Love is, what happens when you are around!

 Love is;
        Kissing with morning breath,

Love is;
        Brushing teeth in unison,

Love is;
        One cleans one cooks,

Love is;
        Eskimo kisses in firelight,

Love is;
        His and her dressing gowns,

Love is;
        Pictures together adorned walls,

Love is;
        Continuously sought after by many,

Love is;
        As real as the tooth fairy,

Love is;


With this love wrapped post, I wrap up my this year; with my shares of joys, wishes and some special people that I got to know. I'd like to thank you for reading, being here and being so supportive always and expect you to be around, forever. Wishing everyone a very Happy and love-filled New Year! Signing off with a wonderful quote by Sydney Smith:
"Resolve to make at least one person happy every day, and then in ten years you may have made three thousand, six hundred and fifty persons happy, or brightened a small town by your contribution to the fund of general enjoyment"

We will walk hand in hand; Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe, We shall live in peace someday.


The greatest tragedy of the world is that people should have grossly more wealth than they will ever need. The predicament of the homeless to the average citizen is that they end up doing nothing. People aren't going to invite them into their homes. They aren't going to give them money, because they'll waste it on alcohol, smokes or drugs; yet another problem of society. So instead, all we end up giving the people living on the streets is a glance. There are homeless shelters and meals, and volunteers who give up their time, but we do little to help those who come within our immediate experience. I live in a home and comfort, but never have I done anything substantial. But the fact remains that I, you and most of us can do more, much more!
Looking out of a window one day in Mayapur, a village near Calcutta, His Divine Grace A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (founder of The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) saw a group of children fighting with street dogs over scraps of food. From this simple, yet heart breaking incident, came the determination that:  No one within a ten mile radius of our center should go hungry. It is his inspiration which helped  creating The Akshaya Patra Foundation which is reaching out to 1.2 million children everyday.

You can contribute by donating, blogging about the cause or creating an awareness and by awakening the sleeping souls! Lets be a part of the change; lets be a part of Akshay Patra and the vision - “No child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger

Awesome ways to look awful!

When it comes to fashion and trends, we all want the same thing: to look great! FORTUNATELY, there are some fashion errors that we might not be aware of, but that we SHOULD practice. These fashion faux pas are visible, and can completely ruin a perfectly good outfit. Here I’ve listed the top fashion mistakes that we should make, often.

1. Wearing oversized clothing.
2. Wearing red, yellow and green at the same time.
3. Tights if you are fatter then the universe's size!
4. Sneakers with everything, yes even with your office formals!

5. Wear a suit jacket with a pair of shorts.
6. On a date, wear as much as possible, you never know! 
7. We are men, and we should avoid moisturizers; yes even if it's freezing!
8. Do as much Cologne or Perfume to make you act as a sanitizer!
9. Bushy and unkempt facial hair is a must for awfulness! 
That's it for now! But on a serious note if you really want to look good and that too at a price which wouldn't burn a hole in your pocket, you should check out Brandmile.
Be stylish and smart too! 

Transmute, muddle or ignore, love can never be pulled out of you!

I was standing calm and still
somewhere crowded
when I noticed her playful smile
standing still, right next to me
looking at me
with those teasing eyes..

I didn't know her so I ignored her

She said, after a while
"You just don't get it, do you?"

Pretending composed, I said
"What's to get?"

"Me" she answered

"I'm sorry, who are you again?"
"Exactly" she said and walked away

That was few moments ago

I'm still standing here!

Songs of Mind, Tunes of Heart

I revolve around the past knowing that - it won’t help!
But this is a game of life where;

Heart tunes its own beats,
And mind sings its own story,
I find myself stuck somewhere;
Between hither and thither.

The Heart:

Paints compassion and commitment,
Reveals the love within -
Still as fresh as a new print!
Somewhere beyond my pride,
Deep inside,
It holds a secret desire - so intense,
Of holding you tight,
And cherishing the right,
For a need;
To call you – My  Own!


The Mind:

Debates I am through,
And done with you.
Says no more of YOU!
No longer you hold –
The special place;
And powers,
To crush me and willow me.
I shall win again; the game of life,
Leaving those feelings ripped apart.
Whatever be the bygone,
The present is; what it is!

Here, this moment, the story of my life –
Good times come like wind and swap like it were never before.
Making me struggle between the thriving aspirations and truths of life, I wonder what agony or what laughter it is. Yet I adore it.

Life is pain,
Yet life is gain,
Life is apathy.
Yet life is love,
Life is disgraceful,
Yet life is wonderful,
Life is a game,
It’s all good,
That is the way it is!


NIDHI Nidhi Gandhi wrote this thought provoking post. I started knowing her since only sometime and is now one of the sweetest friend I have. She writes well, but doesn’t blog! This post is to make sure that she makes a blog of her own and we all get to read a lot more from her and often! All the best Nidhi and keep smiling! :)

Just so you know, there is a space that only you can fill.

We were taking a drive in the car like we always did, mostly on our way to somewhere or nowhere else. I’m driving, passing through the highway signs one after another, counting the turns until we get where we’re possibly going.

She’s asleep in the passenger seat, skin porcelain pale in the choked dawn sun. It’s streaming through the windowpane in flashes that mark time with the gaps in the trees, just a few hundred kilometers more.

