That winter.


It was the first snow of the season. She woke up in his arms, while he whiskered away her hair out of her eyes and smiled. She questioned in a sleepy voice, “Smiling, why?'

He answered, “I think I have a new year’s resolution already!”

Really? Tell me, wha..” she couldn’t finish her question before he answered, “I'll not break anything anymore.” And in that very moment, he kissed her, “Promise, beautiful I won't leave you broken again.

That kiss and the promise marked a new beginning for them.




You know, I love snowflakes” he said while touching her lips; “and you’re like one to me. Strong yet melting away..” he added.


A bright sunshine morning. He had already left her alone, broke his own new year’s resolution and her heart too. She realized how he loved the snowflakes and not water. How he loved what she was and not what she might become.

But he left her with an end.

And a sunshine.

And for another new beginning.

To Leave And Stay.

You left me.
But you stayed in me.

What’s meant to be.
May not always be.

Your soul walked away.
Tearing us both apart.

Hold on!

Did you forget?
Taking back your heart.


Love couldn’t live.
Wouldn’t die too.


“She is as beautiful as is love expressed in whispers,
radiant yet still,
silvery dust of the moonlight,
misty leaves on the river’s bed.

Always in my sight,
I stand,
always close behind.
She can’t hide,
while playing in my mind.

All! That I wanted,
All! That I needed,
All! That I loved to love,
The air that I breathe!
A pain that I feel,
She thought unreal,
stays in my dreams.
I ever imagined.

But is she..?"


She is bits of the heaven left for me to admire.
She is beautiful,
but oblivious,
but she will see that in my eyes."

"Sure, is she yours?"

"She is her own,
And forever,

To love and live happily after, ever.

"Let’s just go away, somewhere?"
               "From where?"

"From here, to anywhere"
               "Yes, we may. But.... Tell me where do we go?"

"Does that really as long as we’re together?"
               "It does, really!"

"No, it doesn't. We must take one step at a time and then one more and another and see where we reach."
               "Okay. But.. what if we find ourselves reaching a place worse?" 

"Then we walk, again. Not so hard really, and probably we'll end up in a better place that we'd like some day and…”
               "We live happily ever after!?"

"Not too sure. Something may happen, or go wrong again. And we’ll have to move.."
              "Oh! Then.. what?"

"Nothing. We keep trying, keep walking until some day...."
              "Some day...?"

get lost devils-horizon

"Some day we will.." 
              "Will what?"

"Live happily after, ever."

Forbidden, love.

Loving secretly,
Known just as friends,
If they know,
It’d be forced to end.

Her warm and soft lips,
The natural softest pink,
Joined with mine for a kiss,
Our souls become a link.


I smile at her,
And she back at me,
What else could we do,
If someone were to see.

She’s the only star,
Who is in my sight,
May be far,
But she’ll always be light.

Our love is rightly wrong,
Of the world, we still fear.
But our love was a song,
Not for everyone to hear.

Someday, I think,
Of stealing her,
To set us free,
And make her mine. Just.

But till that day,
Hold on, strong.
For we’ll meet alone,
Every mark hidden,
Never to be known,
For our love is forbidden.

Intoxicating Love.

My lips against hers, 
   Those soul engulfing silent whispers.

Slipping my tongue through hers,
    Burning passions fuelled our desires.

Stared deep into her oceanic eyes,
     To find dreams similar to mine.

Sliding my hands against her thighs,
      Kisses and the deep sighs.


Enamored by the softness of her lips, 
     How I wish it would never ended.

For within me I held the one,
      Lady I loved.

       Who makes my heart rush with,
      Her most delicately deep touch.

We loved till,
      The universe and the pains, mattered no more.

Promises, broken for love.

She: You know we can try and make this work.
             He: I guess, we can.

She: But you need to assure me of certain things? Can you promise?
             He: Like?

She: Like, give me a promise me that you’ll never leave the hand soap box empty.  You’ve to promise me when when you drop that cup of tea, instead of leaving it like that you will clean it up. 
             He: No, I won’t promise all that. But take my word for this I’ll never leave you hands and your life empty of all the happiness. I promise to be there for every drop of tear, that life may ever offer you and clean it up with kisses.

She: I think I can manage with that.
              He: And I’ll need some promises too?

