Get a LIFE .. Thank you !

Dear readers, It's to those people who are intruding in to my life and my privacy.. Don't want to name them here .. These people have been using my blog to pass on stupid comments and bogus remarks on my character. I'm hardly bothered and wouldn't even care. But make sure this is the limits, no more NON-SENSE would be tolerated. And yes, whatever opinion, whoever might have about or for me can REALLY carry on with that. DO NOT BUG ME ! I know this is not a nice way to come back to blogging. But this is how I had to. Have a lot to write and share with my lovely blog and real life friends. Not been blogging because of time constraints and importantly because now I want my personal life to be really personal from those LIFELESS species ! Suggestions, advices, encouraging words, or just anything from my friends is needed ! Thank you all for being patiently there in the followers list and being the people to whom I can go to anytime I need .. THANK YOU ! :)