Somehow I can’t see how this is a real thing, real like the way hearts breaks, but like floating up above here, just looking down into her beautiful face. I shook myself like it was only a dream, but here she is, right beside me in the next seat.

Concentrate, just for a second, curve around the bend before I return to contemplation. I don't like where we’re going now, because for me she is too perfect for the fate that awaits her there, somewhere out beyond my heart’s reach.

But still I drive on through the puddles of sunlight, hoping that she may not wake up and feel the pain, thinking that this is the best thing to do. I feel them, as those tears start to drip down my cheeks, and one glance to the mirror tells me that they glisten in the sunlight. It’s beauty smothered by agony, and I just can’t seem to appreciate it.

A while later there’s a delicate stirring from the seat at my side, and I rub a hand quickly beneath my eyes, refusing to show her my weakness. But she always knows me so well!

Sahil,” she whispers softly, “don’t hide from me.

I don’t respond, but she knows that I heard it ,she can see it in the tightening around my eyes. She knows I really don’t want to go through with this. 

There’s a pen sitting in the cup holder between the front seats, a red pen I never use. She picks it up carefully, rolling it over and around in her delicate fingers for a moment before removing the cap. Before I can actually understand what is happening, I feel the cold ballpoint tip on my forearm, but I can’t look away from the road to see what she’s doing. I can only shiver at the contact, how close she is to me.

It’s the next turn,” I whisper, and I turn my face quickly to avoid seeing the pain in her reaction. I take the turn the green sign says to, NH II. It’s the road I always loved driving in, and the next sign is even worse: Hospital 3 kms away. But still my foot is steady on the accelerator, hands on the wheel at ten and two o’clock, and I reverted to driving classes from nervousness.

We pull into the parking garage, and this black car comes to a halt. I look down at my arm. “Love from Kavya,” is scripted inside a heart, and I almost lose it then, almost! 

I have to be strong for her, for me.

Look at me,” she says, bringing her pale hand up under my chin and turning my face towards hers. I do not resist. Her other hand grips one of mine, and I grasp back strongly.

Her eyes are still deep black and impenetrable her hair still wavy, brownish and soft. She’s the most beautiful person I have ever seen; will ever see. I couldn’t take my eyes off her even if I wanted to.

If there was one thing that you could tell the world,” I begin quietly, “what would it be?

Her eyes hold steady on mine, and I feel a heartbeat pulse between us, an unworldly connection. All I can do is wait for her to answer.

Love,” she says, and then her voice breaks. I can tell she’s about to cry, but I have to hear what she has to say. Finally, I feel her squeeze my hand with all the strength she has left. “Love everyone; everything; every second. You never know when they’re going to take it all away.

I feel her frail frame collapse into mine, dropping my chin and hand. She’s sobbing the way that was inevitable, and I gently lift her chin with one hand, wiping her tears away with my thumb like that could make it all better, like her protector. Though I’m not fooling anyone.
There are two people
sitting right next to a river
too lost
One is dying

Love never will

I love you much …too much!

She: I used to believe you.
         He: I know.

She: I used to hold onto every word you said.
         He: Yeah, well…

She: I thought we'd be together until the world crumbled around us.
         He: Only on paper. No, not even on paper.

She: Your reality isn't real. I can't feel it; I can't touch it. It's not real!
         He: This is my reality.


She: Does the end scare you?
         He: No and yes.

She: What do you mean?
         He: No, coz I imagine it to be like sleeping on a cold night.

She: And yes?
         He: I wouldn’t be able to get up!

She: And…so?
         He: I’d let you die in my thoughts forever…

Not into your ear that I whispered, but into your heart. Not your lips that I kissed, but your soul!

LoVe_Is_In_The_Air_Eternal_Blessed_UndyingEphemeral aspirations unite us
Eternally bonded inseparable.

As we are conjoined, and
Shall live beyond
The ages of Earths to come,
We will search allusion
Beyond the blackened abyss
Until discovering one another
Again, each and every time.

Our flames ignite
Only when together in place;
Envy consumes them,
As eyes glisten with blaze.

To be flint, I yearn for your tinder.
I have yet not to find you.

Signed. Sealed. Delivered. I am yours!

He: I love you!
She: I know, but it's not that easy.

He: Why?
She: Other people are involved. Someone can get hurt.

He: But I don't CARE!!!
She: You will care if it's you being hurt.

He: I wanna marry you!! Don't you like me?
She: I know you do. Of course I like you.

He: So what's the problem?
She: I cannot love you. You would not understand.

He: Wh - why?
She: Because you are not the one for me.

He: But... but how can you say that? I am everything you said you wanted in a guy.
She: Do you like that song...

He: I want an answer.
She: Why would I answer you?

He: Coz you know that you love me.
She: But that is not enough!

He: Tell me, what will be?
She: ..

He: No, I don't care!
She: I..

He: ..ssshhh! I am yours, unreasonably yours!
She: *sigh*


“The worst thing you can do for love is deny it; so when you find that special someone, don't let anyone or anything to get in your way!”

Words are all, I don’t have…

Love is so wordless and selfless

You took my breath, away!

You'll glow with smoldering content one second
And drop off as sleepy ash the next,
The memory of fire gone in a
Puff of smoke. 

