‘MY’ stupidity at its worst !

This Billboard Is A Sign From God for those keeps irritating him for a sign ! AMEN :P

Boy:Hey Mom,watch me pull his tail ! :O

(Lion:… yeah gulped down your Dad last week, he tried kissing me) :D


Iraq sucks...ok ! (Thanks for the memories Tony)

We regret there may be a small delay before we can respond to your call.. yeah small delay ;)

Something you know will never happen or it may !

Bhow-Bhow service :D


Africa is not a great place to have a heart attack....the "Rapid Response Unit" needs some fine tuning.... only a bit !


And finally some advice to be protected from Swine Flu ! Yeah the perfect example ! :P


(Will see you next week with a better post till then … keep ROFLMAO and LOL !

Don’t forget to leave your stupidity (yeah your comments, if you can add something) !! :P :D

Rendezvous with ‘my’ childhood :)

Preetipandey*****: waise Delhi chale jaoge ...to itni baate nahi ho paya karegi na?

sourav.c.pandey: wahan to aur bekaar hota hu...!!!! :D

preetipandey*****: MAI NON- VEG BHOOTNI HU!! daro mujhse

sourav.c.pandey: hahaha....dekho mai darr gaya ... mere nakhoon se pasina aagaya ! :O

preetipandey*****: hahaha....chalo ab aur nahi daraungi ..

badi bahadur hu na...mai aap to jaane hi ho

me: hahaha...ab mai daraunga..dracula banke !!! :P

preetipandey*****: hahahaa.....darao!1

me: sunau kya ajeeb- kahaniyan !!!!

preetipandey*****: mai BA banke daraungi ..phir

me: hahahaha....nahi aisa mat karna....maafi sarkar !!!

preetipandey*****: hahahaa........haan ..panga mat liya karo mujhse

me:Muniya darati hai !!

preetipandey*****:GOOD MORNING !! bale bhaiya!! :D

me:Good morning pyaali behna :D

(A chat at around at 5 in the morning) :)

Must be contemplating what’s so wonderful or still looking for that hidden distinctiveness with this chat which got this to be posted here…read on and you would realize what it means :)


One thing I’ve learned is that we have to have inner happiness before one can be with someone and be happy. When you strip away the distractions and look inside yourself, what is it that makes you intrinsically happy? Is it money, friends, career, or what? Too often, people forget to think about this. It’s such a hard question to answer, because sometimes we can't see the difference between the things that make us happy and the things that just occupy our time.

I know that we feel sometimes like we’re trying to beat the clock. Squeezing the most out of the little time you have left to be a kid. Growing up is scary and losing all the very few friends we’ve made at school and being hurled into the grown-up lifestyle is jolting. But I hope that when you are ready for that next step, you remember to keep the things in life that make you happy. Those things aren't work, or your job, or your friends, or anything superficial like that. It’s about having those VERY FEW special people in your life who will keep you happy inside all the time, can make your job tolerable, will sustain you and carry you through life, even the rough parts.

Still didn’t get me, she is my most lovable sister Preeti, recently found a friend in her (as she has grown up to share and discuss important n critical things too) and a very special person in my life to whom I can confess, crib, curse and laugh aloud without being conscious of what she might think of it, I can very well be me and joke about silliest things like a 10 year old. :D

And the best part about being with her, is she is almost like ME, be it her good points or the worst things … its all so common between us .. probably this is why we are so compatible and we very recently discovered can fight a lot too … but that’s how every brother-sisters are meant to be … ! Love our relation and her and 'me' too :)

Dedicated to I, ONLY...Part TWO !!

For a long time it had seemed to me that life was about to begin - the real life. But there was always some obstacle in the way, something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, a debt to be paid. Then life would begin. At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life and how I chose to experience it...!

Now that I've crossed the one-third of my life's years, for the most part, I've found that being happy is the fastest way to reach the rest of my goals. I still get stressed about college, projects, relationships, job, money etc but being busy keeps me focused. Perhaps it's a generic thing to say, but I really don't have any regrets in my life. People are rarely angry with me (even if some are, they can't be for too long) and I rarely have a bone to pick with them. I think in these last few years, I've found out that (caution: cliché moments expected ahead in life) being myself and not giving in to others' perceptions of me has allowed me to discover what I really want out of life. I keep finding peace, solace and me above all , in the end. :)

I try, I am trying and I will keep trying till my very end :)

Do leave your views friends, this was my first kind of serious and personal views on my life. For those who haven't read the first part: Dedicated to I, ONLY...Part One !! :)