Dedicated to I, ONLY...Part One !!

Statutory warning: Not for people who hate the word "I" as there is eye and mind-torturing through the innumerable use of "I" !! (I, I. I, I, I ... didn't get off critics and anti-I people...this text is not meant for you decomposed life-less ... oh yes... I love I ... questions anyone....ehhh !!!) Its 5.15 (Indian Standard Time) in the morning, once again nothing to do, not sleepy at all, writing and comes to my mind, which can help me show-off my talents to the world, while giving me (YET) another opportunity for self-reminding-actualization !!! (Admittance:Have been lured by dollar payments from google to write more, but somehow I now feel confident of coming close to long-awaited dream of writing to express, while earning.) I have been tagged useless, aim-less, feeling-less, heart-less, love-less, sense-less, dream-less ... so many less'es, I wondered if there can be more of 'less' in me. NO..Nay...Naah... I don't think I fit into any of that categorisation, I know my worth, I know what I can achieve, I know where I can reach, I know what rock-solid substance I am made of, I know how to live, I know when to get-up, even if I am late mostly, I know and believe in Love, I love my family and people who actually love me and who I love to love. Most importantly I love myself for what I am now, in spite of all odds ... Let me be I .. !!! (This paragraph proves my blog name...In love with me and life :D) Too late for an introduction guys, but yes I'll be forcing it on you readers, I am I !!! Mind it, its not a joke. Surviving all these 25 years of constant critcal and useless reminders by people, who don't care to oil there own machines and all unnamed worthless freaks has made me what I am today....Do not bother judging me please, I am absolutely fine, love to talk, make friends, love to do nothing, crave for chocolate fantasy (with choc-sauce), irritating people who like to get irritated (which includes people mostly who r close to me), and all sort of crazy or decent or practical wishes with dreams of living life happy .... Hence proved I am I !!! (See the above image and text proof, LHS=RHS, Hence proved, I AM I ;)) I praised and praised and praised some more about myself, but I have every right to do so, who are you, you or even you to crticise me on that ! I am actually taking this golden opportunity of being happy about me in every way, not that whats written above is about a faked "I"...its completely true to MY AND MY LOVED ONES' knowledge !! And for those pessimists out there, I'll be writing the things which are not so good in me, in a post when I am ditched my sleep-fairy and when our planet earth decides on not rotating and revolving anymore :D !!! (I like assessing myself from time-to-time,but have full faith in "I"... I know some people must be so willing to criticise me...but I have this for you... RIP :D) Thats all for now ... Please comment (only-appreciate) even if this master-piece-article-called-I meant crap to you ... !! Thank you :)

Heaven and back...still mesmerized !!!

And the journey begins.. {for me it began and will never end, but for the people, who'll read this will love this journey till the end} !!! Had to catch train for Jammu at 4 in the morning (without having anyone around to wake me up), now this is some hell of a task for me !! Well as they say with every problem comes its unique solution...i decided not to sleep the whole night !!! {Dn worry i slept almost the whole day in train ... :D} I am really grateful to my friend (who kept chatting at breaks almost all night), MTNL Broadband (for uninterrupted internet), Adam Sandler (50 first dates), Delhi Electric Supply Board, and most importantly HP (my laptop)!! Darn, how could I miss Taj-Mahal for keeping me awake all night !!! {Cant live without any of the above-mentioned ;) and for the dumb ones reading, Taj-Mahal is the tea-brand :P} Its 3 in the morning, bags packed, deodorant used to supplement my irregular routine of taking baths ;) Not writing much about the auto, train journey, bus journey (from Jammu station to Katra and reaching Hotel Shraddha in Katra (Vaishno Devi). Bus finally reached ... after a 60 km ride from Jammu to Katra (sharp turns, death valley, cloud cover, mist, police and military checks, scenic and breath-taking view and jerky ride are the words associated with this ride which took me almost 4 hours) smoked two Wills Classic as soon as i got down and as fast as i can (obsessed with the brand :D ) ... fir mauka na mile smoke karne ka shayad, u know, who smokes in front of parents...I DON'T !!! {CIGAR-commander, PLAYBOY-tellow, POLICE, BRUT are my all time fav deodorant brands, in case any of u have decided on gifting and thus helping me cut down on the water-bills ;)} Was really happy to see Papa-Mummy idiotic brother, Gaurav didnt come, for his unexplained reasons... :( {Gaurav wants me to go to Shimla with him soon, coz he missed out ...anyways "someone's loss is someone else gain"...u guessed it right Shimla is my next destination :)} Was too tired, decided to rest after booking next days Helicopter's ticket to Vaishno Devi (i was excited as hell, in spite of the unbearable headache). Day two, finally...m at the helipad, with Mum-Dad ... it was a 5-10 mins ride to Vaishno Devi, which could have other wise taken 5-6 hrs if we went walking all the way .... i was asked to sit beside the Captain in the cock-pit, as i was the youngest of all the six who were flying ... {trust me it was an experience to remember !!! :)} DO CHECK THIS VIDEO..I SHOT IT WHILE FLYING !! 7 in the eve and we are back to Hotel, after shopping for exclusive things from the local Jammu market...Booked a car to go KASHMIR the next morning !!! Dont believe in God's faith or presence or even spiritual or divine existence, much but this trip to Vaishno Devi helped me calm down and relax .. soothed my nerves and mind .... cleared many mental-blocks ... and somehow got me closer to The Almighty's existence if there is any !! !! Jai mata di !! !! Jai mata di !! !! Jai mata di !! !! Jai mata di !! Being with family anywhere is itself the best form of relief to man-kind ... Love u Mom-Dad and Gaurav always and thank you for everything :) This trip was at the right time of my life... and it happened to be a heavenly blessing for me :) {I AM HAPPY ... HAPPY..... HAPPY.... HAPPY !!!!! REALLY HAPPY :)} Snow, flowers, life, smiles, Dal Lake, Gulamrg...OR KASHMIR in the next post within 2-3 days. have been really busy taking up interviews and handling innumerable job offers lately...LOL ...KEEP COMING BACK AND LEAVING UR VIEWS, OPINIONS, CRITICISM, COMMENTS...etc