All you've got to do is possess a vague sort of fancy,
Lazy and reclined in the fingers of
Some mightier being.
One day, you'll be stubbed out,
Your body lying stale amongst the others
YOu take my breath away

With hardly enough time to rot.
But you forced out the sacred oxygen, making me fall
Look now, I've stopped breathing,
You took my breath away, once and for all!

I celebrate myself, and sing myself!


Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget! And I’ve been blessed with a lot of friends and love! And instead of being a narcissist as always, I wanted to know what my friends think of me, so here is what they think of me (in no specific order):

Papa : Intelligent!

Mummy : Lovable!

Gaurav (brother) : Kameena!

Aeishah Arshad : Opinionated, in a good way!

Neha Hadkar : Happy-go-lucky!

Tikuli Dogra : Charmer!

Meghana Subhramaniam : People cant avoid you or ignore you.. no one can be angry with you! They can hate you or they can love you but they sure can’t ignore you! No matter what they would always wanna be with you!

Missy Meow (Anne) : Passionate about the things he loves!

Mani Padma : Perfect! ( *Conditions apply )

Honey Gupta : Amusing and snippy - People may hate you people may love you...but they surely "can't" ignore you!

Aimun Shahid : Likeable! flirt! caring! nice! irritating! smart! humble! arrogant! over confident! honest! bragger.

Prachi Bansal : Asshole! ( *Like-mindedness )

Rashmi Rao : Its a wonder for me to know you 're still Single..! Hope someone out there takes ur "Face it! You want me" seriously..! ♥

Anshita Juneja : Simple yet interesting!

Tavish Chadha : Bindaas with a Happy go lucky attitude and the ‘I give a damn what the world thinks’!

Chandrakala Venkatesh : Innovative!

Saad Shaikh : Dhinchak, Kameena, Hero!

Meneka Goel : Stupid, yet lovable!

Poonam Badhe : Opulent with simplistic probity!

Arjit Srivastava : To know an asshole, you got to be one!" To hell with it,, you are an-asshole. But, in the utmost positive way!? You know what I mean? ;) Also, not to skip you are a firm believer of "The-No-Asshole-Rule." An asshole who is really proud of it. So proud that Chuck Norris shat himself when he got to know about you! Being an asshole - it's not just science, it's an art. And you're the master of it! :)

Indy HK : Cool!

Aarthi Venkatesh : Outward!

Ritu Lalit : You are the networking expert, awesome communicator, young and vibrant. I respected you for your stand on CWG though I do not endorse your view. Keep shining .... and try your hand at screenplays, your writing has that vibrant immediacy!

Neha Thakkar : Opportunist! ( *In a good way )

Nidhi Pandey : Simple, Intelligent, Intelligent and sweet!

Shruti Vajpayee : My punching bag

Pria : Charming!

Palak : You are a nice guy all in all, but an egoist at the same time. There is a depth in you but shallowness at the same time!

Jaspreet : Well, you're the most optimistic person I have come across, I wont call you a narcissist but you simply love yourself(along with others) and there's nothing wrong with it.Infact ,your attitude makes others feel positive about themselves too


These are some of the views about me by my friends, and trust me behind every description, there is a reason! Well, you know me too, why don’t you leave a comment and tell me what you think? I will update this post with whatever opinion you have about me, good or bad; just be honest!

Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin, as self-neglecting!

– William Shakespeare

You must love yourself before you love another. By accepting yourself and fully being what you are, your simple presence can make others happy! :-)


I walk speechless,

Together by your side,

In the morrow’s shelter,

Between the endless bridges,

And forlorn fate,


Stealing thy gaze,

Seeking the laughter,

For it camouflaged,

The unuttered.

..and they say they met!

“Laughter is the only camouflage for an exalted love’s salvation and pain is the liberation of a condemned soul.”



Palak. As pretty as her name and her smile. Weird, but not bad to me! I get scared of people, but she doesn’t scare me. I can talk, but I prefer listening when she talks coz she makes perfect sense to me. She can make me laugh, think and wonder at the same time. She is always a deep thinker, but expresses really less; probably she never wishes to! She thinks, writes and thinks. Want to know her? Impossible for many! Still, read her blog - A Soul Seeker's Contemplations...

Criticizing Commonwealth Games – New Delhi 2010? Do think again, please!