She: Let me know, I can try.
              He: You should never drag me along in chick-movie, where the guy cries more than the girl. Promise me you won’t spend half of my salary on dresses and shoes you’d probably never even wear.

She: Not done. But I will drag you along into the bed when we’re soaked to the bone with rain and our teeth are clicking and our hands are the only things warm on our bodies. I will promise that I’ll spend half my thoughts on ‘you’ and the other half on ‘us.’ And yes..
              He: Yes?

She: You’ve to love me the first thing in the morning even when my breath smells like last night and poor decisions. And to love me in the afternoon when I’m upset at you because your love would keep me in senses. Promise to love me at night when I’m cooking and impatient for that dinner because I couldn’t taste the food before serving as I was thinking about tasting your collarbone.
            He: Quite simple for me, I promise to love you always. Even when you’re stupid, gross, irritating or embarrassing.

She: Thanks! And I’ll try to be a little more sane.
            He: LIAR!

Of dying hopes, a fading voice and love forever.

She never left staring outside the window since the last two days.

In spite of the world tried to convince how impossible it was, she felt content and hopes of finding those precious memories she seem to have now lost. May be she will hear the thunderous sound of his bike once more which would freeze right outside her house and she could reach out to the door to hug him again.

Time froze in those moments
Earth used to skip a spin
Her thoughts used to fade
With him, everyday a new life begin.

Even against her hopeless hopes, the unchanging view outside the window made her think how dwelling on past is useless and there is nothing to happen, anymore. But Arjun remained in her breaths, her soul.

"Why don’t you ever get fat?" he had teased her once, leaning towards her while she enjoyed her favorite chocolate ice-cream. She looked at at him and her smile widened. The dimple was back on her cheek as she grinned at him, her blue eyes shimmering like the sun-kissed surface of some perpetually tranquil ocean. Her hair was a piece of art in itself, glowing with masterful strokes of brown and auburn and gold.

They shared those moment like
Riding on a wondrous flow
Of love's mighty river
Such passion no one ever know.

Back in the present, she lost a breath and skipped many heart-beats at the almost tangible memories of his hands. By fate’s cruel ways, life ensured that she would never feel those strong hands around her again.


But his touch wasn't all that she longed for. Nor was his smile. What she wished for the most was the sound of him saying her name:


Amazing when someone in love with you, how they take your name is different. You know your name is safe in their mouth. The sound of it in his mouth was exquisite, like chocolate melting slowly on the tongue. Whether it was a soft, intimate murmur or a faraway call, the sound was just as beautiful. But...
No, she thought, moving away from the window for the first time since his funeral. He would never be completely gone nor would he be completely hers anymore, thought Isabel.


Calls Unanswered. A Letter Unread.

27th July, 2010.
12:30 am
She calls him for the first time.

"You there?"
"Say something?"
"Please talk, when you can. Bye!"

12:45 am
The 2nd time.

"I know you’re there. Aren’t you?"
"Listen, Arjun. Its very urgent!"
”Go to hell.”

12:52 am
The 3rd time.

“Sorry! I didn’t mean that.”
"Talk, please?"
"You know I can’t bear this much pain anymore.. I need to hear you!"

1:25 am
The 4th time.

"Please.....Please. I'm begging!"
"Okay, I won't do it anymore. Goodbye!"

1:29 am
The 5th and the last time.

"Seems I’ve bothered you enough."
"I know you’re listening, Arjun."
"You will regret. Or may be I will. Bye."


2:34 am
Arjun calls her back

"Hey! You wanted to talk? Sorry, I was away at a friend’s party.."
Hello Aisha?
"I think you’ve slept, give me a call. And take care"

29th July, 2012
A note.

Dear whoever is reading,

You discovered this letter too late. I’m no more. I wanted to talk to him but I wasn’t as necessary to him. I hope he now realizes how much he meant to me, but I just got tired of waiting. May be I didn’t have enough patience or may be he never loved me. Or may be I loved him more than I should’ve..

         ~Yours forever,

Blue Tiffin-box

That was once rushed affair. That had always been one. Just back from her college, she had rummaged through her whole wardrobe for the want of better clothes to be shoved inside her bag. A spring in every step she had; a song in her heart. She had been packing her bags to go home that day. Going home at that time of the year had always been easy. She could easily manage sufficient leaves to afford enough time to rest at home and enjoy homecoming.

