..that one last ride, wish and a hug!

(Sahil was speeding his bike with a speed of more than 110 kms/per hour and Prisha was too scared)

Prisha: Please slow down, it’s scaring me.
            Sahil: Don’t be silly, this is so much fun!

Prisha: For you it may be, but I’m feeling very uncomfortable.
            Sahil: Fine, I’d slow down if you tell me how much you love me.

Prisha: You are my life, I love you. Sahil now please slow down!
            Sahil: Okay, you got to give me a tight hug now.

Prisha: Loser! (Hugs him)
            Sahil: Love you too! Now please take off my helmet and put it on. It’s bugging me.

roads-18-600x600…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….A newspaper report next day:

One motorcycle – Bajaj Avenger, with the registration no. DL 7AS 5421 crashed on the National Highway onto a DTC Bus because of bike’s break failure. Two people were on this  motorcycle, but only one could survive.

Halfway down the road, Sahil realized that the bike’s breaks broke, but he never wanted Prisha to find this out. Instead, he had her say she loved him, felt her love and hug for one last time, made had her wear his helmet so she would live even though it meant he would die!


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When she lost her…

Relax Prisha.
             No, I can’t.

You are over-reacting!
             Sahil, I couldn’t afford to lose it.

Calm down, not all is lost!
             But how could you do that?

Prisha, it just happened.
             You are so irresponsible, Sahil!


Shout and cry, if it helps.
             You really won’t understand.

             Can you get me back what I lost?

Prisha …
             Just tell me, yes or no!

Alright! I’d get you a new TV remote today! Happy?

Love, before you lose; said winter!

"I think I have something to gift you today," I said while gazing up at the expanse of star-lit sky stretched as far as my eyes could.  “There they stand, the innumerable stars, shining in order like a living hymn, written in light - someone observed this so perfectly”

"True," she replied while being amazed and wondering what was I thinking.

"You like winters, don’t you?  I sure can give you that!"

She stared at me, probably trying to read my mind.  May be she thought I was mocking her or I am just randomly blabbering.  But she sure looked intrigued and puzzled.

"Winters?" she finally questioned, giving up to the thousand things you must have thought in that moment.  "Tell me you are joking, you are talking about a season...you just can’t give me that.  I's just not possible."

That lost expression on her face made me adore her all the more.  Her cheeks dimpled; taking away her intensity and for that one special moment, she appeared less burdened.  Then her smile faded and I replied to her softly, "Ohh yes! I definitely can, will make any wish that you wish come true.  Any season that you desire of.  But I guess you’d love winter for now."

"Why? Do you think I'm a cold ruthless bitch?"  she said with a hint of hidden sarcasm, and laughed gloriously and endlessly.

Tonight we have the stars moons and the winters It was then, I held her close. Her beautiful expressive eyes met mine and got lost.  Jaded thoughts, skeptic views and worries fled.  I could feel her feeling senseless yet liberated, warm yet cold!  My warm hand touched her freezing cheeks and that kiss was achingly soft.  I whispered against her lips, "Do you see the beauty in it;  crystalline-silvery snow, shining skies. Despite that, everything seems more breathtaking - this cold, the end and this lack of light. But guess, what?"

"What?" she asked while breathing back into me.

"They’d only appreciate and miss you, when you're gone!"

Because you’re beautiful, reflections shine and glint!

            What, who?

You! You are really beautiful.
            Yes, I know. They’ve all said that

May be. But who meant it?
            They didn’t?

No doubt you’ve got an infectious smile, deep expressive eyes, well carved out lips to that beautiful face, you’ve them all.. but your heart …
             …writing a poem, are you?

Wait, let me finish!  Your heart is pure gold and it reflects you could fit the world inside there. It's not blood but your pulse, it is love. It's the ache of the world in your chest. You really are beautiful.
            So why would it hurt this much?

To love and hurt for the ones you love.
            For, or to just get hurt?

