God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers!

Even on the worst of days,
you are here to wipe the tears.

Even when life is as smoky as a haze,
you are here to rid the fears.

Even when I am lost and out,
you are here through thick and thin.

Even when I have all the doubts,
you help me find, for I am your kin.

With you there's always a good day after,
I know everything will turn out fine.

You will always save me from disaster.
That's why, Mom, I'm glad you're mine.

37 people read and said:

Neeha said...

Show this to your mom.
She will be proud of you.

moonlite:D said...

oooh,, i always fall in love with ur poems!!
aren't mothers great,,

hope ur mom has read it :)

Ordinary Gal said...

lovely and touching rhymes :)
but I would like to say "God could not be everywhere that's why he gave us PARENTS" :)

Raksha Bhat said...

A bond so very special and your lines just made me feel grateful to mine...My best regards to yours:)
A mother is undeniably the most trustworthy friend we all have:)

A good day to you Sourav:)

Tanishka said...

Beautiful lines... Mothers are the best gift given by god to us... :)

SEPO said...

awww..! very sweet.

momma is the best, best, bes-test!
A very good poem!

Deepika Vasudeva said...

Mothers aren't humans.. They are incarnation of gods.. For he can't be everywhere na. Really really touching and for a change not the mush mush but something ethereal, heavenly...

Tanvi said...

"You are here to wipe the tears,
you are here to rid the tears."

Nice lines.... :) :)


Nivedita Thadani said...

HI Sourav,
Another face of your talent.
You mother is lucky to have a son like you. And you are the proud son.
Very beautifully written.

Sakhi. said...

touchingg...nice :)

Megha said...

loved d pic :)

revati kulkarni said...

very beautiful.....lines coming straight from the heart.....awesumm..... :) :)!!!!!!!!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Beautiful is the word, for her, and for this.


Unknown said...

Moms are special...no amount of words can do them justice but you came pretty close..... :)

Beyond Horizon said...

For me this is THE BEST from you :)

"Beauty of divine,
Makes one to rise up
and shine.
Her enduring serenity,
Reflection of Almighty.
Keeps the family together,
She is A MOTHER..." :)

A grain of sand said...

Despite a surgical removal, there is an umblical cord that can never be cut. such is the bond. Nice read:)

Unknown said...

Very touching and on a lighter note would like to add something, please excuse me if it offends anyone's emotions, especially mother-in-laws.

God said I cant be everywhere so he created Mothers,
Devil said even I cant be everywhere so he created mother-in-laws.

Please take it with a touch of humor, I'm sure even mother-in-laws are exceptional persons.

S said...

@Neeha - She was the first person to read this, she loved it and me! :)

@Moonlite - Yeah, she has read it and mothers are incomparably beautiful :)

@An Ordinary Gal - Thanks! And that's as true too :)

@Raskha - My regards goes out to every mother out there. Yes, the best friend one can have for life - mother!
Good day to you too Raskha :)

S said...

@Tanishka - Thanks! Yes and we are as good a gift too! :D

@Sepo - :) Yes! Bestest! Thanks :)

@Deepika - Mothers are just mothers, and there is no one even close to her. Thanks for appreciating Deepika, yeah for a change no mush here.. but the love stays! :)

@Tanvi - Thanks and cheers! :)

Deepika Vasudeva said...

And this love must stay forever :)

S said...

@Nivedita - Hey! Thanks, you are always kind. Your comments make me smile, always. I am sure you make a good mother too :)
Take care!

@Sakhii - Thanks! Glad :)

@Megharana - Not my creation, but am glad!

@Deepika - Love keeps it place alive, no matter what. You stay around too :)

S said...

@Revati - Thanks a lot, yes it was straight from the heart :)

@Anshul - :) Thanks!

@Rek - That was nice, but I'd agree with you, all the good words in this universe taken together can't exactly describe how beautiful mothers are! :)

@Poonam - Thanks a lot! :)
That was beautiful and so true; reflection of almighty :)

S said...

@4 those who care - Loved what you said!

@Pooja - Hahahahahaha!
That reminds me of all the Saas-bahu saga on the television, awesomeness! Your comment cracked me up! Thanks! :D

Er. said...

Mother - the bank where we deposit all our hurts and worries.


Priya Chilamkurthi said...

lovely.. :)

Alka said...

I am sure your mom is a very proud mother...Heart hugging poem.

S said...

@Arjit - So true! :)

@Pria - Thanks! :)

@Alka - Thanks, she is, an am a proud and a happy son! :)

Sushant Jain said...

very touching post...

Simran said...

Very touching poem..
Good work..
Keep Smiling :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful as it could be..

Lucky are we to have moms to take care of us without being asked for.. :)

raji said...

Hi sourav ,feels good to visit your blog.A hear felt poem dedicted to mothers.Very true.


മെഹദ്‌ മഖ്‌ബൂല്‍ said...

SO NICE.....

Anonymous said...

They're angels:)

Maitreyee Bhattacharjee Chowdhury said...

Lovely :)

Alcina said...

This posts touches the heart magically.
And a great poem to tell that i love you mom.

Anonymous said...

Well Penned! :)

I always love your poems! :)

Prathima said...

Nice lines about mom.. Moms are the best :)