As life, death kept them apart too!

He called her a weirdo and pulled her hair.
She called him sick and kicked him in the shin.

He said she had cooties.
She said he pees his pants.

He renamed her ugly.
She renamed him a loser.

He rang her doorbell and ran.
She put a tack on his chair in math.

He pushed her books to the floor.
She kicked him in the balls.

He toilet papered the tree in her front yard.
She wrote FAG on his locker.

He videotaped her undressing in the girls locker room.
She stole his clothes during P.E.

He dated her best friend.
She dated his.

He had sex with another girl and told her how good he was.
She told him she’d already many of his friends spending nights with her.

He asked her to marry him.
She got fat .

He got drunk a lot.
She slept around a lot.

He divorced her.
She took his money.

He got really sick.
She didn’t visit.

His obituary was in the newspaper.
She cried.


He popped out of his coffin at his funeral to fool her once more.
She wasn’t at his funeral because she was attending her own.

He died inside.
She couldn’t live without him.

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Nivedita Thadani said...


Nivedita Thadani said...

Its not a love story, its a hate story :-)
This is what happens with most of the couples,
Before they realize the value of each other, they are apart forever.
Its a sad story too, not a weird..
Very bold language..
but straight hit...
Explained the metro life in a very simple language at the same time.
Good going Sourav, and another face of talent from you :-)

fivefeetsmall said...


Alcina said...

That was a sweep of fast and doubly furious..
And yeah with hatred and love side by side..
unusual piece at your blog..

Rahil said...

totally wanted to say what nivedita just said.

life is tooooo short, we should rather keep it simple and beautiful than making it complex :))

Anonymous said...

Amazingly written.

Priya Chilamkurthi said...

OMG.. is it a luv story?? WEIRD!! :)

Meghpeon said...


Anonymous said...

What do I say.. Beautiful as ever? :)

Realism. We do forget to express our love to the one, and we conceal those feelings behind our egos. Then repent after we lose that special someone. It's better to leave the self-importances behind and to say you care, taking a lil time from the busy lives of today.

Jaspreet said...

Its so weird!!!!
Hats off to your creativity Sourav! :)

A grain of sand said...

that was hilarious,until the end. i tell you,its more of an addiction and compulsion that any cupid's arrow :D:D:D
anyway,thanks for catering to a different set of your readers this time!

Simran said...

Oh My Gosh!
Really it's too weird..

Fatima said...

Its a reality that many of the people go through...misunderstandings and ego mainly create the difference.

Portrayed wonderfully...the picture it created was clear...and its neither Love nor Hate !!

Keep Writing :)

Take Care.

Nidhi Gandhi said...

"Weird" is the right word...
But it does show ur talent to write such things even...
Sad.. but True! At times couples engage themselves in ugly fights & land up no where...

prakhar rastogi said...

Intense....nd Wierd

Janavi Nagarajan said...

strange but nice!!!!

S said...

@Nivedita -
Thanks for that explanation, atleast somehow this whole weird story makes sense to me too, I wrote that without thinking much. Still I think they had too much love between them, and that is what made them never together.
Thanks for sharing your thought and being here always :) :)

@Mugdha -
May be. Thanks!

@Alcina -
Yes, that was a storm in the head, flashed and burnt! :D

@Rahil -
And I agree to what she said too
Keeping it beautiful and simple is where we suck all the time! :)

@Neha -
Really? Thanks!

@Pria -
I don't know, yes weird it is! :)

@Meghpeon -

@Bedlam -
Are you being modest by calling this beautiful? Still thanks :)
Inexpressiveness is the worst thing we all do to us at separate points of time!

S said...

@Jaspreet -
That is my weird creativity! Thanks! :D

@Stuti -
SO SO SO true! More of an addiction than any cupid's arrow, but some won't understand, you know! :D
And were you one of them? Thanks!

@Simran - I know! :p

@Fatima - And in someway this is obsessive compulsive disorder too, which they didn't realize till the very end! Thanks and you take care too :)

@Nidhi - Yes, I know it is weird! You understand that, what do I even say!

@Prakhar - Thanks and I know! :D

@Janavi - Yeah, I know. Thanks :)

Unknown said...

Ooouch! Was prepared to see them getting married, and then divorced, but then back again to giving up hr life for him, that was not expected.
Reality of life, in direct words.

Anonymous said...

no reaction.............weird...

