Love at first sight..

It is a fresh early morning
Light rays touching fog wet soil,
Delight golden sight everywhere
Influencing men to see it all...

She came up with a basket to pluck flowers
Her brown hair are like deep cascades
Her pink finger tips touching the velvet flowers

He is watching her from woods behind,
He sees no flower in the garden, could match her beauty
His passion froze at her first glance.


Is this a love at first sight?
He believes it is and it happens every time
Time is flying, both have to depart
But he wanted to let go himself again, to feel her;

As he realised, he is falling for her..

About the author

farash bora

Farah is a fun loving person, being the only sibling she is a darling of her parents. Values friendship, a day-dreamer, very live very emotional, believes n. A movie student, Salman’s fan, does a bit of gardening.  Believes in living gracefully from the heart. Ohh and she loves making ice creams; in fact that’s the only thing she can make, apart from writing such beautiful prose.

2 people read and said:

Pramoda Meduri said...

amazingly said..;) may be, love at first site..

Krishna said...

Beautiful Words...