With clothes half folded in her hands, she went inside the kitchen to grab a bite. She opened her fridge and her eyes set on a blue Tiffin box. A deluge of emotions engulfed her and she was swept with memories from two years back, when around this time she had been leaving for her place. Only, she hadn’t been working then. She had been a student. She had been away from her home to pursue what at that time seemed most important to her. And in this most important endeavor of hers, she had struggled to ward off all possible distractions.

Nothing had changed since then. The slight drizzle, a heavy downpour, a soft breeze and a happy heart, all felt the same, even now.

A call from home brought her back to the present. She had been asked to leave early, lest she is hindered by inundated roads and a dead traffic. It had rained cats and dogs that day, stopping only for a while. The voracity of rain had always been overwhelming for her. And to her happiness, the still overcast sky brought with it a promise of more rain. The breeze wafted through the curtains. The mellifluous music blared through the room, stirring up emotions she knew so well ; bringing back memories which have always been priceless.


Memories they were, beautiful and refreshing. Unfading memories. Memories, which mirrored her with herself; which had become an indispensable part of her existence. Memories, in the wake of which, time elapsed only to archive beautiful recollections in the landscape of mind; in the wake of which, the infinite time coyly yielded to the mind; the mind, which had beheld those memories timelessly.

“The tide recedes, yet leaves behind bright seashells son the sand,

The sun goes down, but the gentle warmth still lingers on the land,

The music stops and yet it echoes on in sweet refrains,

For every joy that passes something beautiful remains”

The song and the ambience reminded her of her days as a student living in a clumsy colony with houses colossal and old, yet houses weathered and washed, over the years, by the heavy rain. Lined by contracting lanes and thatched environs was her dwelling. It reminded her of the monsoons when she had stood  perched on the railing of her balcony watching the water drops line  and fall off the edge of the Peeple tree that shrouded her window completely. It reminded her of the water logged lanes below and paper boats that she had made and sailed in her balcony. It took her to the hustle and bustle of students in and around her institute, wading through the waist level waters to attend blue tiffintheir classes; to  the temple nearby and the ringing of the bells every evening. It brought her back the days of the gentle breeze, of the cozy nights and the lazy mornings. It made her reminiscent of her hot pursuit; of the newspapers damp with rain water every morning. It reminded her of the hot mug of coffee she had sipped from; of the hot mug of coffee she had shared with him sitting inside that coffee shop. It reminded her  of the monsoons when he had left her to move to a place where he could fulfill his dreams, leaving behind his memories and that blue Tiffin box.


stutiproffileAbout the author : Stuti Dhyani or the one who finds the world in a grain of sand. To me, she has always been one friend to who I could talk my mind out and who’d patiently listen and would never judge. We met just once, when she lost a bowling game and since the last two years she must be secretly learning to bowl before we meet again. Jokes apart she is as beautiful as her words and you must find her words on her blog - A Grain of Sand.

She Wanted Him And Winter Back..

She realized she misses him the most in the winters. When they were together, they belonged to the cold waves; trees may have lost their leaves, winter winds would blow, but the warmth of love kept them happy. It was a time when they could leave early from their work and leave friends behind to meet and dream. Their time for stargazing. Their time. Of togetherness.

She felt broken and alone. In the warmth of a bonfire or the wind of a highway. She kept thinking: “He would have loved all this so much..” and got lost in the memories of walking through the lake side, throwing stones together and dangling their feet in the stars.

forgotten_fairytales_by_zemotion-dyrnfsA season of early sunrises and fast-moving clouds, of the late night walks and the frozen ice-cream cones. She thought December would last forever.

It's August. But back then, whenever  she reached home late, walking across the city in dark, he was always by her side. But he feels far away from her now, and listening to the music he like doesn't bring him any closer too. She misses the windy bus rides home and barefoot walking in the dust. She misses singing the poetry, he wrote for her. She miss serenity.

For the rest of their lives, wanderlust will carry them across the seven seas and memories will slip through their fingers like sand.

She was waiting to see him when the sun hits the horizon and this time, they'll walk across the water together.

