And I would not tell her...ever!

I won't tell her I grin when I hear her smile. 
It doesn't sound like fairies or anything that fascinates; in fact, half the time, it's one of those "silent laughs" where all you see is the person hunched over and grabbing their stomach. That's a funny thing about her, she laughs so much, and yet you never hear it. Once in a while, she lets out a giggle; it's really girly, almost like a little kid. It's really cute. Reminds me of how much of a girl she is.

I won't tell her I'm crazy for her eyes. 
Try getting the color off of the ocean on a summer afternoon from atop a cliff. That hue of blue that gives you that pit in your chest, and makes you take in and let out a deep breath. Feel that breeze from the sea caress your skin and tussle your clothes playfully. Realize the waves crash against the rocks far below you, and the seagulls cawing in the open. Sprinkle some white from the clouds, and the sun's reflection, and that's what I experience every time I see them. The only difference is that her eyes glitter a lot more than what I could describe.

I won't tell her that I adore her voice.
It's adorable and shy, an effect of her shy nature; rather cute, though. When she gets frightened, her voice does this weird wobble where one moment it's normal, but a second later it's high-pitched. And when she hums, it's calming. She loves putting her head on my lap, and then lull into a nap with my humming. It's almost motherly, actually. Even just hearing her say my name makes my day. Sometimes it's soft, other times with much more energy, but always in earnest, and it's a bliss to hear.

I won't tell her that the feeling of her skin drives me crazy. 
Smooth and soft. Especially her hands. Not just the feel; it's nice to look at, too. 

I won't tell her that her lips send my heart over the edge.
They're small, but pink, and very soft. There are moments when I forget that my feet are on the ground. I'm just floating, or at least my brain tells me I am. Her kisses mess with my senses, and that's how I know they're amazing. Does she wear a lip gloss or she wears the most beautiful smile, I've ever known.

I won't tell her that I like her hair. 
It's this shade of brown that I can't describe. Well, I can, but to really say what the shade looks like is so almost impossible.

I won't tell her that I love all the little pet names she calls me.
The notes she writes for me, the faces she makes when she's concentrating, the nights we spend watching the stars and picking our own to wish upon, or the way I feel just by being with her.

I won't tell her that I love

You're probably asking yourself why I won't tell her. Well, I would. But the thing is

I haven't met her yet. But I will, soon. And when I see her for the first time, I'm gonna walk up to her, kneel down on the spot, and ask her to marry me someday.

"And yeah, she'd say yes" said Sahil to himself, rather consoling falsely...

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Deepika said...

Don't let her read this! I am telling you it seriously! This will mess up her days, nights, career, dreams.. Everything. Not till you ACTUALLY mean this. Phew! God!! I would DIE if someone said this man! God! You're insane. May you meet your girl soon and may she doesn't reads it (if she wants to remain sane)

Nivedita Thadani said...

This is not April month.........
While reading, I was confused! Are you trying to tease a girl or really have these feelings. That too for a girl whom you never met....
I do not believe it.
Or is it any introduction or a trailer of a story you are going to post soon.....
Many questions :-)))

Beyond Horizon said...

Ahem...ahem ;)
Read it in one breathe...truly its so griping...awesome description being with a beloved...
Heartfelt as always :)

ok...but one question...why is he consoling falsely???

S said...

@Deepika - Haha! That was too much, though messing up some night's sleep is not a bad idea! And yeah, when I write something, I had to feel it; meaning it so obviously obvious. Thanks, wishes work ..and I'm sure she must have read this or will someday, really... :)

@Nivedita - Hey! I know, but I like winters more, and I feel more when one is cold! Call it a teaser or anything, but most of my posts reflects me in some way, and meeting is just a formality once you feel..Believe me :)
Ahh, I like that; this could be a story too..lets see ..

@Poonam - :p
Thanks to say the least :)
Coz he is a realist, but an optimist too..I guess he never leaves hoping, even with that denial..

Sonia said...

OMG!!!!! This is just so cute :-)

really surprised at the last few lines..Right from the beginning,I felt as if this is dedicated to a girl you wanna confess your feelings to, but somehow u cannot..

but damn..You havent seen her.. I dont believe this.. I really dont..

I hope u meet her n unlike Nivedita, I hope she reads it..she would go crazy reading this..

I feel this isnt just another post, coz such posts cannot be written without any inspiration :-)

keep writing


Alcina said...

