Transmute, muddle or ignore, love can never be pulled out of you!

I was standing calm and still
somewhere crowded
when I noticed her playful smile
standing still, right next to me
looking at me
with those teasing eyes..

I didn't know her so I ignored her

She said, after a while
"You just don't get it, do you?"

Pretending composed, I said
"What's to get?"

"Me" she answered

"I'm sorry, who are you again?"
"Exactly" she said and walked away

That was few moments ago

I'm still standing here!

43 people read and said:

Beyond Horizon said...

Oh ho...even m speechless...hope der s continuity 2 this :)

Urvashi said...

What..? Who was she.......???????

Meher said...

It caught me by complete should give it a sequel.I so want to know more.

And then she cribbed some more... said...


S said...

@Beyond Horizon - :) I hope there is a continuity too!

@Urvashi - I don't know, she still IS an imagination of my mind! :)

@Meher - It was a slow surprise for me, I too want many more sequels! Hope there will be :)

Ivy (just another girl) - Thanks :)

Sony said...

Beautiful but incomplete. Please continue and write further

Sonia said...

liked the style...
but its incomplete for sure..
want a sequel for this :-)

Sathish Chandrasekaran (சதீஷ் சந்திரசேகரன்) said...

WOW !!!, superb work Sourav
but its incomplete :(
i want a sequel :)

nidhiwrites said...

Definitely.. my heart say there has too be a sequel it cant be incomplete... But then every sorry dont have happy ending.. they are meant to end that way..
Strange but Nice one :)

Arjit said...

I, for some unknown reason, love such mushy, and incomplete touchy posts so fucking much. Loved it, and I mean it!

PS: Know the best part? The moment I messaged you, my internet connection betrayed me again. =))

vandy said...

it was sweet whatever it was :P

and must say
u left me speechless :P

S said...

@Sony - Thanks, I know ..will write, if something strikes :)

@Sonia - Thanks! I want a sequel too! :)

@Sathish - Thanks! It is incomplete buddy, I know ..but this is the point till where I could imagine ...

@Nidhi - Ahhh! Blessed be your heart, I don't want it to be incomplete either. True, lets see where it goes.. Thanks :)

@Arjit - Glad you liked it, though incompleteness was never my favorite..thanks, still :)

PS - The moment I replied to your text, it started working! :p

@Vandy - Thanks! :) At 23, people go speechless so easily? :p

Sh@s said...

Great start...plz continue the story.

Unknown said...

i am following ur blog since long time, i am some sort of silent reader ,i comment rarely ,but ur work made me write here-
every time i read ur post it make me think and churn my mind,i get some inspirations from u. thanks.
i created my personal blog after reading ur post- "just a call away"
ill be happy if u check it not soo good like you.

caterpillar said...

Nice one.... :)

Mr. "Niraj" Lemon said...

even i m speechless....this moment is long enough to be lived all through life...but want more....

moonlite:D said...

liked it!!
next part soon pls :)

Paulami said...

please add a follow up.

Malvika said...

Intriguing. Like they say, quit while you are at your best, you own a new way... fingers off keys when you have got them!

If you do this often to your readers they are so going to be upset with you.

Very interesting, the girl's charachter is wow! A thinking girl of few words and confident moves.

S said...

@Shas - Thanks, I will if I can!

@Dr. Paresh - Thanks, to begin with. I had no clue that you were following my blog, since you never commented. And to get such a compliment is really nice! Would sure check out your post and blog tonight. And I would also request you to comment more here, so that I can know where am i going wrong if you read so much here. Thanks a lot, again :)

@Caterpillar - Thanks :)

@Niraj - Yes, speechless and wants, I guess go together :)

S said...

@Moonlite - Thanks, will do if my head thinks there is anything :)

@Paulami - I don't know if there is any, but I'd write it out if it happens :)

@Malvika - You got that right. Waiting too much to quit can ease up the crispness.

Haha, upsetting them was/is never my plan, hope I find a follow up to this, or I sure can upset a few !

Yeah, it had to be so strong or else the whole plot wouldn't have come off as it is. Did you notice that the guy is about only a few words too, though he didn't come out as a strong character?

Alcina said...

How the heck do i follow your blog??..

Your blog is gonna be the first :P

Nice man...all the writings are just .......(no words) :-|

Feel so privileged to have read it :)

S said...