Sathish Chandrasekaran (சதீஷ் சந்திரசேகரன்) said...

You could do much better Sourav :)

Sarah malik said...

I don't know what to comment..weird it is no doubt but given the fact that u wrote it in such a plain lingo, it does bring about a hint of reality and madness which v all portray in our routine lives.. although not one of your best works i'd say!


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Opposites attract this way... but I must say his joke turned back on him in a quite unkind way.

Nivedita Thadani said...

even I meant the same,, they loved each other so much but never try to know the value of that :-) and before they realize it, they were apart.
I know this explanation is not necessary, as its only the story, but I truly believe this happens in any urban life.

Miss D said...

I know of such stories, nothing unnatural at all.

S said...

@Pooja -
As they say, we don't a happy ending always! Reality is different!

Tinni -
I know!

@Sathish -
Hmmm. I know it was just strange.

@Sarah -
It was not meant for publishing, I did it just like that. It was sheer madness.

@Anshul -
Yes, life jokes too!

@Nivedita -
Excess of anything is never good, I guess. I know of somewhat similar stories, so I'd completely agree with you.

@Enchanta -
So do I, still weird!

Nidhi.. said...

Saurav This is awesome!! Just made me revisit my past and gave me moist eyes.

Lilangel said...

Quaint but realistic !!

Stories of life ahem!

Raksha Bhat said...

Hmmm...very differently written:)
This one is like a cup of strong decoction of all feelings good and bad that love and life can give.There is a way and a pace to drink it.If we don't understand turns toxoid before we realize:)

Renu said...

They were real weirdo's..

Megha said...

weird...n love ???
according to me it was not love at all rather the addiction of worst kind not even that shear stupidity!

Pooja Mahimkar said...

I won't say weird or intense or anything its just a story which happens ... Sad for those with who such things might happen but ... Again, it happens!

Tanvi said...

A very nice one! But telling a unusual story within!


Anonymous said...

You are right, I didn't like it. 'Coz there's nothing to like, as reality generally sucks.
You've captured real life well.. Not all relationships are love and mush you know. Its good to see you taking a break from it.

Beyond Horizon said...

We ourselves have made Life complex, and we forget 'It is simple to be happy, but difficult to be simple'

Life and Love don't come with terms and conditions apply, but its our censorious behavior, we try and run around to find its perfect meaning,But Its inside us!

I don't think there's any weirdness in your post, How can Love be weird? Its probably we console ourselves and habituated to read mushy things, all about kisses, hugs! Truth, Reality is harsh!

Its said, "Picture speaks thousand words", but here I must say your words have given the strength to the pic :)

The first reaction after reading was "DAMN! Its so important to confess, Don't have to end it in this way" ;)

You have labeled the post under 'Stupidity'???, now THIS is your stupidity and not weirdness :P

Aeish said...


Suruchi said...

my god...still deciding whether i like it or not... totally in all its twisted sense:-)
the ending was smashing good:-)

S said...

@Nidhi -
Thanks! But my intentions were not to give eyes any moistness!

@Lilangel -
Right. Life, yes!

@Raksha -
Wow, that was some analysis. Love burns and warms us up too, this is what I wanted to say and am glad you got that :)

@Renu -
Haha! Yes they are, so are we!

@Megha -
Isn't love weird too most of the times? Yes, but love is one form of addiction!

@Pooja -
Yes, it happens. And sad or not,but some can't really help it!

@Tanvi -
Thanks a lot!

@Pooja -
Reality generally sucks, but not always. Haha, I take a break from most things I do ;)

@Poonam -
It is always so good to read your views and replying to them. True, it is always us who make this pretty simple life so complicated and thn complain about it!

Love is as strange as most things in everyone's life, but it is often handled in the most weird manner. Reality is harsh, but not always :)

Thanks! Glad I could justify the image or the other way too.

Haha! Ends are never good, or are they?

My stupidity is now touching new heights of ummm ...stupidity? :p
Thanks, for being there always :)

@Aeish - Yes?

@Suruchi -
Like life and love, we are usually undecided and they are often twisted tales. Am happy you liked it! Thanks a lot :)

Sony said...

so beautiful

Arundhathy said...

Too good !

Rewa said...

Very nicely written. this is the real fact of most of the relations. They dont realize each others importance, by the time they do it late.
The best part of ur articles are the accurate image. Even if article is not read just by looking at the image it is possible to know what the story is about :)