Because you’re beautiful, reflections shine and glint!

            What, who?

You! You are really beautiful.
            Yes, I know. They’ve all said that

May be. But who meant it?
            They didn’t?

No doubt you’ve got an infectious smile, deep expressive eyes, well carved out lips to that beautiful face, you’ve them all.. but your heart …
             …writing a poem, are you?

Wait, let me finish!  Your heart is pure gold and it reflects you could fit the world inside there. It's not blood but your pulse, it is love. It's the ache of the world in your chest. You really are beautiful.
            So why would it hurt this much?

To love and hurt for the ones you love.
            For, or to just get hurt?

            I don't need it then.

Nobody but everybody does.
            But my heart doesn’t seem my own now, it's ...

...everybody else's, I know!
           Something wrong with me?"

Yes! You are more beautiful than most in the world.
          How is that a problem?

The nicest problem you ever could have
         But I can't be.

You definitely are.
        How are you so sure?

Because I know and mean it.
        How do you know?  I never did anything as beautiful.

You are someone who made me believe that' it’s good to be yourself, and still be loved.

22 people read and said:

Rewa said...

Hmmmm! really its tough job for me everytime to write how nice ur post is. I am always short of words becasue even comments has to be of the same level of your post. This one really touched me. Specially the way you have described the beauty of the girl..... its amazing.
Once again good job :)

Unknown said...

Very nice post!! loved it :)

Nabanita said...

Yet again, I wonder how beautifully you express it all...even words seem shallow at the depth of the feeling your expressions embark! Lovely lines...."You are someone who made me believe that' it’s good to be yourself, and still be loved.", this one just touched me too deeply!

Anonymous said...

What a great web log. I spend hours on the net reading blogs, about tons of various subjects. I have to first of all give praise to whoever created your theme and second of all to you for writing what i can only describe as an fabulous article. I honestly believe there is a skill to writing articles that only very few posses and honestly you got it. The combining of demonstrative and upper-class content is by all odds super rare with the astronomic amount of blogs on the cyberspace.

Ordinary Gal said...

In one word "AWESOME" :)

maithili said...

y is this girl always back answering!! :P guy as always convincing too much... sumthing that makes me think "can anyone b like that for real??" :) good one

Angel said...

Writer, beauty is in eye of the beholder..and i can tell your eyes shows it!
I don't have to be beautiful like you, I can be beautiful like ME someone said this writer ,do you agree ?

A grain of sand said...

you seem to be a love sick puppy! isn't it too sugary? and isn't it a routine(in your blog)?

S said...

@Rewa -
I am so glad, you liked it so much. And now I don't have words to reply back to you :p Thank you! :)

@Amritha -
Thank you :)

@Nabanita -
The line you loved so much was what I wanted to express throughout this post, really happy you could mark that. Thanks a lot :)

@Anonymous -
That was some flattering comment, thanks a lot. Hope you could share your name next time you leave a comment. Thanks :)

@An Ordinary Gal -
Thank you :)

@Maithili -
You see when a guy writes something, he'd try his best to prove himself convincing which may not always be as true in real life! :p Not all is real, but all is unreal too. Thank you :)

@Angel - You have no idea, how happy I felt when you called me writer. It just made my day, thanks you really made me feel special. And yes, you are right if you can be as beautiful YOU are and that makes you the most wonderful. Btw, my name is Sourav, you can call me by my name too. Thanks :)

@Stuti - Hahahaha! Not actually but co-incidentally you just notice the posts where I write about love! :p

A grain of sand said...

coz, thats all what you write about!
and please don't take an offence here, its good to see an overdose of love when some other lives are malnourished :P:D

S said...

@Stuti -
No, I write about other things too I complain about you being irregular here :(
Haha! None taken, though you know writing about love may not always explain the abundance I may have. We write more about it, when we don't have it! :P

Gargi Gupta said...

Robust rhymes...loved it :)

S said...

@Gargi - Thanks :)

Simran said...

A cute series of question and answer
Loved it!
Keep writing and tc

Lehari. said...

"Your heart is pure gold and it reflects you could fit the world inside there. It's not blood but your pulse, it is love."

I love the way you used the word PULSE..

long back..i used this word for one of my posts..

(if you could give it your time.. :P)

btw did i already mention..
Lovely Convo..

A grain of sand said...

i am quite surprised saying this, but i will have to agree with you here :D

S said...

@Simran -
Love that you loved it! :D
You take care too .

@Lehari -
Thanks! :)
And thanks for that post link, I loved how you defined Peace. I have infact shared that defn on my fb today. And I have all the time for good reads :D

@Stuti -
You had no option, but to agree.. and anyway I don't see you writing much on love anymore! Do I take that otherwise now? :p

bliss said...

you know you have a way of saying some deep things in a rather simple way. this post was perfect example of your style. loved this exclusive 'sourav' style
the question the girls asks ' why does this hurt so much' is something i am sure everyone has wondered somewhere. but you gave a suitable reply :)
good one...

A grain of sand said...

its just my laziness and nothing else for now! :D

S said...

@Bliss -
Your profile name is as good as you, for me writing has always been an expression of what I feel..and so it's never tough. Thank you so much, and be here more often :)

@Stuti -
As much as I know, you are quite passionate about writing..and if I am not wrong laziness can never interfere with passion :)

divsi said...

loved the flow..fiction? hard to believe:p hehe

Yash said...

I hate reading books, poems, long speeches, but don't know why but I always make it a point to read your posts.. They are honestly worth reading over n over again!!