“She is as beautiful as is love expressed in whispers,
radiant yet still,
silvery dust of the moonlight,
misty leaves on the river’s bed.

Always in my sight,
I stand,
always close behind.
She can’t hide,
while playing in my mind.

All! That I wanted,
All! That I needed,
All! That I loved to love,
The air that I breathe!
A pain that I feel,
She thought unreal,
stays in my dreams.
I ever imagined.

But is she..?"


She is bits of the heaven left for me to admire.
She is beautiful,
but oblivious,
but she will see that in my eyes."

"Sure, is she yours?"

"She is her own,
And forever,

To love and live happily after, ever.

"Let’s just go away, somewhere?"
               "From where?"

"From here, to anywhere"
               "Yes, we may. But.... Tell me where do we go?"

"Does that really as long as we’re together?"
               "It does, really!"

"No, it doesn't. We must take one step at a time and then one more and another and see where we reach."
               "Okay. But.. what if we find ourselves reaching a place worse?" 

"Then we walk, again. Not so hard really, and probably we'll end up in a better place that we'd like some day and…”
               "We live happily ever after!?"

"Not too sure. Something may happen, or go wrong again. And we’ll have to move.."
              "Oh! Then.. what?"

"Nothing. We keep trying, keep walking until some day...."
              "Some day...?"

get lost devils-horizon

"Some day we will.." 
              "Will what?"

"Live happily after, ever."