Feel, hear, see, taste, smell and love!

You do feel..

My hands in your hair.
My breath on your neck.
My body pressed so close to yours.
My lips on your throat.
My hands move to your back and my lips work their way up to yours.

You do and I love it!

You do hear..

Me saying I care for you.
Me calling your name.
Me telling you that I'll be the only one for you.
Me breath in your ear.
My breaths as I fall asleep.

You do and I love it!

You do see..

As you run into my arms.
As your face break through my world of darkness.
As I fight away your fears.
As I wipe away your tears.
As you're in love with me.

You do and I love it!

You do know..

That your lips are being tasted.
That your tongue is being tasted.
That your throat is being tasted when I kiss it.
That your love is being tasted.
That your love is being tasted.

You do and I love it!

You can understand..

That I smell your cologne as I hold you.
That I smell your shampoo as I hug you.
That I smell your toothpaste as I kiss you.
That I smell your excitement as you cuddle within me.
That I smell the smell I've been waiting for long to smell.

You do and I love it!

I am falling in lov with you all the more everyday


We do such and so much more.
You’re finally with me.
I’m finally here.
You love it.

And I love you!

26 people read and said:

R-A-J said...

I can so relate to u.... I do the same thing with my Chicken McGrill :P

Jokes apart, its beautiful..a treat 2 all the senses, as love is. Like the way u smoothly transitioned 2 the next sense... Complete, as only love makes u.

Beautiful Sourav, absolutely beautiful...

Now get me sum fries, will ya ..:D

moonlite:D said...

You’re finally with me???

got one??

the poem took my heart away :)

The Enchantress said...

Beautiful !!!

Rewa said...

Its simple, real, to the point. In one word its "Stunning" :)

Timeless Memories - My Bygone ! said...

its a simple beautiful one, takes the heart away... loved it!!!

Monica Dhiman said...

It is about love and how do senses make us feel love...amazing dude :) superlike :)

S said...

@Raj -
Haha! You really have a modern chicken which uses a cologne, shampoo, toothpaste and the best part about it is that you hug her and sleep! :P
Thanks a lot man for the appreciation! :)
Only if you ask for veg fries, since I am one! :D

@Moonlite -
I always with the moonlite! Glad, it did! :)

@Nikita -
Thank you! :)

@Rewa -
Simplicity works the best when it comes to feelings! Thank you and it's good to see you here on my blog! :)

@Devil -
Really? Thank you :)

@Monica -
Love ignites the senses! Thanks and you are here after long, hows life..must be placed now?

Anonymous said...

I don't lyk tastin toothpastes from smone's mouth. :P good one bt not lyk the rest by you.

Someone is Special said...

Beautiful Sourav.. I do stop by here now and then but somehow I stopped myself from leaving my foot prints here.. But today I can't, I love your 'in love with me and life', awesome.. totally.. and I love the sweet romance in this... Just so Beautiful

Someone is Special

Priya Chilamkurthi said...

lovely.. but toothpaste part is funny :)

Rachana Shakyawar said...

@ Sourav

DO U FEEL IT::: *thish tish*..slap U...how could U write this..

DO U HEAR THAT::: PUNCH u harder...*dhishum*...hw could U express this...

DO U SEE THIS::: OMG! God Spare me!! From wht I read..

PLZ KNOW/note THIS::: Forgive you for wht U created just now....
wht?? kya wht..huh...

DO U UNDERSTAND that::: DAMN utter sheer....goose-bumps...aiiiyoo..so real...so mesmerizing..

HOW DO U SMELL this::: But i hate like anything this toothpaste part,,,wht the heal...which was that pepsodent or closeup :P...cudn't it be some coffee or some mint leaves...:D

DO U ACCEPT this::: for heaven sake...I felt it whtelse...>

~Keep the Spark ALive..

Monica Dhiman said...

na...m doing my internship :)...so m half a manager now :)

S said...

@Bedlam -
What do you like thn? :p Thanks, that was honest :)

@Someone is special -
Thanks! Not fair, when you come here I should know that my post has been read, liked or disliked!
Glad, this one could hold you back! :)

@Pria -
Thanks! Could be true too ;)

@Rachana -
Okay! Now what do I say after being punched, slapped and loved so much? :D
I smiled when I read your comment, this is something only you can do! :) Thank you so much! Take care :)

@Monica - Nice! Congrats Miss Manager! Where are you doing internship?

Nandita Prakash said...

beautiful Buddy
u r so much in it

Rashmirekha Manna said...

Wish I hadn't read this. Do the people from Mars really cherish it like the ones from Venus... Cognitive dissonance again.

Winds around these days tell me otherwise.

Someone is Special said...

Hmm, whenever I love a poem or prose too much I feel hard to comment, I can't find words to comment that makes me leave the place without my foot prints but hereafter I will leave my comments for sure..

Someone is Special

the other side of me said...

Hopelessly romantic :))) and creative too with the toothpaste,shampoo....

Anonymous said...

Well.. A lotta things. Chocolate myt taste better, umm.. Strawberries, etc.. :P:P

Defiant said...

Ah.. so romantic in words :D
Well written :)

Aneek Roy Choudhury said...

so materialistic, yet so surreal...

nice post amigo :)

-- aneek ( http://sylarthemaverick.blogspot.com )

Sarah malik said...

ahem..ahem...ye thoda zada hogaya! I m not used to gulping so much of romance. and btw, which toothpaste is she using that 'itni long lasting smell hai'? :O :P

A different read..atleast for me!


S said...

@Nandita -
Thanks! Just a story though! :)

@RM -
I guess they eventually live on the same planet - our earth! Explains?
Winds are never to be trusted Rekha!

@Someone is special -
I won't take that excuse, do make sure I read your opinions :)

@the other side of me -
Thanks! Finally some appreciation! :D

@Bedlam -
I hate strawberries! :| Chocs makes me think! ;)

@Madhumathi -
Like your name, very classic!

@Aliastar -
Thanks Aneek! :)

@Sarah -
Acha, agli baar kam kardunga! I don't know, never thought so deep about it in my assumptions!
Thanks! :)

Geeta Singh said...

sppechless!!!! wow!

Beyond Horizon said...

If there would have been a like option over here too, I would click on Rachanas' and RMs' comments

Ok for you Weirdness as always and some more slaps, but WAIT!!! How can I?! You are still invisible! :P

Rashmirekha Manna said...

@ Poonam... so I know you a bit ;)

@ Sourav: No it doesn't explain... They may eventually live on earth but it doesn't change their DNA.... and the winds are our natural instincts in a world where no one can be trusted.. how not to trust them.

But it doesn't mean what you have written is not beautiful...

Monica Dhiman said...

internship @ Grasim industries in Trade and sales- marketing :)