Open letter to Delhi boy – A reply.

A reply to the over-hyped - OPEN LETTER TO A DELHI BOY


Dear Shahana,

Sorry I couldn’t write much with just my middle finger and such limited time to waste on you. You better stay ignored.

Yours sincerely,

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How to get the Facebook timeline.

Get Facebook's New Timeline Beta Right Now

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg yesterday announced a complete reconceptualization of profile pages on the popular social network with the introduction of Timeline. As Zuckerberg puts it, Timeline is the story of your life.

Gone is the single column wall of posts with the most recent updates telling '15 minutes of your story.' Instead, as the name suggests, you'll see a timeline of life events containing photos and other updates that stretches back to when you joined Facebook. Anyone viewing it can click back to any year where there are updates and see what was going on.

Facebook automatically selects the most important updates and highlights them with a blue dot. Grey dots represent hidden updates that might not be as important. Users can arrange their Timeline however they see fit by removing certain updates or highlighting others that might be important to them. The feature will begin rolling out to the public over the next few weeks, but developers can sign up for early access now. Here's how you can get it too:

  1. Visit the Facebook Developer page and enable it for your account.

  2. Click the 'Create New App' button on the top right. On the New App prompt window, give your app a display name and name space -- any name, it doesn't matter. Agree to the Platform Privacy Policy and click Continue. You will need a verified Facebook account so make sure you have either a credit card or phone number on file.

  3. After clearing the CAPTCHA verification you will then be taken to your new apps' settings screen (if Facebook doesn’t put you there automatically hit the Edit App button on the top right). Next, click on Open Graph link in the left column and define an action for your new app on the right pane. You can enter whatever you like; I wrote watch on the first field and chose video from the drop-down menu on the next one. Click "Get Started."

That's it! You may see an error telling you that something went wrong but just ignore that and head to your Facebook homepage, you should see an invitation to the new Facebook Timeline Beta (you may have to wait a few minutes). Once you are in you can take a short tour of the new timeline view or start editing your profile until you are ready to publish it.

The timeline functionality isn't compatible with the "old" Facebook, so most of your friends won't see your fancy new page just yet. Users will be migrated over the coming weeks as Facebook rolls out the update to everyone.

The new Facebook site looks gorgeous, but going beyond pure aesthetics, how do you feel about Facebook's new approach to personal profiles, opening up more about your life to your social circle and potentially to the web?

The top portion of the timeline features a configurable background picture called the Cover,
and has personal information on the left along with your friends, photos, and Likes.

Adding 'life events' to your timeline.

By Jose Vilches as published on

About them, muffin, cappuccino and love..

“The usual, you know.” He ordered from behind his laptop screen.

Muffin and cappuccino. It’s always the same. A random sketch on the the tissue, a cold look, and gone.


“Handsome man, but what a heartless-strange character,” the waitress mused.

“Shit! Why can’t I just ask her out?” he cursed himself while walking out.

Love at first sight..

It is a fresh early morning
Light rays touching fog wet soil,
Delight golden sight everywhere
Influencing men to see it all...

She came up with a basket to pluck flowers
Her brown hair are like deep cascades
Her pink finger tips touching the velvet flowers

He is watching her from woods behind,
He sees no flower in the garden, could match her beauty
His passion froze at her first glance.


Is this a love at first sight?
He believes it is and it happens every time
Time is flying, both have to depart
But he wanted to let go himself again, to feel her;

As he realised, he is falling for her..

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farash bora

Farah is a fun loving person, being the only sibling she is a darling of her parents. Values friendship, a day-dreamer, very live very emotional, believes n. A movie student, Salman’s fan, does a bit of gardening.  Believes in living gracefully from the heart. Ohh and she loves making ice creams; in fact that’s the only thing she can make, apart from writing such beautiful prose.

Top Ten Reasons You Can't Always Be Loved By the One You Love

To love and be loved is what all of us wanted. We all believe in love and the power it has to change things, people and situations. With love we see some light form darkness and we accept despite everything. But sometimes love don’t come and work the way we want it. No matter how badly we love someone, we can never have them. Here are the top 10 reasons why you can’t always be loved by the one you love:

1. That special person has no idea how you feel: Being too afraid of rejection keeps many people from declaring their love. The love interest in this case is clueless about your feelings and is not thinking of you as a possible love interest. You can see some of this situation in TV shows.

2. They are unable to declare their feelings because it would be considered inappropriate by society: Ex-husbands and wives of a sister or brother are often off-limits based on an informal code of etiquette. That is expected to be followed without question. When such rules are broken, many other relationships are negatively impacted.

3. They don't find you attractive: As sad as the situation is, unrequited love is something most people will experience at some time in life. Hopefully this sort of rejection will not become a pattern. This dilemma conjures up images of The TV show, "The Bachelor", where women compete for the affection of one eligible bachelor.

4. Geographic barriers can present a formidable challenge for love, making it physically impossible to be loved by that special someone: Living in different geographic areas makes it hard to maintain or start a love affair. Distance may make the heart grow fonder in poetry and the movies, but it keeps many would-be lovers in the real world from getting involved romantically. Love may not be practical all the time, but for most people, long-distance relationships are not worth the pain.

5. A main reason that you can't always be loved by the object of your affection is because you are married and appear unavailable: Loving someone from afar can be both exciting and painful. Married men and women often get crushes on people outside of their marriage.

6. We've all met someone who is incapable of loving another person: If we are lucky, we will not fall hard for a person in this category. It's a sad fact of life that some people simply can't love anyone. This fact is often due to a terrible childhood or some other deep-seated reason that seems beyond that person's control.

7. Yet another reason the love you send to another is not returned is because you have hurt that person in such a way that they find it impossible to love you anymore: Infidelity, dishonesty or even criminal activity can make it impossible for a person to love you. Wounded people cannot always forgive a love interest for past indiscretions or failures.

8. It happens all too frequently that we fall for someone who is unavailable: They are married or already in a committed relationship. It is so easy to fall for someone who is off limits if you are around them a lot. By being out of our reach, that love interest is elevated to the status of a God or Goddess, forever a romantic diversion. This predicament is the stuff of movies and TV shows. Many TV shows tease the audience with the promise of romance between two main characters, since it make audiences tune-in, hoping that the two will finally get together.

9. Religious or ethical differences can make it impossible for certain individuals to fall in love: Deeply religious individuals often find they cannot connect with a person from a different faith, or with a different value system. Falling in love with a person, who is very different, can make it impossible for them to connect with you.

10. Last on this list of woe is a situation where the person you are in love with is not inclined to love you because of your gender: If you are a homosexual or a heterosexual in love with someone who is incapable of loving you back due to their sexual orientation, there is really no way around this roadblock. This predicament probably arises more than people care to admit. Sometimes falling in love just happens, however unreasonable, when two people are forced to interact closely at work.

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KathleenKathleen Hubert, from Los Angeles California, is a blogger/freelancer who writes on a variety of different sites. She will be posting here at love with me and life frequently now. She writes on social issues, love and relationships, politics, etc. To read  more of her work, check