"You should not just push for getting the Games cancelled. A lot of people out there I think are trying to do that. I don't think it's right. I don't think it's fair to the Indians. I don't think it's fair to the Commonwealth Games or to the athletes," the Sydney Morning Herald Sunday quoted Australian Commonwealth Games Association chief executive Perry Crosswhite. He also added "There have been a lot of Games - Commonwealth and Olympic - which at this point of time hadn't looked all that flash."
Instead of talking baselessly, I decided on turning back the pages of history to find out what do we get/loose from such events as Common Wealth Games and Olympics.
Short-term economic impacts fall into four broad categories: direct, indirect, induced and total (sum of direct, indirect and induced) impacts:
Direct impacts arise from the organizing committee's spending to purchase goods and services in preparation for and during the games.
Indirect economic impacts are the share of visitors' spending that purchases goods and services.
Induced economic impacts are the multiplier effects of the direct and indirect impacts, created by re-spending the amounts involved in the direct and indirect impacts.
Longer-term economic impacts include:
National and international recognition of the host city and state through extensive media exposure. Community benefits including local volunteerism, job creation and training, youth and education programmes, funding for community economic development projects and cultural programmes. Infrastructure and communication benefits. Regeneration impacts. Housing impacts. New company investment in the city and region. Increased trade.
If you want a statistical data on how it helps holding such a event, let us take the example of Sydney Olympics, 2000:
Summary of Economic impacts of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games:
New Business generated by the Australian Technology Showcase  - $ 288 million
International exposure for business profile of Sydney, NSW and Australia – $ 6.1 billion
Business events committed since the end of the Games – $ 203 million
The Games:
Ticket sales revenue for organisers – $ 610 million 680 million
Sponsorship revenues for organisers – $ 1.1 billion
Private sector investment on Games-related venues – $ 6 billion
Source: Price Waterhouse Coopers, 2001
Indian Govt. messed up the preparations big time. I know there are innumerous negatives around and neither do I support Governments’ mode of action. But since the main event is now just few days away, we will have enough time for the blame game after the event anyway! It is high time we should stop criticizing and let us spread some positive energy. And we don’t want to let go of some of the positives we can have from the future!

Gymnastics hall at Indira Gandhi Sports Complex


Boxing ring at Talkatora Indoor Stadium


Timber track at Indira Gandhi Sports complex – Cycling Stadium


Residential Towers at the Khel Gram (CWG Village)

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the country stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the few honest men who are actually in the arena, whose faces are marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; because there is no effort without error and shortcomings; but who does actually strive to do the deed; who knows the great enthusiasm, the great devotion, who spends themselves in a worthy cause, who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and who at the worst, if they fail, at least fails while daring greatly. So that their place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.
PS – Before leaving a comment or opposing my views/ideas, please care to go through the complete article, and you will understand why am I supporting the CWG - 2010 . Any generic comment based on opinions and mindset built out of Egos or with the SOLE purpose of opposing me will not be replied to. Please be calm and do not get personal, these are just my views and accurate facts collected from researches worldwide. Hope I could add one positive block to the already tarnished CWG’s image!

..cause I only feel alive, when I dream at night!

Have you lost your sanity?
          Yes, I think I have.

Are you really hurt?
          No...and yes.

She really left you...
          Please, not now.

ALWAYS! 'til you realize.
          Realize what? That I'm a loser?

No, that you're feeling a heartbreak.
          No, I am feeling an heart-ache.

You feel for her, right?
          I feel… for her, no!

Don't lie to me.
          What are you going to do, huh?

Anything to help you.
          Then quit asking all these questions!

Sorry, no can do.

You know why.
          Tell me!!

Because you're not expressing.
          Do you want me to?

Yes, you loser..

You still in love with that girl!
          Yes, the one I am talking to, now

          What, what!

I Love You!
          Shut up and hug me!

Love Pain Seperation Hurt

Thank YOU!

thank-youSome bloggers spend a long time writing into the void when they first get their site up and going. They forget that people aren’t searching for them; rather, they’re searching for content. And it’s hard to get your content read at the beginning because, realistically, other bloggers who are more established are already saying what you’re trying to say.

So, in the beginning bloggers write, and write, and write, and it seems like their work is just going into the dark void. Until the day when people start reading their blog. Even better, they start commenting on your blog.

I’m thankful for your comments – even the snarky ones. I always find the comments to be way more interesting than anything that I have written. Thanks for making my ordinary posts, extraordinary.


And if you haven’t noticed yet, my blog is now a complete website, with my own domain name - ! And for this I would like to specially thank Blogeshwar – a brand new blogging contest group, where I participated and won a domain name and some good friends for life!! Quoting what they say -

BLOGS “Since the dawn of mankind, humans have been fighting. Not only for survival, but also for establishing their supremacy. It has been the drug fueling all wars and ironically is the mother of all inventions. Keeping this theme in mind we present BLOGESHWAR. One who survives after the clash of blogs, will be the true Blogeshwar!”

Out of the total participants, the posts I really liked are from :

Varsha’s post - My Diary: Identity Theft - Shred your paper or regret about it later ??

Rinaya’s post - Guilty Until Eternity « Whispering Silence

Pawan’s post - The Other Perspective: The Anomaly of Crime.

And of course my contest winning post too – love with me and life – A Criminal’s Diary


Before rounding it off, I’d request bloggers to update their blogrolls. For every new reader, you are requested to stay in touch with me either by following blog or joining the ever-growing fan page of this blog on Facebook – In love with me and life . And finally, thank you for reading this entire post – you rock! :)

I walk alone, without me…

What has happened to us?

A few days ago, we were inseparable best friends, but now I couldn’t see less of you. It hurts to just watch you walk away with your other friends without inviting me along. You didn’t even say good-bye.

“I got ditched, I was alone once again” I muttered to myself.

Tech-no-crippled !! My technological dreams!


Yes, technology can improve things for some and do damage to others. When the steel plow was introduced, entrepreneurs created the dust bowl by selling marginal land for agriculture at a profit to immigrants. Land speculators became wealthy, Bankers became wealthy by forclosures, and the impoverished farmers had no clue!
For almost every step forward that technology provides, someone is caught in the squeeze and falls two steps behind. But there is always a creamy side to a story! Lets see what we may get or what I think we should get sooner or later.

image When I was a kid, I always wanted a hoverboard like in “Back to the Future II”.  Lightweight hoverboards doesn’t seem realistic now, not even in the near future, but it is one of my strongest wish which remains on top of my technological demands!


