Love – beyond realms!

Sahil catches her from the back while she was yawning. Prisha gets mildly taken aback but lets go herself while he holds her. She closes her eyes and whispers into his ears, “Sahil.. I..” He shuts her up with a kiss. They kiss deeply and Prisha blushes. She hugs him tight and feels more protected than she ever felt in her life. Sahil goes wild with passion. She no longer can take his wildness and tries to run away from his grip. Sahil murmurs, “Baby, you want me to keep kissing you, don’t you!” She flushes and he kisses her on her neck, feels her sweetness. Prisha feels a gush of heat within her. He grips her tightly sensing her vulnerability and bites her lips. She loosens her body. Sahil starts exploring her body slowly which scares her. He draws her closer to him to make her feel loved. 

Sahil whispers, “I want to see more of you beautiful, I want to make you more beautiful.” Prisha’s heart starts pounding. She whimpers a mild ‘No’, which goes unheard. She places her palm on his eyes but he holds her away from himself to see the beauty he was dying to see. She runs for cover while he snatches her dress, unearths the real beauty and feels her. He starts hurting her to which she bites him. He presses himself on her while she moans. She feels him all over and unties her hair. She breaks away, dims the light. He goes to her, turns the lights on again and stares at her. She runs and turns her back to him. He holds her and kisses her on her back. He holds her so close to him that leaves no gap between her and him; not even air passes by. She lets go and rests her head on his bare chest and he plays with her hair. She digs her nails deep into his back nastily which gets him wild while gives in to his demand. He lifts her and throws her softly to the bed. She lies there and waits for him. He pounces on her and she calls out his name softly. He holds her and makes sure he sees the beautiful, completely. 

He exclaims, “You look amazing baby!” She demands of him to be in the same state as she is in. He obliges and while he is in the same state, plays with her beauty and with his soft finger touches her. She flinches and moans. She feels him too. He realizes she has given up completely; so he presses, kisses, tastes her all over.

She cries and kisses him on his chest. He holds her, assures her for being just his for the eternity; hugs her in his safe arms. She feels warm and safe and whispers into ears, “I LOVE YOU!” He feels he has just experienced the MOST PRICELESS gift of his lifetime and tries holding back his tears but fails and gives up. She kisses his cheeks and the tears rolling by. He says, “I LOVE YOU TOO!” He can see the mirror in her eyes, which says we will be happy till they die and blessed after that. She just lies in his arms. He finds the world as beautiful, like never ever before. She feels protected, safe; no one can come in between them. She is too important for him. He says to her, “I'll be yours even after I die.” She replies, “I want you to be mine, in this life, in all other births I take.” Sahil feels she has just said something, which leaves him speechless, and he just smiles and loves her uncontrollably. She tells him, “Baby it's time to sleep! You got to go to work tomorrow.” He mischievously says, “Love, make me tired, and I'll go to sleep” and smiles sheepishly. “There’s a lot of time left for all this, not now, it’s a bit too soon”, she explains. He agrees, because she is the princess he loves, more than just these things. She loves him all the more and kisses him all over again. Her beauty becomes too much for him to handle now. She says lovingly, “It's you who makes me feel beautiful; your look, your touch.” He says, “Baby, you look majestic” and he denies the credit, and won't stop till he should. She becomes uncontrollable too now, feels like being with him all night. He had sensed that a long time back, holds her hand tight. They are just about to experience the most treasured experience of their lifetime. 

Sahil is too lost in her beauty, decides it's time to get into her deep, but makes sure she is not hurt, much. But she is sure he won't hurt her, she trusts him. “I just want to forget everything else and get lost in you; and Sahil you are all that I know now”, she says. Sahil makes her feel him, as gently as he could, while holding her hands and looking straight in to her beautiful eyes. She whispers his name silently, and holds him tight. He is too engrossed in feeling her, but softly does he whispers back, “I love you my baby”. She is lost in his eyes, she is lost in him, and they are happy. 

They make love to see the colours, they never ever witnessed in their whole lives. They are experiencing something magical, a feeling so good, they are in heaven, beautiful love. If there is love, if there is pleasure, if there is any beautiful sin if there is any heaven, if two souls can ever be one, then this is it..this is love!
She is too excited, too emotional to speak or do anything now, she holds him, she wants him all to herself. He asks her if champagne and this beautiful princess can be had together for the rest of the night. She nods and tells him “Yes, only if you sleep after that, it's already 3:30am”. “Okay”, he says, “if only I’m promised some more of you tomorrow”. Prisha glows up, “I’m all yours, for tonight, and for all the nights to come.” Sahil just cuddles her up, rolls her within himself, forgets the world and wants to see her sleep. She keeps him close, to sleep with her, and gets drowned in his arms. “You are the most beautiful to me” said Sahil, she breaks the sentence in between, “I find you as the one who makes me look and feel beautiful.” He kisses her lightly on her lips, she reciprocates and they experience the longest kiss of the night.
One look, one smile, one touch, one embrace, one kiss, one love, two hearts, two souls, two destinies become one journey, with no ending and it was just the first time they met only to be together, forever!

She is my first love ! :)

It is you Mum who made me, me..
with love and patience, discipline and smiles.
It is you Mum who wakes me up from sleep,
and it is only you Mum, for you I am, me ..
Thank you Mum, I love You !! :)