Her hopes against hopelessness, her dreams against nightmares and her wishes against reality made her forget the he would never come back from heaven and back from that flight crash which separated them, forever.



Kiss by kiss, unbuttoned.

Touch by touch, unzipped.

Soul by soul, loved


Deep, the bullet lies..

"Dammit! Don’t you feel anymore? Are you so cold now!?"

Her word shook me inside out. I looked up from my laptop and out of the fogged window-glass. I always loved cold. Pushed the window open, felt the air on my skin and watched it play with her hair.

"I’m talking to you, hello?"

"… Hmm," I said still staring at golden flowing hair and her skin, which has the color of life.

"Is your heart dead? Can nothing move you?"


 How I wished I could show her the endless pages of poetry, I wrote for her.

"No, I mean yes," I answered her question in the best way I could’ve ignored it.

"You know you can ignore me, not what you feel. I know you’ve always loved…"

Then! I didn’t kiss her, I should’ve. Just didn’t..

"I can see love in your eyes, but they’re too dry.."

"Yes," I hardly managed to whisper.

"Tears died?"


"Speak up, then. Hug me. Hurt me too, for what I’ve done to you. Let me feel you once more, please.. Breathe life in me.."

I closed my laptop’s screen, the light was hurting my eyes. There is some part of me that hangs on every word I don't speak. But I think twice. Thrice. I keep thinking, and never speak. Won't. Or can't. I swallowed the words back and expected to hear some sort of rebuke, but there's nothing. 

There was just me.

Saved All My Love for You

To feel her heartbeats in my sleep,
To sense the fragrance of her skin in my dreams,
To whisper in her ears when she wakes up.
To kiss her soul when she kisses my lips.

These were my thoughts, when you slept within my arms,
Softly, she breathed on my chest.
We wake up to a beautiful life,
Or it's all just a dream, so beautiful.

As I told her about the love I felt for her,
She felt my lips on her ear,
She paused for a moment and breathed,
And said everything I have always wanted to hear.

As We Kiss; Ecstasy.

Her untamed velvety hands reach me in ways I craved for,
Hurt me in scintillating ways I could never prepare for,
Lets me hold her like I am the only one,
The way she hugs me as we kiss; ecstasy.

Felt her love in the movement of her lips,
Such mild smoothness as she clings to me.
Somewhere my heart actually registers her surprises,
As she looks with the eyes, I find my soul in.

Copyright/ Art Credit: Richa Arora

Like in dreams, much in life; her love blinds me,
In my heart her love completes me,
Like today, I hope tomorrow she'd still crave me,
And yes, I think I'm in love with her, completely.

Just The Way You Are..

What is it, Anshul?
           What? Nothing." "No, is something thing wrong?

Why don’t you tell me...
           Have no clue.. what are you talking about?

It’s been a month, I notice you keep staring. Do I stink? Do I dress up so bad? Do I look like a zombie?

Hmm.. Yes?

 Look... If I offend in anyway, just tell me... get over with this bullshit! I’m leaving..

           You smell lovely. Your skin glows with beauty, you’re the reason I feel alive at work. And you don't offend...

Stop joking, Ansh..
           Now you know why I've been this silent around you?

 Not really..
           This might change your mind..

"Rose lips, perched slightly; eyes closed, awaiting for my move
I move forward to her; hesitant, I push my lips to hers

Awkwardness washes over like rain, two pairs of lips
Touching innocently..And we kissed.. "

Do you know, now?
           Umm..I think this was how I never thought would be like.. And..

You are adorable, Saira..
           Take me out for a dinner, tonight?

Some smiles are beautiful enough to assure innocence still exists!

She is too pretty; I knew no word combinations could describe her truly.
Her engulfing eyes, her hair full of shine, wish I could call her mine.

Was it her charm or her smile, the best words escaped my lips;
Or was it her defined grace, or the sway of her hips?

The way she dreams, like a Princess with a magical wand,
Blame me but I had my tongue suddenly turned to sand?

Her voice so adorable, just like the ways she greets,
She is an Angel, I should soon meet.

Flawless is, as flawless does,
Outrageous yet admirable like a dove.

Ask me if there is something more, untold well?
Make her smile and that should tell.

