God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers!

Even on the worst of days,
you are here to wipe the tears.

Even when life is as smoky as a haze,
you are here to rid the fears.

Even when I am lost and out,
you are here through thick and thin.

Even when I have all the doubts,
you help me find, for I am your kin.

With you there's always a good day after,
I know everything will turn out fine.

You will always save me from disaster.
That's why, Mom, I'm glad you're mine.

And I would not tell her...ever!

I won't tell her I grin when I hear her smile. 
It doesn't sound like fairies or anything that fascinates; in fact, half the time, it's one of those "silent laughs" where all you see is the person hunched over and grabbing their stomach. That's a funny thing about her, she laughs so much, and yet you never hear it. Once in a while, she lets out a giggle; it's really girly, almost like a little kid. It's really cute. Reminds me of how much of a girl she is.

I won't tell her I'm crazy for her eyes. 
Try getting the color off of the ocean on a summer afternoon from atop a cliff. That hue of blue that gives you that pit in your chest, and makes you take in and let out a deep breath. Feel that breeze from the sea caress your skin and tussle your clothes playfully. Realize the waves crash against the rocks far below you, and the seagulls cawing in the open. Sprinkle some white from the clouds, and the sun's reflection, and that's what I experience every time I see them. The only difference is that her eyes glitter a lot more than what I could describe.

I won't tell her that I adore her voice.
It's adorable and shy, an effect of her shy nature; rather cute, though. When she gets frightened, her voice does this weird wobble where one moment it's normal, but a second later it's high-pitched. And when she hums, it's calming. She loves putting her head on my lap, and then lull into a nap with my humming. It's almost motherly, actually. Even just hearing her say my name makes my day. Sometimes it's soft, other times with much more energy, but always in earnest, and it's a bliss to hear.

I won't tell her that the feeling of her skin drives me crazy. 
Smooth and soft. Especially her hands. Not just the feel; it's nice to look at, too. 

I won't tell her that her lips send my heart over the edge.
They're small, but pink, and very soft. There are moments when I forget that my feet are on the ground. I'm just floating, or at least my brain tells me I am. Her kisses mess with my senses, and that's how I know they're amazing. Does she wear a lip gloss or she wears the most beautiful smile, I've ever known.

I won't tell her that I like her hair. 
It's this shade of brown that I can't describe. Well, I can, but to really say what the shade looks like is so almost impossible.

I won't tell her that I love all the little pet names she calls me.
The notes she writes for me, the faces she makes when she's concentrating, the nights we spend watching the stars and picking our own to wish upon, or the way I feel just by being with her.

I won't tell her that I love

You're probably asking yourself why I won't tell her. Well, I would. But the thing is

I haven't met her yet. But I will, soon. And when I see her for the first time, I'm gonna walk up to her, kneel down on the spot, and ask her to marry me someday.

"And yeah, she'd say yes" said Sahil to himself, rather consoling falsely...

Have I told you lately that, I love you... yes, I do.

I want to tell you that you are beautiful
But I don't merely want these words heard
I want them to be felt by you..

Because you should feel as beautiful as you are..

It's not just your eyes that make you beautiful..
(though they seem to always invite my awe-struck gaze)

And it's not just your hair..
(though the strokes of light in each strand illuminate everything around you)

And it's not just your smile..
(though it reminds me to enjoy life instead of focusing on the struggles it brings)

And it's not just your voice..
(which will always,
always sweep me away from my sorrows
and draw me closer to an unexplainable happiness)

Or even your hands..
(though they sing my tension to sleep when I get to hold them)

It's your heart...what I feel from mine is what makes you beautiful in my soul..
And you are so,
so beautiful...

Not only in my eyes, but in my life...

Change your thoughts and you change your world !

Leave your burden
at the river's edge.

It is not welcome here.

Empty your pockets,
or if you have to, swim across naked.

True, the sun may be gone for now;
yet the sky is far from empty.

The moon and stars
will light your way.

Open your eyes and let them.

A Happy New Year
for all whom have made mistakes
A new beginning..