!!! :)
This was my first expression after reading your comment! Thanks Alcina. In fact I should be the one feeling privileged as my blog could be the first you followed! :P :)

Be around :)

Alcina said...

Happy to see your such a nice reaction :)

Okey then privileged both sides :D

S said...

And I am happy to see you here Alcina! Thanks :)

ananth said...

So what u gonna say next time...when she appear again with the same teasing smile..
"hey..u r the one I met before"??

Facelessly Happy! said...

Buddy, such beautiful experiences never happen twice in life, I am sure there will be a follow up!

From your blog's name to your posts, your thoughts are as fresh as it can get. Keep writing, am sure you silently and positively inspire a lot of people.

Note: I reached here through one of your friends' blog, and excuse me for asking this but why would follow that blog?

ananth said...

There is one saying like..anything that happens once would never happen again..but anything that happens twice will definitely happens the third time...

let's see what will happen...

S said...

@Ananth - Haha! I so wish I say that next time, and that seems to be the perfect opening lines :)

Happened to me once, lets see it happens twice and thrice too. Yes, hope is what it stays on ..and thanks a lot for coming back. Take care mate :)

@Faceless happy - True, but if it doesn't happen, it stops being beautiful?
Thanks, those were actually kind and sweet words!

Mate, trust me I accepted your comment after reading that comment on my friends' post, and not saying much here but I seem to know who you are and what you are trying to do! So be careful and thanks again! :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

hehahahhaa I don't get her too, not quite the way I should, or the way she wants me to.

Hehe nice.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Ranjita said...

Humm.. Abb iss poem ko secret mat rakho bhai. reveal the name :)

ananth said...

who is she??
LOVE?? HOPE?? ANGER?? or whatever feeling possible??..
Who is 'she' for u??
what is that feeling u can't(or don't want to)recognize??

Anonymous said...

Well to begin with , I love the simplicity of your words with in depth feelings and thoughts , seriously its hard to find this combination !

Many readers felt that there should be a sequel, i somehow didn't feel so ..There is some incompleteness in the post , but that's what makes it complete and adds the beauty .. I loved your play of words with imagination ! Its sweet and cute :)

S said...

@Blasphemous Aesthete - Hi5 on that thought friend! That is the only thing that never happened to me too! :p
Thanks for all the comments on earlier posts too, welcome to one optimistically-narcissists' world! :)

@Ranjita - Secret ka naam-pehchaan nai, it will stay that way! :)

@Ananth - I guess I know and don't know, but your words are actually making me think! Trust me it takes me sometime to realize! Will come out the day I find it! :)
Thanks a lot for being here so regularly friend :)

Raksha Bhat said...

Hi Sourav,
I liked the uncertainty in the end...I suggest you meet her again!:)

S said...

@ Adreamygal - You are here after really long, so thanks for that and everything you said :)
True, a sequel is most of them looked for; but honestly I don't know if there could be one or I guess this incompleteness is in itself, complete! Thanks once again, sweeter were your words :)

@Raksha - Hello there!
Uncertainties keep us moving, isn't it? *Sigh* lets see if I will. Though you make sure, you keep coming here! :)

Neeha said...

Hi Sourav,
Even I expect the sequel...

And you visited my blog first time & glad you left the comment..

Will comeback later & check the remaining posts..

Keep blogging:)

Dipin Kaur said...

Even though it apparently requires a "sequel", I felt that it was very beautiful and truly complete. :D
Each post on your blog is amazing, and I actually was honored to get a comment from you on mine. =)
There goes your 290th (oh my god!) follower. =D

S said...

@Neeha - Hi! :)
Haha! A sequel is what I wanted to write too after reading all the comments, but I guess there is not much!
You'd sure see me around, and I'm hoping that from you too :)
Take care

@Dipin - Trust me, this is what I feel too, as I can't see any sequel coming! And thank you for those really big words! Honored? You kidding me, I am still trying to write something sensible! :P
Haha! Thanks! Be a friend, not just a follower :)

Punam said...

Hmm, that was just so amazing. :) A moment in time captured so effectively. :) ~Punam

Deepika Vasudeva said...

and... the mystery continues :P

Sakhi. said...

haha...i love this piece!

Megha said...

left me speechless too :):D