Once thought of just another girl,
I was wrong, she is hidden treasure, a pearl.

A radiant Beauty that shines for all to see,
And some smiles are beautiful enough to assure innocence still exist!

Who Am I?

"Being me.."

                    However I may be.
                             Carved by this world,
                  Not always understood. 

                      I am as you know. 
                                Of a race, ethnicity or a sexuality. 
              A narcissist, a random stranger, or unappealing you see. 
                        Popular and attractive or just plain carefree. 

                      I think what I feel. 
               Not what they ask me to. 
                      With their tricks and the perks they offer.
           To try and mold me into one of them.

                         I can be me, no one else. 
         Not by any conscious decision.
   I am just my mind's honest creation . 
                           Being me is just a feeling 

       That no one but I understand. 
                                      May not be as easy to say.
                       And not delivering the answer straightaway.
                                                  Which gets me back to, "I am me. Happily me!"

Let’s Name These Stars..

You're gorgeous! 

... Wait, that's it? Not going to deny that?

But... but you're not going to tell me that I'm mad, and that you're not so gorgeous?

Hah! That was easy and..
         ... And can do you do anything better than praising me all night?

Yes, let's name the stars! 
         Mmm.. let me think of a name..


No! They’re beautiful enough to deserve a name each.
        Wait! Are we going to name all of them? These countless billions..

No. There aren't billions of stars... 
        Are you drunk or intentionally being so stupid? See, there…

..Sshhh! Honey, I'm talking about the stars in your eyes.


Something Like Love and Love, actually.

15th November, 2003 :

He : You know what's beautiful? …read the first word again.
       She : You’re such a sweetheart, I loooooove you!

25th August, 2006 :

He : When are you free to talk?
       She : Not today, will call you.

15th September, 2007 :

He : Please don’t break up, I love you. Really DO!
       She : You irritate me. I’m tired of you and I love SOMEONE else now!

He : I’ll never come back to you, ever.  
       She : GOOD-BYE!

12th June, 2009 :

She : Hey! How are you? Longggg time!
        He : Awesome! All good?

She : Not really. My Fiancée cheated on me, I called off the engagement.
        He : Sad!

She : Lets meet sometime?
        He : Sure, will do SOMETIME.

21st October, 2011 : 

She : You still look the same. Handsome, cute and I never knew you wrote so well too!
        He : Haha! Thanks.

She : Can’t things be back as they were? I know you still love me like your Princess!
        He : What things? ..Oh!


She : I know I’m your dream girl… 
(phone rings)
        He (on call) : Darling, I’ll be with you soon, just met a random classmate. See you!     

She : WHatttt? But I lov..
        He : Listen I’m already in love with an Angel, who loves me as much too and that’s not you. I was just here to invite you to my wedding. Here, the card. Do come!


Modern Technology, Owes Eecology, An apology.

Present Me : "How does the sky looks like? Cloudy today?"
Future Me : "The sky? Cloudy? What are you talking about?"

Present Me: "'s up there, see?"
Future me: "The Haze, you meant!"

Present Me: "The Haze, what?"
Future Me: "Yes, the Haze! It's thin, dusty brown today while someday it can be a thick orange too."

Present Me: "Are you joking? Can you even breathe then?"
Future Me: "Depends. On better days, you may go out without a breathing mask, wishing you don’t get allergies! On the not-so-better days – on an orange-ish sky – we’re stuck indoors."

Present Me: "Can't you breathe your own air?"
Future Me: "Well, some people are allergic to air, and that can spread in no time..."

Present Me: "Alright! So how do the animals breathe and what about the plants and trees?"
Future Me: "Are you trying to act smart with me? Everyone knows animals are just make-believe!"

Present Me: "...Haaaan, no animals? None?"
Future Me: "Are you drunk?! Hell, where would they live, with all the factories and urbanization around? You hardly get to see real trees, anymore!"

Present Me: "No plac...WHAT fake trees?"
Future Me: "Artificial ones, yes. Nature – if you can call it so is all we have now"

Present Me: "Sick! Must be horrible!?"
Future Me: "Come on, dude! This is the best it's been in years now, thanks to the new technology!"


Can You?

Can you wait for someone, 
who you will be with forever? 

