Listen, please?

“Damn! You’re so late”
             “I’m so sorry, was baking for you…”

“You made me wait because you were baking?!?”
             “Listen, please…If you try you…”

“I hate you”

“Maybe you should just leave and go home!”



Later, she had a bite of the muffin he left behind and found one sparkly ring inside!

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ash89 said...

Oooohhh....and then she called him up and he came back. Aur fir ho gaya...happily ever after :P

Anonymous said...


Paulami said...

thats all i can say :P

S said...

@ash89 -
What do you think I write Bollywood movies, just coz you mentioned it I'd tell you the rest of the story -

"Hero frustration mein aake apni Ex ke paas chala gaya, aur uske saath b yahi hua and that kept going on and on and on..."

Ab aage mat poochna! :p

@Tinni -

@Paulami -
You see make you let your boyfriend speak too or you go all Aiyooo in real! :p

Aeish said...

Should've listened :P

Unknown said...

Ooww...I would be happy if my man could just bake, ring not required!

Deepika Vasudeva said...

Nice one. I was just wondering.. Life could be little simple if we could let everyone have his proper say. Atleast there won't be confusions.. Ain't it?

R-A-J said...

a lil too chocolate-y fr me... I wish he had it poisoned :D

Shilpi said...

Better she didn't listen to him..otherwise that magic would have been lost somewhere :)

Short, Simple and Sweet post!

Me likey :)

ash89 said...

Noooo....woh apni ex ke paas nahi gaya! See, that doesnt make sense. He was like super serious about this girl. I mean, hello! He was going to propose.
So if u need an alternate ending, I'd say he was so upset with the whole thing that he went and committed suicide :|

S said...

@Aesih -
Yes! Girls I tell you :p

@Pooja -
You don't get everything and I've not mentioned how that muffin tasted :p

@Deepika -
My point too! We just want to be listened too, listening makes a lot of sense too!

@Raj -
HAHAHAHA! Only if he could predict her behavior ! :D

@Sanjana -
But you know he wanted to see that expression of joy on her face! :|
Thank you :)

@ash89 -
Arey seriousness ki bhi hadh hoti hai, itni bezzati kardi bechare ki! Ab Ex hi ka toh sahara lega na! :p
OR the girl felt so miserable and embarrassed that she opted for mercy killing for herself? :/

ash89 said...

No. The guy must die.

S said...

How will you justify death for someone who had such pure intentions to see her gf smile?

I think this girl was too lame and get into depression! :|

Rajlakshmi said...

thats' a nice one.
//“I’m so sorry, was baking for you…”
// you miss something here ... no girl would ever flare up on a man who bakes for her ... :)

ash89 said...

Who cares about his intentions? He was late. He must die :|
The girl on the other hand, finds someone better :)

S said...

@Rajlakshmi -
But they do get mighty upset about their guy being late, and the understanding goes for a toss!

@ash89 -
She should care about his intentions! Wo suna hai 'Der sahi, andher nahi' ? :/
Better is such a relative concept! :p

ash89 said...

Fine Sourav. Stop crying. If that muffin he baked looked anything like that picture, he may live.
Happy now?

Sh@s said...

Girls can't stop talking and reacting. So, guys should find/learn better ways of shutting them up and making themselves heard. A kiss can do that easily ;P

S said...

@ash89 -
See you've again diverted from his 'intentions' ..even if the muffin was bad, she should care that it was meant just for her! ;)

Almost there, you are going right though!

@Shas -
A kiss never hurts, but going by the extreme anger that she was fuming with, isn't it rather advisable to not kiss fire? :p

ash89 said...

So she should tolerate him being late and she should eat a crappy muffin :|

Sarah malik said...

this guy is not REALISTIC type!
the real guy wouldnt have listened sooo much and said monosyllables. he would have just ate d brownie n kept the ring for someone else/some other better day! :P


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Alas he won't be there to see how the muffin melted in her mouth and how her heart melted at the sight of what he had done for her.

Nice one!

Blasphemous Aesthete

Anonymous said...

A rare situation...guys generally don't bake...(psst..I know none of them who do)...but that does not mean there aren't any!

This makes me feel like the girl was a little impatient/short tempered and careless. Good he left:D

Fatima said...

Awe the guy was smart that he fled away...coz what if the muffin was not good and lol instead of accepting the proposal she attacked him :P

Nice one ;)

Anonymous said...

This was something happened between us. Cm'on you aren't supposed to write these incidents on blog. ;)

Jokes apart, Nice attempt. You baked it well enuf n it does taste good. :)

moonlite:D said...

love it, love it, love it!!

Not her behaviour, but ur writing :)

Pramoda Meduri said...

Poor girl..

Hey Saurav.. different post and u did it well..

PS: Well, welcome u to read 400th post at my blog..chk in free time..;)

Latest Punjabi Music said...

really heart touching it so much

S said...

ash89 -
No! But how can you assume it was a crappy muffin? :/ :/

@Sarah -
This guy is the lover boy types, isliye he had to eat his words all the time! :p

@Anshul -
Yes, you got that right! They both missed a lot! Thanks!

@Nehha -
Well, you are not wrong! I tried baking ones, and it was as good as a brick! :D
Well, they missed on lot though! :)

@Bedlam -
Hahaha! This is public display of muffinity! :p
Glad that melted in your mouth :)

@Moonlite -
Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!
Thanks once again! :D

@Pramoda -
Thanks! Will be on your blog soon! :D

@Punjabi Music -Thanks!

Amropali said...

I would have gone 'awwwwwwww' the moment I heard he was baking for me.

Beyond Horizon said...

Why did he leave?(Guys are so obedient?!)

But somehow I am glad about it, otherwise the girl would never had taken the bite of the muffin. (Hope he is peeping from around the corner, to see the look on her face! :)

WOW!!! A muffin has inspired you to write such sweetest post and that to in few words ;)

Nivedita Thadani said...

very sad story :-(,
but she deserved it...

Sh@s said...

@ Sourav,
Try it :P
It might surprise you :)

S said...

@Amropali -
*sigh* wish that guy had you! :D

@Poonam -
He lfet, coz he felt bad!
This is the best part about a half baked fiction, the readers can conclude in their own way! And your way is a nice possibility! :)
When you eat a muffin, you really can't do many words, can you? :p

@Nivedita -
Hello! It's the way you take it. I guess, yes! ;)

@Shas -
Well the day this fiction becomes a reality, I may try! :D

Alcina said...

Awwiee....a surprise undisclosed..

Kabhi kabhi ho jata hai aur kabhi kabhi nahi is a game where you win or you lose according to your moves ;)

Sonia said...

The best 55 fiction blog I've ever read...

Wish ppl had patience..

when you care so much for the other person n she doesnt even have the patience to wait :(