Robot love

We rely on machines for everything and anything; be it calculating the numbers for which we could have otherwise taken years to solve, or watching a sports events LIVE even from thousands of miles! If parents can illegally try to determine the sex of their child before birth, lets try to achieve something where orgasm could just rely on some clicks! Robot love, what say?


I envision a day when people can get magazine subscriptions and the daily newspaper on their light weight tablet and read it on the way to work.  This might very well be how the declining print media industry can be saved.  The Ipad is a step in the right direction but in its current form, it cost too much and is too heavy.  Hopefully OLED technology in the future will help make for lighter tablets that can be folded away and extends the battery life…which leads to something else I want….


A lot of gadgets and ‘critical’ things depend on the battery to function and I really haven’t seen a real battery life breakthrough.  If you own a gadget and it has a screen that you use regularly, I bet you have to charge it every one to three days.  I want to see a breakthrough that can power that same gadget endlessly without the need for a recharge.  If this breakthrough happens, we can do so much more with portable gadgets and places that are off the ‘grid’ can be made more accessible.

I have so much more in mind, but instead of strolling on, I would conclude that technology and it’s growth are both a blessing and a curse. Neither science nor technology in and of themselves are good or bad. It is what we as humans choose to do with science and technology that is good or bad!! Let’s dream for a better hi-def world with equally hi-definition and pure thinking too towards each other! Amen!


imageWondering what can you do for me for such a ‘wonderful’ post, I’ll tell you … Please vote  for me at the Indiblogger and HP contest by voting for this post, and helping me achieve some dreams out of these so many! Click HERE or on the image to VOTE for me!

The Photographer Committed Suicide 3 (three) Days After Taking This Picture! – NOT TRUE!

“The photographer could have saved this boy's life, but because of the photographer's ethics code he was prevented from helping in any way. This haunted him, and led him to commit suicide..”


Know the actual facts before concluding and accepting what is written all over internet about the photographer:

1. The photographer, Kevin Carter, did intervene. He chased the vulture away right after taking the photo.

2. There is no "photographer's ethics code" that said he should not have intervened.

3. The child in the photo is a girl, not a boy.

4. The girl was approaching a nearby famine relief center and had stopped to rest when this picture was taken. There is every reason to believe she got there and was fed. Admittedly, though, there is no way to know for sure. And admittedly, Carter did not help her get there.

5. The photo was taken on March 1993, and Carter committed suicide in July 1994. That was approximately 490 days later, not 3 days.

6. Carter's suicide note said he was despondent over his dire financial problems and the memories of what he saw while on assignment in Sudan. This image is but one of many very disturbing things he saw there.

7. There is thus no reason to attribute his suicide to this specific photo.

Note: I noticed a Facebook group with such a name, with thousands of people liking it; wonder what is wrong with them and their minds! The facts mentioned above are researched from internet, and I take no responsibility of them being true or not.

Must reads:

1. Nathuram Godse’s last speech in the court, the person who killed Mahatma Gandhi and a brief analysis.

2. If you are online on Facebook, Orkurt, Twitter, etc and love socializing a lot, please do read and share this – A real life story narrated by someone to make us all aware of the ills about online dating.

Thank you.


I love her. 26 years, I tried to tell her, but never could. In this time a lot happened – growing up, education, career, marriage and her husband’s death. I tried till I got cancer 2 years ago!

Killing Time
Her funeral. I’ll try now, again. After all, there is no better ghost in this graveyard than me.

You on facebook, Myspace or Twitter? Be careful online!

Online Dating Bad "There are people who reach out to others in this world.  They show signs of weakness.  They put themselves in a place to be frauded, scammed and taken advantage of. I hate to be the voice of reason here, but learn to love yourself, gain some strength, become self aware.

How many women have so desperately longed for love that they ended up marrying a man who abuses them and now they are dead in the grave?  Or how about the women who have been conned out of money and living homeless on the street?  How about the man who married the woman of his dreams only to end up with some arsenic in his coffee every morning so she could collect on his life insurance?

Now, this can happen to anyone.  Even the smartest, most confident and well put together people.  After all, sociopaths and psychopaths graduate to those kind of people for the challenge of it.  However, on the 80% statistic most of those predators go for the feeble minded, weak-minded, insecure, easy to prey on types.

Sociopaths love to help themselves to people who have a self loathing, weak, depressive, needy, and insecure.

In the mind of a sociopath they almost feel like you deserve it and need it.  You think because you can love and you can give and give that everyone else is this way.  The sociopath and psychopath count on that.

Open your eyes.  Love yourself first, know yourself, and be assertive enough to lay down boundaries. I had to learn this the hard way.  I have been harmed, schemed, battered, raped, etc because my desperate need for love.  I got wise to it though and I worked on myself.

Nothing wrong with a little vent.  However, realize that sociopaths will be reading it, and they will want to come in close and swoop you up.  Don't cross the boundaries.