Can you compete not with the fear of failing, 
at hand of ones who always win? 

Can you be strong enough to climb, 
higher than the highest plains? 

Can you lend an extra eye for the eyeless, 
who are crossing the road at the wrong time? 

Can you shout up for the speechless few, 
who can’t speak for their rights? 

Can you understand that life is not easy, 
and so we should stand together and stay undefeated? 

Can you find a strong will, 
to lie to me with honest eyes? 

Can you share your deepest secrets with me, 
the ones you never even expressed before? 

Can you offer a helping hand, 
to the less fortunate ones’? 

Can you believe love is true and as real, 
like it’s felt beating in our chests?

Can you find some solutions, 
or at least the answers to these questions? 

Can you smile, love and live, 
Like I wish for you and me!

Oh! Pretty Woman.

Day 1 

She: Hey! Happy birthday!
        He: Thank you, that was a pleasant surprise!

Day 15

She: You are a flirt!
        He: And you are pretty.

She: Saying that won't make you a lesser flirt.
        He: And that won't make you any less pretty.

Day 30

She: Do you remember our first conversation?
        He: Of course! You gave me your number 6 months after I kept asking for it.

She: No, you never asked. Anyway, as they say rest is hist..!
       He: Not history, the present.

Day 45

She: Can't you ever find a single fault in me?
        He: The way you smile can get me killed someday!


Day 60

She: So, did you miss me?

        He: No. I love you!

Just, half.

Is that glass half empty?

Or is it half full?
Can every glass be so full?

How long can a glass be filled for?

Is every glass the same?

Did you leave that glass there?

Or was it meant it to be there?
What if gets broken, someday?
Was it meant to be broken?
Would it get fixed, ever?

If not, who'd clean it up?

Or we'd instead replace it?

Is every glass made to be invaluable?

Half empty or full, it fluctuates.

Ain't we nothing, but affiliates

Not in the best of mind to enunciate!

Not with the loudest voice to communicate?

All you can do is appreciate

If only, you reciprocate?

Love, Just Love. No reasons.

She : "Enough! You've got to tell me the reason, you love me!?"
He : "No reason!"

She : "No reason? There must be atleast something good about me that you love?"
He : "No. Nothing at all! But I love you!"

She : "How do you justify that now?"
He : "It's like earthquakes’ and floods' existence; my love is beyond things like reasons. Like you know how it’d be irrational of us by believing God would design natural disasters!" 

She : "Really?! You explain our love in terms of disasters!?"
He : "Haha! You silly! I am just trying to tell you how valuable our love is to me. Finding a reason for it is like looking for a reason why God left us in darkness and let us fight each other to die miserably!"

She : "Whaaaat!! You just compared our love with war?”
He : "Alright! My beautiful Angel all I’m saying is that I don’t need any god-damned reasons to be in love with you, I don’t need anything to make me keep loving you, forever. Even if you were a witch who looked horrid, I'd still love you." 

She : "But..You...And..?"
He : "If you tried to kill me, I would still love you.”

She : "Okay, why?"
He : "No reason."

..and then a Pop!

Big, bigger, biggest and then a pop

Oh come on, please stop.

You looked at me and there was a smile

Do you think this is worth the while?

I take my hand out of the pocket for the gum

You just giggle and stick out your tongue.

Big, bigger, biggest and then a pop

Enough now, you got to stop!

I move one over to be closer to your seat

So did you, closer right by me.

Another bubble and I rolled my eyes

Stop it if you're sensible and wise.

Then I tried reaching for the gum inside your mouth

You tried pulling but could just pout.

Your lips meets mine and so our tongue

This time, I’d get it, will find that gum!

My tongue roamed aimlessly inside your mouth

Till I found the candy and my heart shouts.


Chew what was once, your's

You glare at me down to my core.

Swallowed the gum, it is now gone

Didn’t you know this was coming all along.

Damn! You had another stick of gum

I’m scared, frozen and very numb.

And so you laughed, my efforts in vain

Don’t worry, I’d that back again!

Big, bigger, biggest and then a pop

Oh come on, please stop.

You're the First, My Last, My Everything.

She: Am I adorable?
       He: No. 

She: Or sexy? 
       He: Not really.

She: Fine, but you like me?

       He: Of course, NOT.