Haha..(I don't know why am i laughing)

This piece of composition is so very full of emotions.The intensity of this post increases with every words in italic that you have put.
Silent laugh
blue eyes
cute voice
smooth skin
pink lips
shade of hair
calling of name
loving her
....This post is stupendous and highly romantic(as always love is the key ingredient of your posts)

Meher said...

Would you believe me that someone said the same things to me last night? Reading your post, made me go through that conversation all over again.
And if you tell me that you're not in love after writing something like this, I will kill you. getit?
I loved it. =)

SEPO said...

ohhh my gawd. *long sigh*.
was this one the most sweetest things i have ever read or what!!!


wonder, what it ll do to the girl its meant for! :-)

good job sourav!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

zara tasveer se tu, nikal ke saamne aa, meri mehbooba...

Awesomeness. Beautiful and yet, with a twist. Dream on, dream on, that is the beauty of it, and this is the most beautiful post I have come across in these few days.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Anonymous said...


S said...

@Sonia - Thanks to begin with!
A lot of things in life do come off as a surprise, this was one for Sahil? Ohh yeah, this is just a fiction :)

Assuming it's not a fiction, I hope what you hope too :)
You know, most of my posts are written too closely, I don't write just for the heck of it; and yeah some how you observed the right thing!
Thanks again Sonia :)

@Alcina - or smiling?
True, this is!
Wow! That was some observation; never looked so deeply into my own post. Thanks I liked the way you described it more then what I did.

S said...

@Meher - I believe you, someone might have said this to you; and I suggest you should believe him too :)
Come on, who is not in love; it is all around us, though I'd still say I am not in love! :p

Thanks Meher :)

@Sepo - And that was one of the sweetest comment read among all the sweet comments that I've been getting since the last few post..Thanks :)
I wonder that too..

S said...

@Anshul - I actually downloaded, and am listening to the song. Thanks.

True, dreams are beautiful. Thanks, that really can make any wannabe writer feel good for sure!

See you around.

@Nehha - Yes, someday .. :)

Geeta Singh said...

well said Deepak :hehehe:))

Priya Chilamkurthi said...

sho shweet.. sho nishee.. :) loved it

Delhizen said...

continuation of the last post.??? too much love eh? you make it diff for the guys out there coz we are not going to settle for anything less ;)

The Enchantress said...

hey Sourav ,

long time not visited ny blogs...

u r mind blowing when it cums to love....

Tanishka said...

Wait till you find her boy... Such gals exist only in dreams.... :)
Very beautifully written.... It can flatter almost any gal... :)

being alive said...

omg!! u shud open a class fr teacin romance, exclusively for guys!!
u r a true romantic at heart, to write dis stuff, without meetin her (which I doubt :P)

Unknown said...

Man... its awesome....
tell me one thing.. i hv seen all the good writers are very much romantc in thr writings..but are they really d same in real life too. coz if yes .. thn i agree u shud start romance classes fr guys.. i just loved it....:)

Alka Gurha said...

It is coming straight from the heart....That's the beauty. The prose is almost poetic!!


Unknown said...

What can I say that's not already been said?...beautiful post.
And why is falsely consoling himself?....he may not meet the perfect girl but she would seem perfect to him...after all beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder....
that's the beauty of dreams, they make mundane lives colourful and bearable... ;)

Jaspreet said...

Loved it loved it loved it ! :)
It actually took me to another world-full of romance and imagination.The post is as beautiful as the girl in the post.

Palak Vasant said...

Noticed something even though the post talks about love, dreams and her...the tag does not bear any note of love...strange. Nice post though!

Tanvi said...

Oh! A lovely piece Sourav... :D
I guess the day she reads this, she'll feel blessed... Wonderfully expressed... the feeling of it is actually marvelous.. :)


Anonymous said...

hey Sourav
Go ahead n tell her.Man,me love ur poems.If u find tym do comment on ma blog.

Anonymous said...

I have read a lot of romantic novels for my own good...but I always thought it was written from personal experiences, certainly not from an active imagination like yours....go find her & win him pal!

Sarah malik said...

wow...ur dream girl is a fairy and u r a dreamer..a deadly combo :P
r u sure such ppl exist? ( i could take my imagination only as far as Leonardo di caprio ;))

regarding the post- love and endless love..embodied in charismatic words :)


S said...

@Geeta - I guess you meant Deepika? People things in hurry, isn't it?

