Forbidden, love.

Loving secretly,
Known just as friends,
If they know,
It’d be forced to end.

Her warm and soft lips,
The natural softest pink,
Joined with mine for a kiss,
Our souls become a link.


I smile at her,
And she back at me,
What else could we do,
If someone were to see.

She’s the only star,
Who is in my sight,
May be far,
But she’ll always be light.

Our love is rightly wrong,
Of the world, we still fear.
But our love was a song,
Not for everyone to hear.

Someday, I think,
Of stealing her,
To set us free,
And make her mine. Just.

But till that day,
Hold on, strong.
For we’ll meet alone,
Every mark hidden,
Never to be known,
For our love is forbidden.