Is it fine, if I am..

of hunting down the darkness
of the wild.

of that void deep
behind a flower.

of strolling off from
the grand statues.


of the affinity
of wings for stones.

of this world
filled into a beautiful bowl
served, deserted and reserved.

of mountains keeping back floods
of brightness.

of tip of my fingers as stars,
and of my hand being the zodiac.

of images
of the act of drowning
into waves
of being overcome
by only

about not thinking

Your arms around me!

To be held in your arms,
To breathe in your solace,
Not a drop of peace,

Beyond the wake
Of the reddened sky
The looming horizon
Breathes in
The dusky air.
I know still
Your head
Rests over mine.
Your consoling words
Pouring honey dew
In my frightened ears,


"No matter
How far the ragging thoughts
Torment you, my love...
I am right here..
Holding you close...
In my arms."

About the author:
Shreya Chatterjee who is a writer by profession and a poet at will, apart from inventing newer ways of experimenting with creative expression. When not writing, she prefers traveling, reading books by fellow writers and reviewing the same and catching up with friends. Her debut book "Musings of a Wanderer" has been reviewed, appreciated and featured by qualified professionals. Get a glimpse of her writing on her blog at “A journey called…” or “A Vagabond and A Wizard”. To read more post from her, click HERE

The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone.

Mid way there” he said aloud, although no one could hear him. His search began few weeks back, and still ahead of him are possibly as many weeks.


He was enlivened by the memory of her fragrance and the wish for her presence. In some three hundred kilometres miles his dream would come true, probably!

Note : Title is a quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. (German Playwright, Poet, Novelist and Dramatist. 1749-1832)

..and she was just not there!

Rohan jumped into bed and whispered, “I love you beautiful. Good-night” He stretched his left hand, to hold his wife. Moving his arm further across the bed until it reached no more. There, for a second Rohan panicked on not finding her there.


But with a flood of emotion, he remembered. She is no more!

I must be dreamin’ ..

I must be dreamin', a dream this must be..
the beauty of thy heart
the heart so pretty
so precious, so beautiful, joyful and merry.
I must be dreamin, a dream this must be..
the cute little face
the mesmerising eyes,
and the eyes so deep, I can drown inside.


I must be dreamin, a dream this must be.
the innocent smile
traversing my imagine
and beloved good times, lighting up the horizon.
I must be dreamin, a dream this must be.
amongst endless days and lonely nights
waitin’ for tomorrow, just to talk to thy
to lose everythin' with nothin' to gain. feel the fragnance of the crust, drenched in the rain
and to live and long for another tomorrow all over again.

imageAbout the author: Dr.Iftiker Haque ( or Iftekhar Haq, as pronounced) is from Assam, India and better known as "Ifty". He has done B. D.S; is really fond of good music; reading beautiful poems and ofcourse writing some wonderful ones’ too. Loves to sing, to have new experiences with people and making new friends.