks using a matches is down-class ;)) I was plaaning to get one since the time I'm smoking, but now thanx to Gaurav...i finally own one.

(Its good to wait for birthdays before you buy anything for yourself)

Then there's my mother, who comes to wish, and the second thing she says is "You're of marriagable age now!". Supposedly my kundli says I'll get married between 26 and 29, so that's the new ploy to get my plans out about getting chained...sorry married. ;) For the fact's sake she knows and understands all my plans...its just the happiness she derives out of tryin to make me blush :P (Note to self: Devise new ways of staying out of trap!)

I soo love and respect my father....the way he cutely smiled and shaked hands to say the magic words Happy birthday "Beta"....touched my soul and energised me to face the tougher years of life !!!

(I got enough bucks from him to colour and improve my shirts collection)

A drive around the city after watching the movie Dev D and blessing myself with some alcohal, loud music, smoking and remembring what and how life had treated for the last 300 months of my life...was how the day was planned to end as...!! (Lolz for that)

But it didn't turn out that way.... anyways i didn't mind that at all.....The fun part was at home when my brother got us dinner packed from a posh (mind it!!!) restaurant, which was accompanied with BIRTHDAY pastries ;) and I decided to use these as weapons to butter-scotch each other !! I called it cake-thopo time...And yes results are Sweety(my mother, renamed by my chhhota bhai) was the one most grossly cake-thopoed followed by my brother and me and Papa at joint 3rd place :)

(Creams are best when used as edibles and lickables! :D)

I loved my this day ....what more can one ask for.....???

All in all no introspection, no revelations, just plain simple life...and a worth remembering birthday # 25 !!! :))

Waiting for the next birthday and back to studyin Management away from home soon :)) Planned a trip to Vaishno Devi, end of this month...will write it out too with pics !! :)