Oh! Pretty Woman.

Day 1 

She: Hey! Happy birthday!
        He: Thank you, that was a pleasant surprise!

Day 15

She: You are a flirt!
        He: And you are pretty.

She: Saying that won't make you a lesser flirt.
        He: And that won't make you any less pretty.

Day 30

She: Do you remember our first conversation?
        He: Of course! You gave me your number 6 months after I kept asking for it.

She: No, you never asked. Anyway, as they say rest is hist..!
       He: Not history, the present.

Day 45

She: Can't you ever find a single fault in me?
        He: The way you smile can get me killed someday!


Day 60

She: So, did you miss me?

        He: No. I love you!

Just, half.

Is that glass half empty?

Or is it half full?
Can every glass be so full?

How long can a glass be filled for?

Is every glass the same?

Did you leave that glass there?

Or was it meant it to be there?
What if gets broken, someday?
Was it meant to be broken?
Would it get fixed, ever?

If not, who'd clean it up?

Or we'd instead replace it?

Is every glass made to be invaluable?

Half empty or full, it fluctuates.

Ain't we nothing, but affiliates

Not in the best of mind to enunciate!

Not with the loudest voice to communicate?

All you can do is appreciate

If only, you reciprocate?

Love, Just Love. No reasons.

She : "Enough! You've got to tell me the reason, you love me!?"
He : "No reason!"

She : "No reason? There must be atleast something good about me that you love?"
He : "No. Nothing at all! But I love you!"

She : "How do you justify that now?"
He : "It's like earthquakes’ and floods' existence; my love is beyond things like reasons. Like you know how it’d be irrational of us by believing God would design natural disasters!" 

She : "Really?! You explain our love in terms of disasters!?"
He : "Haha! You silly! I am just trying to tell you how valuable our love is to me. Finding a reason for it is like looking for a reason why God left us in darkness and let us fight each other to die miserably!"

She : "Whaaaat!! You just compared our love with war?”
He : "Alright! My beautiful Angel all I’m saying is that I don’t need any god-damned reasons to be in love with you, I don’t need anything to make me keep loving you, forever. Even if you were a witch who looked horrid, I'd still love you." 

She : "But..You...And..?"
He : "If you tried to kill me, I would still love you.”

She : "Okay, why?"
He : "No reason."

..and then a Pop!

Big, bigger, biggest and then a pop

Oh come on, please stop.

You looked at me and there was a smile

Do you think this is worth the while?

I take my hand out of the pocket for the gum

You just giggle and stick out your tongue.

Big, bigger, biggest and then a pop

Enough now, you got to stop!

I move one over to be closer to your seat

So did you, closer right by me.

Another bubble and I rolled my eyes

Stop it if you're sensible and wise.

Then I tried reaching for the gum inside your mouth

You tried pulling but could just pout.

Your lips meets mine and so our tongue

This time, I’d get it, will find that gum!

My tongue roamed aimlessly inside your mouth

Till I found the candy and my heart shouts.


Chew what was once, your's

You glare at me down to my core.

Swallowed the gum, it is now gone

Didn’t you know this was coming all along.

Damn! You had another stick of gum

I’m scared, frozen and very numb.

And so you laughed, my efforts in vain

Don’t worry, I’d that back again!

Big, bigger, biggest and then a pop

Oh come on, please stop.

You're the First, My Last, My Everything.

She: Am I adorable?
       He: No. 

She: Or sexy? 
       He: Not really.

She: Fine, but you like me?

       He: Of course, NOT.

She: Don't you wish for us to be together, always?

       He: Huh?! No.

She: Won’t you break, if I walk away.

       He: Never!

She: Thanks, I should leave! 

       He: But..

She: What!? 

       He: You are not adorable or sexy, you’re my most beautiful dream; my world. I don’t just like you, I love you. I don’t wish to be together, I know we will be!


She: But…

      He: But I wouldn’t just break if you walked away, I'll stop living!