Curriculum-Vitae !



Address: Latitude: 28° 35’ N

Longitude: 77° 12’ E

Phone: Maha Nagar Telecom Ltd.

Mobile: Always busy !


OBJECTIVE: To buy Microsoft only to sell it back to Mr. Gates at doubled prices.


  • Hardly-motivated, always sleeping and goal-less person.
  • Cheat and fraud, who hates working with nerds, workaholics and honest people.
  • ZERO “Kam-yu-ni-keshan” skills.


  • I pretended to work and they kept on paying me !
  • Been breathing, eating, smoking and doing other such necessary WORK, on my own for the last 2 decades.


  • Maha Bekaar Aadmi (as you all assume to know by now).
  • Did something before MBA too, don’t remember the lessons learnt thn !
  • You can’t expect me to remember and tell you what I did in school.


  • Laughing Out Loud ! LOL
  • Rolling On The Floor ! ROFL
  • Laugh My Arse Off ! LMAO


  • Wasting three months and some left over money of a ‘Recession-hit-company’ .


  • Can bore anyone.
  • Make your mind if you want to know this, I can hit anyone, anytime.


  • ;)
  • :D
  • :P


  • Bird-watching.
  • Sleeping.
  • Eating.
  • Wasting people’s time on reading my blog posts.

I, hereby declare that the information furnished above is written in the best of a drunk’s knowledge and belief and you are advised to hit yourself after reading this, you are so useless.


Awards ! Acknowledgements ! Apologies !


i love your blog 2.png Without bothering about any rules, I would like to pass on a fresh award or rather a piece of appreciation to few whom I love to read and just can’t afford to lose them as my blog-mates, yes I have my own reasons and they know it … Read their blogs to know:

(just random order, no preferences)

Priya (Very Mee...), Varsha (Warflower - the inner me!!), Priya (And The Gods Made Love.), Meher (lOokInG wItHiN ME..!!) Saad (Bombay Blogger), Rhythm (my mind's an open book), Rahul (THE SKEPTICAL OBSERVER), Rohini (Train of thought), Hafsah (My Life on a Plate), Hary (cartoonists....), Deepika (Life is BEAUTIFUL....), Neha (DEMENTED WISDOM), Sara (Welcome to Sara's Organized Chaos), Rahul (THE SKEPTICAL OBSERVER), Hitaishi (MY INNER SPACE), Sonali (Silent Hue), Guria (Maverick Misfit), Aeishah (Crunchiepie), Esther (Wearing an Invisible Crown), , Nidhi (Bard Speaks), Rimz (Mind out), Mugdha (Me,Myself and I), SKU (Devil Incarnate), Ann (Moments I Will Cherish), Rane (Soul of A Woman), Gargi (Secretly Moi!),  Vandana (PASSIONATE STUBBORN), IP (Live The Dream).

P.S. You can pass on this award to me and anyone you wish … hell with rules.

kreativ blogger6Yes, there are people who can actually award me too !! Not that I have been awarded for the first time, but I had actually never acknowledged them and would hate the attached rules with these awards to show them off. Anyways I’m doing it now, only because I have some real good blogger friends now, and I don’t want their appreciation to go waste ! ;)

Thank you SARA … A blogger friend of mine, who thinks I’m ‘Kreativ’ (silly SMS spellings). Sara, more than this Award, the gift which reached me all the way from US, was something which touched my heart. Yes, there are real people and friends in this world too. Thanks a lot Sara, God Bless !



Thank you Rohini, for this buddy awards, it means a lot to me not because it’s an award but more since it was really nice on your part to extend this beautiful relation to me called friendship and I would like to be your buddy for life, blogging or not !




Not writing much, because a REAL ‘Thank You’ can say much more than a thousand words, and I’m sure you would agree !

Thank you Rahul !




Thank you Guria :D … This was an addition to this post, I just can’t DARE to miss it .. This girl is one of the sweetest and the newest blog friend of mine and has more or less the same amount of crap (brain for normal people) in her ‘knees’  (in head for people with senses) not very much like me ;)

Sorry for not reading and coming to your blogs off late, was too busy with life and work … I’m back to blogging now and will catch up as much as possible for ‘ME’ ! :P

Take care, God Bless and Love You everyone.


“Make   yourself   necessary   to   somebody”

My images !!1 

Just need your views and opinions on it, if this holds right and if this is how it should be. When do you think someone' becomes a necessity, when do you become a necessity and what makes one so necessary and indispensible ? ? ?

P.S.: Nothing :P

Yet another … TAG !

Was tortured .. errr … number tagged by Nidhi … ! She doesn’t know how bad I was with numbers all along !! Anyways I tried and the miscalculations are before you to see ;)

I've been tagged

1. Got only only ONE life to live and there is only ONE Adam Sandler, have seen all his movies  !

2. It was CLASS II, when I had a crush on my class teacher Jacqueline Ludgweik and by the way it’s 2nd of September today !

3. It’s usually 3 AM when I sleep at night (or rather morning) !

4. I have completed my studies in FOUR places; Asansol (WB), Lucknow, Kolkata & New Delhi.

5. FIVE is NOT my favorite number. (I know that was dumb). A better one; my brother Gaurav’s birthday is on 5th of January.

6. Love to see lots of SIXES in a cricket match and for the really dumb ones they have SIX balls in an over in cricket. ;)

7. Would love to have my salary (P/A) in SEVEN figures within next fex years.

8. Would like to get enlisted as the 8’th wonder of this world. :D

9. There is always number NINE which follows eight .. wonder when would it change. ;)

10. Papa’s birthday on 10th of Jan and I’ll tag 10 people now !

P.S. Just for some ignorant people, the great ‘me’ enjoy his birthday on 13th of Feb and my Mum’s birthday is on 15th October (Now you know my whole family’s birthday, send us gift coupons, cash or in kind !

Passing this threat (tag) to 10 Rimz, Aeishah, Pree-yaa, Saad, Deepak, Sara, Priya, Ann, Hafsah, Deepika, Neha, Varsha and JauntyDid you actually count, I know I’ve tagged 12, so .. ! :P … Carry on people would love to see how you juggle with numbers and yeah Nidhi it was actually fun, easier than the dreaded class VIII Algebra sums I remember ! :D