She: Don't you wish for us to be together, always?

       He: Huh?! No.

She: Won’t you break, if I walk away.

       He: Never!

She: Thanks, I should leave! 

       He: But..

She: What!? 

       He: You are not adorable or sexy, you’re my most beautiful dream; my world. I don’t just like you, I love you. I don’t wish to be together, I know we will be!


She: But…

      He: But I wouldn’t just break if you walked away, I'll stop living!

Be there, forever.

They sit in a coffee shop, with snowflakes licking the windows, begging to be let in and to glorify everything with their crystalline glaze.

He gestures wildly with his hands, as he falls more and more in depth with his story, captivating he’s sure, more than himself.  He pauses momentarily, to sip from his hot chocolate, the sweet warmth caressing his throat and then exhales in appreciation.  He catches her eye, encouraging him to continue with his story.  He leans closer, placing his left elbow (making sure to push his shirt sleeves up first, of course) on the small, round table separating them before diving into his story once more, trying his best to quell the butterflies raging in his stomach.

The first two buttons of his shirt collar had been undone, revealing the fair skin of his neck. She sips her coffee, grateful for its bitter taste as she tries not to notice the smooth angles of his collarbone.

Above her, laid the young man she loved dearly. His eyes were narrowly open, gazing down at the beautiful maiden below him. He could feel her arms around his neck, her legs against his…inside her. His cheeks, were burning with affection, as did his heart. And every single time he moved forward, a shock-wave of love could be felt throughout their entire bodies.

Before long, Virat closed his and moved faster, the fire in his heart burning more wild. Anyesha held onto the boy as close and tightly as she could, vowing never to let go. Her chest, heaving from the giant breaths she took as the sensations grew higher and higher deep inside her.

Just as she could feel as she could hold it any longer, she pulled herself up and pressed her lips against the boys above her, and her entire body tensed. Her muscles tightened and as if given a cue, Virat pushed one final time, as deep as he could, and held himself there, returning the kiss Anyesha planted onto him.

After a few seconds of no movement, Anyesha slowly and softly broke the kiss, and gently lowered herself back onto the bed, gasping for air. Virat took deep breaths as well, beads of sweat covering both their uncovered bodies.

Anyesha took several deep breaths before opening her eyes to the young man above her, gazing gently back down at. She gazed into his deep eyes for the longest time before letting a small smile escape her lips. Virat smiled at the sight and gently cupped her cheek, softly caressing the skin upon her face.

Anyesha could still feel him, deep inside her body, and made no complaint. She smiled lovingly up at him and made no hint to leave her interior. 

Virat…you’re so amazing…I love you, so much.” She said in a soft, loving voice.  Virat couldn’t help but to blush a little and continued to stroke her cheek. 

My love burns more then you could ever know, Anyesha…” He said back in the same tone. As if reading her mind, Virat slowly pulled halfway out of her, and then softly thrusts back in, giving the girl a slight shiver as she recoiled her body a little. She moaned slightly and smiled, closing her eyes and holding the boy close to her. 

Ohhh…I love you…every time you do that…” She said in a soft, sighing voice. Virat smiled lightly and gently pecked her lips, keeping still once more.

I know, what you like…” He said, somewhat flirty but there was love and gentleness in his voice. Anyesha giggled softly and sighed gazing up into his eyes once more.

Anyesha though, this time, stared much deeper into his eyes, and her smile slightly faded.
Virat…” She said almost inaudibly, slowly tightening her arms around him. “Can you…stay inside me? Until we wake up, tomorrow?” She said very softly. “I just…want to feel you, when I fall asleep tonight.” She peered into his soul with wanting eyes, so Virat returned the gaze and smiled back down, softly nodding. 

Of course…anything, for you.” He said, immediately creating a smile on her face once more before she closed her eyes and breathed deeply, her chest rising and then falling.

Virat smiled and gently rested his body on top of hers, their stomachs touching, their chests touching. Virat softly rested his head over the girls shoulder and both of their faces pointed to each other. Anyesha, by just knowing, leaned forward and gave Virat and light peck on the lips, without even opening her eyes. Virat blushed and closed his eyes as well, sighing and wrapping his arms loosely around the girls body. 

The two laid there together, still joined.