I apologize if this offends anyone.  It isn't meant to. I am hoping in writing this some of you will have a reality check and learn to love yourself and to see how you endanger yourself with this kind of behavior."



Note – This is one article I read on my friends’ Facebook notes. Neither I nor is she sure about the original source of this article or the author. I shared it on my blog, just so that this may serve as an awareness to my readers. Thank you.

The Drivers’ Dance!

A quick glance in the auto back-up camera confirms that it's still there, the silver car, gliding through the dark streets behind me. And with every looming roundabout, we ski forwards on smooth cool rubber, skimming the curves elegantly.
At the red lights, the golden streetlamp spills over the car easing to a halt behind me. The driver is illuminated, hinting at the frame of a man, an arm propped casually against the steering wheel, with an outback-bike-rack fitted in his care.
When amber hits green, we both indicate, simultaneously choosing the left path, and swinging our metal hips that way.
Through urban straights and country twists, he follows, keeping a respectable distance, casually trailing my tracks in the rain. Our driving dance is intricate, mapping miles of uncovered ground, minutes and hours sailing by. I wonder if, like me, his destination is uncertain. If the beginning of his journey was like mine.
We travel like this for over an hour, equal speeds, equal minds. A two car camel train, perusing the deserts of a tarmac street.
And then we reach it.
The crossroads.
We indicate again, as one. But our amber glows repel like opposing magnets. His car nudges slightly to the left behind me, whilst mine inclines it's silver head to the right. I glance in the mirror a final time, before I gently apply pressure to the acceleration, tipping forward ready to move.
His hand raises from the steering wheel and in the dusky glow I see him wave farewell. I lower my eyes quickly, before hesitating, nodding to the mirror as I flash him the indication of my departure. We move off together, gliding apart, blinking into the night.
An automobile farewell. Afterall...we've come a long way together!

Blind Faith!

I don't think I've ever been so lost before
If I've said it once, I've screamed it more
But what was it for?


And I can hear their voices knocking at my door
Thinking of telling me what to do and where to go
And it shows
'Cause in my mind logic has been replaced
With a blindfolded version of real faith
I don't know how much longer I can hold on
When years are short, but heartache is long.

All the memories past, will surely last
But the moment is gone
How strong do you think I am?
I put my trust in something I couldn't see
And even though I can't feel
Somehow I still b.e.l.i.e.v.e !

“May I Please Your Honor” – Nathuram Godse


Born in a devotional Brahmin family, I instinctively came to revere Hindu religion, Hindu history and Hindu culture. I had, therefore, been intensely proud of Hinduism as a whole. As I grew up I developed a tendency to free thinking unfettered by any superstitious allegiance to any isms, political or religious. That is why I worked actively for the eradication of untouchability and the caste system based on birth alone. I openly joined anti-caste movements and maintained that all Hindus were of equal status as to rights, social and religious and should be considered high or low on merit alone and not through the accident of birth in a particular caste or profession. I used publicly to take part in organized anti-caste dinners in which thousands of Hindus, Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaisyas, Chamars and Bhangis participated. We broke the caste rules and dined in the company of each other.

I have read the speeches and writings of Dadabhai Nairoji, Vivekanand, Gokhale, Tilak, along with the books of ancient and modern history of India and some prominent countries like England, France, America and' Russia. Moreover I studied the tenets of Socialism and Marxism. But above all I studied very closely whatever Veer Savarkar and Gandhiji had written and spoken, as to my mind these two ideologies have contributed more to the moulding of the thought and action of the Indian people during the last thirty years or so, than any other single factor has done.

All this reading and thinking led me to believe it was my first duty to serve Hindudom and Hindus both as a patriot and as a world citizen. To secure the freedom and to safeguard the just interests of some thirty crores (300 million) of Hindus would automatically constitute the freedom and the well being of all India, one fifth of human race. This conviction led me naturally to devote myself to the Hindu Sanghtanist ideology and programme, which alone, I came to believe, could win and preserve the national independence of Hindustan, my Motherland, and enable her to render true service to humanity as well.

Since the year 1920, that is, after the demise of Lokamanya Tilak, Gandhiji's influence in the Congress first increased and then became supreme. His activities for public awakening were phenomenal in their intensity and were reinforced by the slogan of truth and non-violence, which he paraded ostentatiously before the country. No sensible or enlightened person could object to those slogans. In fact there is nothing new or original in them. They are implicit in every constitutional public movement. But it is nothing but a mere dream if you imagine that the bulk of mankind is, or can ever become, capable of scrupulous adherence to these lofty principles in its normal life from day to day. In fact, honour, duty and love of one's own kith and kin and country might often compel us to disregard non-violence and to use force. I could never conceive that an armed resistance to an aggression is unjust. I would consider it a religious and moral duty to resist and, if possible, to overpower such an enemy by use of force. [In the Ramayana] Rama killed Ravana in a tumultuous fight and relieved Sita. [In the Mahabharata], Krishna killed Kansa to end his wickedness; and Arjuna had to fight and slay quite a number of his friends and relations including the revered Bhishma because the latter was on the side of the aggressor. It is my firm belief that in dubbing Rama, Krishna and Arjuna as guilty of violence, the Mahatma betrayed a total ignorance of the springs of human action.

