For the rest of my life, you don't have to think twice!

You set rules for yourself,
Some do’s and some don’t!

You wrote ‘em off half,
The day I touched you!

You won’t take an eternity,
I’d make you mine soon, pretty!

You can discern and warble,
Because that will make you stable!

You will smile and bloom, my rose,
The day I kiss you up close!

You may confine to your bubble,
I’d make my space still, no you can’t wobble!

I_do_cherish_you You may fear this dark world,
Only till you see the colors in gold!

Your reality are allowed too,
To finally be better than your dreams!

You know it won't be done
Without breaking a rule or two!

Your tears, apprehensions or the fret and the fear
Will be over as soon you are near!

Ohh yes, beautiful you are right,
When you think that you love me too!

14 people read and said:

Rewa said...

Die hard romantic ;)

Sony said...


The Enchantress said...

swept off me........

Timeless Memories - My Bygone ! said...

Oh Man.. very romantic poem..wts happening these days?? :d

M in love said...

:) aww soo romantic :)

Dr Paresh said...

Just two words-Very touchy!

Dr Paresh said...

one question?
are you in love with someone?
(other then yourself and your life)
you are damn romantic!

Anonymous said...
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Beyond Horizon said...

A girl is apprehensive, she does not exactly maintains a rule book, but yes she surely wants someone who would help her overcome the fear. Making her reality more beautiful than the dreams she cherishes...and she would never have to think twice


Anonymous said...

Kaun hai woh khushkismat?

Very beautiful should she be lyk the words of yours. :)

Nidhi.. said...

Awesome :-)
Somebody somewhere will come and say this to each one of us. Just waiting for mine ;-D

Lehari. said...

somewhere..i hope she would have read this already..

Gargi Gupta said...

overwhelming and rare lines :)) & nobody will have to think twice for appreciating your penning skills certainly :D

Ordinary Gal said...

awesome..loved it :)