            I don't need it then.

Nobody but everybody does.
            But my heart doesn’t seem my own now, it's ...

...everybody else's, I know!
           Something wrong with me?"

Yes! You are more beautiful than most in the world.
          How is that a problem?

The nicest problem you ever could have
         But I can't be.

You definitely are.
        How are you so sure?

Because I know and mean it.
        How do you know?  I never did anything as beautiful.

You are someone who made me believe that' it’s good to be yourself, and still be loved.

An open letter by a stalker!

Dated : Yesterday, Today and Forever

Dear stalked,

I am writing this note/letter to declare my intent to be your shadow and to ensure minimum inconvenience, while you are being stalked. The points mentioned hereby would further explain my stand on the matter:

  • That I would be staring you from a distance; from behind the bushes or the newspaper or that half closed window/door and the keyholes.
  • That I would ensure your privacy by staying unnoticed and would hide myself in your wardrobe, fold myself under that book you’ve finished reading long back or just keep being stuck at your underwear drawer.


  • That my activities will include (but never limited to) gazing full-heartedly at your sleeping state and collecting your hair strands and/or used disposable glasses.
  • That I would keep calling and hanging up with no signs or human voices from my end. And send ill-formatted, good morning and evening texts, random romantic quotes and shayaris on text messages too; which may contain slightest hint of sexuality in it.
  • That I would send you never ending unidentified emails (forwards) from anonymous addresses and you may be shocked but I am already added to your Facebook profile using my friends’ profile. You should know that those stupid applications can never unearth the nth thousand of times I visit your profile.
  • That I am going to stalk your significant other as closely too, since I consider them my direct competitors.


Terms and considerations:

  • All physical contacts and brushes will be avoided, unless they are accidental.
  • Your significant other will not be harmed at all, unless yet accidental again.
  • Due to exigencies, national holidays and on weekends some stalking activities will be suspended.
  • My stalking you is NOT limited to your choices. I’d be following you until the end of this lifetime because honey, I dream to keep this alive even after I'm dead.
  • Legal issue that may arise out of my activities are not subject to any jurisdiction, since you know all is fair in love and war, and stalking includes both.

Yours Pain-Stalkingly


Look into my eyes you will see, what you mean to me!

I’ve never seen anyone as beautiful as you
                      Get your eye-sight checked.

Believe me, you are adorable
                      Learn to lie!

You are the world to me
                      Your world is so small?

You are just so tender

You are really caring

You are my dream come true

You are the fresh change in my life

Propose Day wiki I love you

You are someone who I can relate to

Your smile makes me feel better

You are as innocent as a child

You make me see a better day everyday

Your being around gives me reasons to smile

You are so lovable

You can understand my silence

Your strength gives me strength too

You are the proof that Angels exist

You are the best person to come into my life.
                      ...I love you!

You have a new notification, says Facebook!

It helps you connect,
And share with the people in your life,
Between people who you disregarded once
And those who love you and are being loved!

I login to never ever logout,
To look for the whereabouts',
Or for that red mark, called notification
Isn’t this just a hollow passion!


Wait! I have a text message,
To inform me I have a old-new friend,
Who once wished me every morning,
Will just write birthday wishes on my wall!

Ohh! I’ve been tagged,
It must be some old school picture,
Do you want to see,
It was a cat’s picture, they thought was funny!

Facebook as you Like it,
A presumptuous way to forget,
Of all the known and unknown,
I might not have even heard or met!

I live my beliefs and can even turn the world around !

I wear my shoes over the wound,
No, not to cover it up or to hide.
But because I wanted to take a stride,
Yes, I am in love with me and my life!

You won’t be able to see through me,
Heaven or hell, I’m strong enough to be.
You are mistaken if you think it’s a shallow pride,
Yes, I am in love with me and my life!


I’d be hope, a beautiful dream and all your prayers,
Even if I am cut into layers.
I can love you beyond you, because
Yes, I am in love with me and life!