In more recent history, it was the heroic fight put up by Chhatrapati Shivaji that first checked and eventually destroyed the Muslim tyranny in India. It was absolutely essentially for Shivaji to overpower and kill an aggressive Afzal Khan, failing which he would have lost his own life. In condemning history's towering warriors like Shivaji, Rana Pratap and Guru Gobind Singh as misguided patriots, Gandhiji has merely exposed his self-conceit. He was, paradoxical, as it may appear, a violent pacifist who brought untold calamities on the country in the name of truth and non-violence, while Rana Pratap, Shivaji and the Guru will remain enshrined in the hearts of their countrymen forever for the freedom they brought to them.

The accumulating provocation of thirty-two years, culminating in his last pro-Muslim fast, at last goaded me to the conclusion that the existence of Gandhi should be brought to an end immediately. Gandhi had done very well in South Africa to uphold the rights and well being of the Indian community there. But when he finally returned to India he developed a subjective mentality under which he alone was to be the final judge of what was right or wrong. If the country wanted his leadership, it had to accept his infallibility; if it did not, he would stand aloof from the Congress and carry on his own way. Against such an attitude there can be no halfway house. Either Congress had to surrender its will to his and had to be content with playing second fiddle to all his eccentricity, whimsicality, metaphysics and primitive vision, or it had to carry on without him. He alone was the Judge of everyone and everything; he was the master brain guiding the civil disobedience movement; no other could know the technique of that movement. He alone knew when to begin and when to withdraw it. The movement might succeed or fail, it might bring untold disaster and political reverses but that could make no difference to the Mahatma's infallibility. 'A Satyagrahi can never fail' was his formula for declaring his own infallibility and nobody except himself knew what a Satyagrahi is.
Thus, the Mahatma became the judge and jury in his own cause. These childish insanities and obstinacies, coupled with a most severe austerity of life, ceaseless work and lofty character made Gandhi formidable and irresistible. Many people thought that his politics were irrational but they had either to withdraw from the Congress or place their intelligence at his feet to do with, as he liked. In a position of such absolute irresponsibility Gandhi was guilty of blunder after blunder, failure after failure, disaster after disaster.

Gandhi's pro-Muslim policy is blatantly in his perverse attitude on the question of theimage national language of India. It is quite obvious that Hindi has the most prior claim to be accepted as the premier language. In the beginning of his career in India, Gandhi gave a great impetus to Hindi but as he found that the Muslims did not like it, he became a champion of what is called Hindustani. Everybody in India knows that there is no language called Hindustani; it has no grammar; it has no vocabulary. It is a mere dialect; it is spoken, but not written. It is a bastard tongue and crossbreed between Hindi and Urdu, and not even the Mahatma's sophistry could make it popular. But in his desire to please the Muslims he insisted that Hindustani alone should be the national language of India. His blind followers, of course, supported him and the so-called hybrid language began to be used. The charm and purity of the Hindi language was to be prostituted to please the Muslims. All his experiments were at the expense of the Hindus.

From August 1946 onwards the private armies of the Muslim League began a massacre of the Hindus. The then Viceroy, Lord Wavell, though distressed at what was happening, would not use his powers under the Government of India Act of 1935 to prevent the rape, murder and arson. The Hindu blood began to flow from Bengal to Karachi with some retaliation by the Hindus. The Interim Government formed in September was sabotaged by its Muslim League members right from its inception, but the more they became disloyal and treasonable to the government of which they were a part, the greater was Gandhi's infatuation for them. Lord Wavell had to resign as he could not bring about a settlement and he was succeeded by Lord Mountbatten. King Log was followed by King Stork.

The Congress, which had boasted of its nationalism and socialism, secretly accepted Pakistan literally at the point of the bayonet and abjectly surrendered to Jinnah. India was vivisected and one-third of the Indian territory became foreign land to us from August 15, 1947. Lord Mountbatten came to be described in Congress circles as the greatest Viceroy and Governor-General this country ever had. The official date for handing over power was fixed for June 30, 1948, but Mountbatten with his ruthless surgery gave us a gift of vivisected India ten months in advance. This is what Gandhi had achieved after thirty years of undisputed dictatorship and this is what Congress party calls 'freedom' and 'peaceful transfer of power'. The Hindu-Muslim unity bubble was finally burst and a theocratic state was established with the consent of Nehru and his crowd and they have called 'freedom won by them with sacrifice' - whose sacrifice? When top leaders of Congress, with the consent of Gandhi, divided and tore the country - which we consider a deity of worship - my mind was filled with direful anger.

One of the conditions imposed by Gandhi for his breaking of the fast unto death related to the mosques in Delhi occupied by the Hindu refugees. But when Hindus in Pakistan were subjected to violent attacks he did not so much as utter a single word to protest and censure the Pakistan Government or the Muslims concerned. Gandhi was shrewd enough to know that while undertaking a fast unto death, had he imposed for its break some condition on the Muslims in Pakistan, there would have been found hardly any Muslims who could have shown some grief if the fast had ended in his death. It was for this reason that he purposely avoided imposing any condition on the Muslims. He was fully aware of from the experience that Jinnah was not at all perturbed or influenced by his fast and the Muslim League hardly attached any value to the inner voice of Gandhi.
Gandhi is being referred to as the Father of the Nation. But if that is so, he had failed his paternal duty inasmuch as he has acted very treacherously to the nation by his consenting to the partitioning of it. I stoutly maintain that Gandhi has failed in his duty. He has proved to be the Father of Pakistan. His inner-voice, his spiritual power and his doctrine of non-violence of which so much is made of, all crumbled before Jinnah's iron will and proved to be powerless.

