A dozen dreams of the last 25 and for the next 5 years !! :)

Tagged by my good friend Deepika ... yes, she is the one who keeps me getting back to my poor blog, which has been suffering my ignorance and occupied interests ... Thanks Deepika !! :) I'm not a big dreamer, I take things as they come, and half of my twenties is over ... but anyways I have certain aims and wishes too ... so welcome to my dreams ... happy sailing :)
1. Be happy !!! Hell, yeah that's a dream and a big task .. !! :D

2. Try to keep giving everyone reasons to smile who loves, cares or even bothers for me :) 

3. Since my MBA is almost over, and I'm one of the many who's been hit by recession, build on to my career by working for whatever I get and develop a platform for a secured and lavish future! Now the BIG DREAMS : 

4. Visiting, Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Kerala, Andamans, Goa and places I haven't been to ever and yes, even going back to beautiful places I have been to like Kashmir, Gangtok, Darjeeling, Puri, Chandipur and more ON MY OWN SALARY !! 

5. Touring half of the world on company's expenses. (Spain, Switzerland, Dubai, Greece, UK are the preferred ones) :D !! 

6. Do every adventure sport possible and get a calming body massage by a beautiful-hot girl in Kerela ! ;) 

7. Construct an all wooden bedroom for me, at my home...with an Italian water-bed illuminated with blue color, with beautiful paintings, decorative lamps and wind-chimes... while giving this lethargic creature the comfort to control everything on finger tips !! :D 

8. Buy a brand new TATA Safari/Honda CRV on my own!! :) 

9. Take Mum and Gaurav out to shop till my credit card limit, which won't be less thn 3-4 lakhs and gifting Papa an all gold watch!!

10. Make sure at least 75% of population of my hometown knows me well and I make a name for myself. 

11. To be the Regional or Branch Marketing Head at whatever place I work for in the next five years :)

10.Take a leave for a month and stay unnoticed and undisturbed at some village in hills ... my loveliest and the most peaceful dream !! :) 

11.Date, dinner and night with Drew Barrymore/Jeniffer Conelly/Carmen Electra or Katrina Kaif as the last option !! (Read somewhere, aim for the moon, even if you miss, would land among the stars !! :D)

12.And keeping the faith in me, and in everyone who's been a support to me all along or even at times... and giving my best to LIVE these dreams :)

I need your wishes and blessings ... please do so in the form of comments or better to me in person !! Carrying forward this tag, I'm tagging my sister, Preeti and friends; Vidhu, Ivy (Sapna), Deepak, Ramandeep and all my blog and real friends :)