Past or be it the left over scars, 
I wear a metal, that just bars,
From bleeding, and by keeping back the past.
Yes, I am in love with me and life!

I’m mightier than any loser could ever wish to be,
Not, vengeance but I’d wake ‘em up,
Because they are weak and I move on,
Yes, I am in love with me and life!

I smile, I laugh and I live, of course, 
Yes, I am in love with me and life!

Osama Bin Laden, our love for you will keep you alive always – An open letter!

Dear Laden,

These status updates/quotes were dedicated to your pure soul, we will miss you very badly! Though do not worry, we will keep you alive in our hearts (by cracking non-sense jokes on you)! And you would be pleased to know that you are trending more than Rajnikanth on twitter and in our everyday conversations! With such beautiful thoughts, please accept our love for you!

"Osama is dead. Now can someone do something about Arnab Goswami? He assaults your sensibilities like no one else does! Even Siddhu is a poor second to him!" - Pushkal Kumar Pandey.

"ello der Osama, how ya doin' O.o" - Hafsah Qadir.

"Hello GOVERNMENT OF INDIA.Where is our CM and the crew?? Are you even doing enough or are you busy calling Obama and congratulating him on Osama's Death?? It's been past 48hours and all u give us is fake stories and false hopes...and precious Time is running out even if the Crew is safe.Are you even genuinely concerned??? I have serious doubts." - Vodoo Vibes.

"Doesn't the whole thing seem a bit 'staged' & exaggerated?? The guy who has been invisible & incommunicado for so many years was jus waiting arnd to be shot dead, that too without any civilian & US forces casualties .. Really testing our IQ, i say ;)" - Urmi Pakalpati.

"BBC - killing Osama Makes USA regain their arrogance" - Pritish Soundrajan. 

"Frankenstein monsters dont die so easily. The evil is inside the creator himself. So whom should we kill?" - Ruhi Sonal.

"So is he like really dead??? I mean the whole world practically searching for him and he is sitting in a comfy house in Islamabad..." - Shweta Wattal.

"Osama Bin Laden dedad but i will wait for Julian Assange's expert opinion ;)" - Shreya Shah.

"Congrats to white house.. after 10 years, $3 trillion, 2.5 wars, half a million deaths, you killed a really tall 54 year old on dialysis." - Pravin Mishra.

“The girl married her Prince. The bad guy is dead. It’s a real Disney weekend here on Earth.” - Kriti Sharma.

"Rest In Peace Osama Bin Laden." - Parth Dave.

"The Only Regret that Osama will be having while living in hell is, He Cldn't Update His FB Status to "DEAD" - Pratish Amin.

"हम छोड़ चले हैं महफ़िल को, याद आए कभी तो मत रोना..." - Giribala Joshi.

"This is worrying. Even Osama Bin Laden isnt safe in Pakistan :D" - Faking News.

"Correcting a gross mistake, [ Mar gaya re Obama! :D ] - "Mar gaya re Osama!" :/ - Sourav C Pandey (ME)

Abusingly yours,


I followed my friend Maitreyee's idea of collecting such updates, so special thanks to her! :D

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For the rest of my life, you don't have to think twice!

You set rules for yourself,
Some do’s and some don’t!

You wrote ‘em off half,
The day I touched you!

You won’t take an eternity,
I’d make you mine soon, pretty!

You can discern and warble,
Because that will make you stable!

You will smile and bloom, my rose,
The day I kiss you up close!

You may confine to your bubble,
I’d make my space still, no you can’t wobble!

I_do_cherish_you You may fear this dark world,
Only till you see the colors in gold!

Your reality are allowed too,
To finally be better than your dreams!

You know it won't be done
Without breaking a rule or two!

Your tears, apprehensions or the fret and the fear
Will be over as soon you are near!

Ohh yes, beautiful you are right,
When you think that you love me too!