Briefly speaking, I thought to myself and foresaw I shall be totally ruined, and the only thing I could expect from the people would be nothing but hatred and that I shall have lost all my honour, even more valuable than my life, if I were to kill Gandhiji. But at the same time I felt that the Indian politics in the absence of Gandhiji would surely be proved practical, able to retaliate, and would be powerful with armed forces. No doubt, my own future would be totally ruined, but the nation would be saved from the inroads of Pakistan. People may even call me and dub me as devoid of any sense or foolish, but the nation would be free to follow the course founded on the reason which I consider to be necessary for sound nation-building. After having fully considered the question, I took the final decision in the matter, but I did not speak about it to anyone whatsoever. I took courage in both my hands and I did fire the shots at Gandhiji on 30th January 1948, on the prayer-grounds of Birla House.

I do say that my shots were fired at the person whose policy and action had brought rack and ruin and destruction to millions of Hindus. There was no legal machinery by which such an offender could be brought to book and for this reason I fired those fatal shots.

I bear no ill will towards anyone individually but I do say that I had no respect for the present government owing to their policy, which was unfairly favourable towards the Muslims. But at the same time I could clearly see that the policy was entirely due to the presence of Gandhi. I have to say with great regret that Prime Minister Nehru quite forgets that his preachings and deeds are at times at variances with each other when he talks about India as a secular state in season and out of season, because it is significant to note that Nehru has played a leading role in the establishment of the theocratic state of Pakistan, and his job was made easier by Gandhi's persistent policy of appeasement towards the Muslims.

I now stand before the court to accept the full share of my responsibility for what I have done and the judge would, of course, pass against me such orders of sentence as may be considered proper. But I would like to add that I do not desire any mercy to be shown to me, nor do I wish that anyone else should beg for mercy on my behalf. My confidence about the moral side of my action has not been shaken even by the criticism levelled against it on all sides. I have no doubt that honest writers of history will weigh my act and find the true value thereof some day in future.



This article is shared just to provide unbiased information about the murder of India's freedom fighter Mohandas. K. Gandhi and his assasin Nathuram Godse. This site neither supports Nathuram Godse's ideology nor does it disparage Gandhism. An attempt to provide some information about the violent assassination of India's great freedom fighter, Mahatma Gandhi, who believed in non-violence throughout his life. The shocking fact is that the assassins were not headstrong fundamentalists but were highly educated intellectuals who loved their motherland as much, if not more, as Gandhi ji. Then why did they do so ? There are two sides to every coin. This is just a humble attempt to flip the coin and bring out the other side of this dark episode in the history.

Bringing home a smile!

So many legal formalities, everyone was against them; both his family and hers’. Nothing was going right. All they wanted was their support, their acquiescence, but they were deprived of any motivation. Still, they decided to step forward, to bring colours to their life, to make it more complete.

It was the time to bring home their newly found happiness. It was the time to bring their adopted baby girl.



This post was written by my adorable sister Preeti Pandey, a very special person in my life to whom I can confess, crib, curse and laugh aloud; to her I can very well be me and joke about silliest things like a 10 year old or discuss even about really serious issues. The first time, she is writing publically, might convince her to start blogging soon. She celebrated her birthday on August 11th, do not forget to wish her too! :)

Longing : Tishnagi!

longing The dark night and the fire from his eyes
Playing the rays of the moon in the dark sky
Was captivating the powerless me..

At times his face was a mere message
And times it was an infrangible promise..

The face was a smile in a grief,
And a guardian to my modesty..

As pure as the virgin of paradise
The demand to a state of tranquility..

A face to my desires,
Oh The Almighty's gift..

A face that changes the hatreds
Into everlasting love..

It was the dark night,
And beside me was a lamp
And a reflector
To portray my illuminated soul..

Us andheri raat mein
uske absaar se woh aatish
baghaawat ki badr si roshni jaisi
be-taaqat mujhe, asir karrahi thi.

Kabhi pahlu mein ek paighaam sa
kabhi paimaan sa woh chehra..

Har taabish mein tabassum sa
mere hijaab ki hifaazat sa woh chehra..

Woh chehra tha koi hoor sa khalis
har dars ka raahat-o-khwahish, chehra..

Meri hasrat ko shakl di jo rab ne
hai woh inayat, chehra..

Jahan ki har nafrat se
karwade jo mohabbat, chehra..

Haan us andheri raat mein
mere pahlu mein ek chirag tha
aur us chirag ke paas tha ek aayina
jismein mera aks tha us chirag se roshan..


TAmannaAdamo Manna or Tamanna as I like calling her is my sweetest friend, who has been around since I could think of and understood the meaning of who a friend is. At the end of the day, I know she will be around to hear all my useless stories and bad jokes and still smile. She dreams as others do, but she doesn't wake up to forget what she dreamt the night. She rather loves chasing her dreams in broad day light. She is kind enough to write this for me, while she pens her beautiful thoughts at Sun in Virgo!