@Pria - Thanks! :)

@Delhizen - Not actually if you ask me; but seems so for sure. Love is all around girl; hell seem impressed though? :p

@Tanishka - Dreams are reality too; we see it in different forms. Thanks, and I hope it does ;)

S said...

@Being alive - haha! Never thought of that, but if you say so, it can be a side profession you know! :p
Thanks Divya :)

@Nidhi - I don't know about the famed writers; but I write what I feel. And about the classes, as you already know am looking for a job, so yeah thanks for motivating me! :p

@Alka - Thanks, though the poetic co-incidence was unintentional and it just happened :)

Amen, yeah!

S said...

@Rek - :) Thanks!
He is always like, consoling yet confident..and you said it, Sahil may see new colors now! ;)

@Jaspreet - Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!
No, for Sahil she is much more beautiful :)

@Palak - Is the tag more important or the feeling? And yes, it's there now anyway. Strange, yeah love is always beautifully strange, hai na?
Thanks, really :)

S said...

@Tanvi - Thanks!
Reading that was sweet enough, and yeah I guess she might feel blessed :)

@Vishal - Haha! Dude, there is nothing untold. Thanks. Will sure see you around.

@Nilu - You know personal experiences give wings to the flight of imagination, and I don't deny that. Thanks, will do :)

@Sarah - That was APTLY said! A deadly combo! ;)
Hahaha, that was some imagination :p
Thank you, and the comment was well thought out!

Unknown said...

hehe, too much romance!! but i like.. :)
when u do find the girl, meri ek aur treat due hogi. :P

bondgal_rulz said...

By God ki kasam I refuse to believe that this is for someone fictional, whom you have not come across yet.

Spill the beans ya!

Sh@s said...

When you would meet the girl of your dreams or find it tough to confess it to her just let her read this. You wouldn't require to go down on your knees, she would simply melt in your arms on reading it.

Neeha said...

This is the first time I visited your blog..
Glad I did..
You simply rock..

Dr. Pratibha Singh said...

magical! and the songs suits this post is ''dream girl kisi shaayar ki ghazal''

S said...

@Mehak - Thanks! :)
Such a treat sucker, ladki milne pe bhi treat? :| :p

@Bondgal_rulz - What do I, sabko jhootich lagta hai! :p

No beans to spill !

@Shas - Thank you so much, that was motivating and sweet! ;)

@Pratibha - Haha, shayar ki ghazal hi hoti hain kuch..thanks :)

Delhizen said...

@ Sourav-Talking love in a sophisticated yet expressive manner? You will always find an appreciator in me :)

S said...

@Delhizen - Love is already sophisticated and yet very expressive, do we really have to make an effort? ;)

And yeah, thanks :)

Delhizen said...

Trust me not everyone has a nag of talking love in that manner it can sound very crummy...and that can be such a put off!

S said...

@Pallavi - Ohh yeah, I have seen that around. Though, I know you'd agree; somethings just come so naturally.. and btw, I keep the crummy stuff unposted on the blog! :p

Sakhi. said...

I won't tell you how you take my breathe away with your amazing writing style!!!

Pooja said...

Beautiful, sensuous, lovely.. If someone writes this about me, I would just swoon (into his arms of course) <3 ;).

S said...

@Sakhii - Thanks! Really glad :)

@Pooja - Thanks. Are you hinting me now? :p

A grain of sand said...

'YES, a thousand times YES!' what the girl would say,if she is made to feel(and not read) every line you have wriiten about her.
words are simply reminders of what already exists! soemtimes,the feeling is stronger when its unsaid. silence can scream through you while words may be just some noise,at times
nonetheless,the description you potrayed is beautiful,gripping and quite intimidating :)
keep it up!

Shruti said...

Ah! Should I say oh-so-romantic, now! :P
I really hope you meet the woman of your dreams soon. May be she's just around the corner..! =]

Maitreyee Bhattacharjee Chowdhury said...

Absolutely lovely..

My World My Life said...

Hey..Stunning..Impressive..beautiful..lovely and flawless..What an imagination man..I loved it

Harshal Patel said...

Dear sourav I don't what I say as after reading your post I feel very sensuality in my heart actually its just touch my heart and give amazing pleasure to me.......Nice one man...Keep on...!!!

Rituparna said...

A die hard romantic at heart I know when she reads this she's yours for good.
Makes me feel all mushy inside ....
Love it ...
N when U do meet her, do tell her all of this ...
I have my fingers crossed for U ...
I always knew guys like U existed, I've just found the first one :-)

samantha said...