It's all about the "Heart" !!

How many organs the human body has? Google informs me the number is 23. Isn't it surprising that, in spite of the human body having 23 important organs, and all equally important, and working together to keep us alive and functioning, only one organ instantly comes to mind and is also talked about the most? And look, I'm doing it too; I am talking about the Heart. Doctors ask you to take good care of it. Most women have really fragile ones, while most men wear theirs on their sleeve. We all have one, though we each use it differently. Some use it sparingly while others are too generous with theirs. And then, there are some who almost never use their own. Then there are still others who like to play with other people's hearts. The heart is a favourite topic with poets and writers, with reams and reams written about it and around it. Singers sing to it, for it, about it and sometimes even against it. A famous song goes like this “Dil cheer ke dekh, tera hi naam hoga” .. And then, get an operation done !! Even the Gods know of its value. And the manner in which Hanuman, the monkey-God, has proved his loyalty to Lord Rama remains etched in the memory forever. According to lovers/those in love/those (c’mon for you sadists, I’m not writing my name here) who have been in love, their heart has been stolen, broken, taken, crushed, betrayed and many more things. Phew! And here I imagined that all that this very important organ was supposed to be doing was pump blood to keep us alive! And going by what lovers say the heart seems to be a steady survivor too. As it is wrecked, it's trodden on, it's stolen, it's cheated on but it survives it all! Albeit, with a few dents and scratches, some deep while others superficial and still others that are maybe purely imaginatory. Nothing that time, and the helping aid of another heart cannot heal. The heart brings you happiness, and sometimes causes you pain. There are times you are accused of not having one at all, or dealing out bits of yours too freely. Dil toh Pagal Hai aur multipurpose bhi hai .. My heart will go on and on and on .. What fuel does it use !! P.S. Stuck in my heart is my blog’s song and this post is written out of my experiences with HEART !! :P