Just The Way You Are..

What is it, Anshul?
           What? Nothing." "No, is something thing wrong?

Why don’t you tell me...
           Have no clue.. what are you talking about?

It’s been a month, I notice you keep staring. Do I stink? Do I dress up so bad? Do I look like a zombie?

Hmm.. Yes?

 Look... If I offend in anyway, just tell me... get over with this bullshit! I’m leaving..

           You smell lovely. Your skin glows with beauty, you’re the reason I feel alive at work. And you don't offend...

Stop joking, Ansh..
           Now you know why I've been this silent around you?

 Not really..
           This might change your mind..

"Rose lips, perched slightly; eyes closed, awaiting for my move
I move forward to her; hesitant, I push my lips to hers

Awkwardness washes over like rain, two pairs of lips
Touching innocently..And we kissed.. "

Do you know, now?
           Umm..I think this was how I never thought would be like.. And..

You are adorable, Saira..
           Take me out for a dinner, tonight?

Some smiles are beautiful enough to assure innocence still exists!

She is too pretty; I knew no word combinations could describe her truly.
Her engulfing eyes, her hair full of shine, wish I could call her mine.

Was it her charm or her smile, the best words escaped my lips;
Or was it her defined grace, or the sway of her hips?

The way she dreams, like a Princess with a magical wand,
Blame me but I had my tongue suddenly turned to sand?

Her voice so adorable, just like the ways she greets,
She is an Angel, I should soon meet.

Flawless is, as flawless does,
Outrageous yet admirable like a dove.

Ask me if there is something more, untold well?
Make her smile and that should tell.

Once thought of just another girl,
I was wrong, she is hidden treasure, a pearl.

A radiant Beauty that shines for all to see,
And some smiles are beautiful enough to assure innocence still exist!

Who Am I?

"Being me.."

                    However I may be.
                             Carved by this world,
                  Not always understood. 

                      I am as you know. 
                                Of a race, ethnicity or a sexuality. 
              A narcissist, a random stranger, or unappealing you see. 
                        Popular and attractive or just plain carefree. 

                      I think what I feel. 
               Not what they ask me to. 
                      With their tricks and the perks they offer.
           To try and mold me into one of them. 


                         I can be me, no one else. 
         Not by any conscious decision.
   I am just my mind's honest creation . 
                           Being me is just a feeling 

       That no one but I understand. 
                                      May not be as easy to say.
                       And not delivering the answer straightaway.
                                                  Which gets me back to, "I am me. Happily me!"

Let’s Name These Stars..

You're gorgeous! 

... Wait, that's it? Not going to deny that?

But... but you're not going to tell me that I'm mad, and that you're not so gorgeous?

Hah! That was easy and..
         ... And can do you do anything better than praising me all night?

Yes, let's name the stars! 
         Mmm.. let me think of a name..


No! They’re beautiful enough to deserve a name each.
        Wait! Are we going to name all of them? These countless billions..

No. There aren't billions of stars... 
        Are you drunk or intentionally being so stupid? See, there…

..Sshhh! Honey, I'm talking about the stars in your eyes.