Dedicated to I, ONLY...Part TWO !!

For a long time it had seemed to me that life was about to begin - the real life. But there was always some obstacle in the way, something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, a debt to be paid. Then life would begin. At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life and how I chose to experience it...!

Now that I've crossed the one-third of my life's years, for the most part, I've found that being happy is the fastest way to reach the rest of my goals. I still get stressed about college, projects, relationships, job, money etc but being busy keeps me focused. Perhaps it's a generic thing to say, but I really don't have any regrets in my life. People are rarely angry with me (even if some are, they can't be for too long) and I rarely have a bone to pick with them. I think in these last few years, I've found out that (caution: cliché moments expected ahead in life) being myself and not giving in to others' perceptions of me has allowed me to discover what I really want out of life. I keep finding peace, solace and me above all , in the end. :)

I try, I am trying and I will keep trying till my very end :)

Do leave your views friends, this was my first kind of serious and personal views on my life. For those who haven't read the first part: Dedicated to I, ONLY...Part One !! :)

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preeti said...

"UR first kind of serious and personal views on ur life" truly worth appreciation ...yet again me a lesson to b positive in life. :)
Keep trying.. n following "I love me"..Just b d way YOU r n u'll surely achieve all ur goals!! :)

kooolchampy2k6 said...

great job dude...and very worthy lesson ...keep goin

fivefeetsmall said...

refreshingly inspiring...:)
nice !

Naina said...

thought provoking.. positive and wonderfully penned..

S said...

@Preeti .. Thanks, really ... but u owe me a longer and better comment ... :P :)

@kooolchampy2k6 ... Thanks and I appreciate that it had some lessons ... which might help u :)

@Mugdha ... Welcome to my blog and thanks :)

@The Blue Periwinkle ... Thnks and welcome to my blog :)

@Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) .. Ohh that was a nice comment ... thanks Rane :)

neha said...

hii sourav,

firstly if u didnt know ..

i follow give-and-take policy .. :P

naah its not that ..

i went on reading a number of ur posts ..

so it would have been a little difficult to comment on all of those ..

your views on life are partially similar to mine ..

i will look forward to ur posts ..



did i cover up well?

Anonymous said...

this is one of your best posts.... they say tht depth comes from digging deep.
i guess uve been doin a lotta tht lately... :)
god bless you.

AD said...


I had to read it over and over again.

Absolutely amazing. :]

Thanks for following The Water Bottle.


You'll be sure to see me around!

Natarajan R said...

Refreshing post! good job dude

Meher said...

That was a serious and forlorn thought put forward.
And seriously being true to oneself..and genuinely portraying oneself always helps.

Meher said...

That was a serious and forlorn thought put forward.
And seriously being true to oneself..and genuinely portraying oneself always helps.

Jaunty anima said...

Hmmm...good actually means a lot sometimes to take out time n write smthn dedicated to ourselves....
However selfish v may smwhere most of us don't really noe wat actually v feel abt ourselves...n your analysis abt life was succinct but thought-provoking!!

Hafsah said...

u really do have a good approach towards life :) keep it up! life always have alot of ups and downs.but it only depends upon us to keep the ups high and the downs as shallow as possible, rite :)
best of luck with it!

Pree-yea.... said...

Actually as I see it, Life is more like a preparation for something more to come. And whan u reach one check point, you realize you have so much more to prepare for. What eventually is Death. So you go through ALL the trouble, just to die. *sigh* :P

I guess I sounded depressed..! I'm Not. :)

S said...

@Neha .. Lol you really covered up well ! :P Anyways thanks for reading the posts and commenting only on one ;) and yes you too take care and god bless :)

@Ivy ... U know me ... u know me quite a lot now ! Thanks Ivy for taking all the crap and being patient :P

@AD ... Thanks for the read and the like :)
I'm sure looking forward to see you more in my posts :)

@Natarajan .. thank you :)

@Meher ... Thanks for posting twice ;) and you got me right ... I'm trying to be just me !

@Jaunty .. Thanx for liking it and it's been a thought and life provoking time for me, for sometime and hence is the soul-searching !

@Hafsah ... nice name and equally cute you look :D ... and yeah you are right, I'm trying to maintain the rhythm of life ... I know I'm not a good listener, din't take good notes on life ... but yes I won't give up :)

@Pree-yaa ... Girl, u summarized my thought in those two lines .. well said, we struggle just to die and to see the end .. and NO, you don't sound a pessimist or depressed ... this is what life is all about !

@ALL .... Thank you's you who inspire me to puke the dirt out of mind ... don't have much to say ... These comments are the motivator to see life on a brighter note .. Keep 'em coming :)

Love you all :)

sonali said...

gud to see u tryin, 2 lines for you dear.... "everytym i fall, yet i crawl, never do i give up, the fall makes me cry, yet i give a second try"
i know i m poor in poems yet nice to see you so serious. GOOD LUCK

sm said...

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Unknown said...

FINALLY here comes my comment... :P

Its really nice as well as a bit unexpected 2 see such a serious view over life by a person who is.. most of d time happy n sees d brighter side of life.. Dis is one of d reasons which makes u diffrent from others. :)
The happiest of people don't necessarily hav d best of everythng.. bt dey mak d most of everythng dat comes along their alwayz be as u r!!
Its gud dat u don't regret.. as at one point everythng u did was exactly wat u wanted & dat made u smile...:)
yes its true dat no one can be angry wid u for too long ( who else.., than me, knows dis better) still u make me angry every time.. :P

Dis is really a gud one..keep posting..n yes keep SMILING..
Best of luck 4 everythng..

Chithira Menon said...

hope u be happy n achieve ur goals in the remaining 2/3rds of ur life...:)..nice blog u got..keep blogging...cheers!!

S said...

@Sonali ... yeah I try .. but in any case ... ur poem was good ... may be u can get inspired and write a post out of it :)

@Pooja ... Thanx for the unexpected comment :P ... and yeah I know m really diff from others ... I consider myslef special ... u see :P I don't regret Pooja, but not all the things I did or do will be according to my wishes .. but yes ... that's life ... I'm taking it the best way I could :)
... who cares if u r angry ... :P ... at times I do ... if I have to get something done from you :P :P
Thanks again ... and god bless you too ... Dr. :P

@Cihtz ... Yeah ...I hope too ... thanx for the wishes :)


Deepika said...

thats life yaar..
good to read your SERIOUS views..
Keep being yourself..
U rock!!

arun said...

damn true ... loved the way u ended it ...will keep trying till the end ...kepp it comin bro...I realised u can be serious too !!!!

Manju said...

that's a thought provoking post really. nice blog :)

Ann said...

Yeah life is all about exploring, learning and then implementing. Learn from your experiences and then move on with them... Life is colorful.. So enjoy :) Keep Penning ..

Sara Strand said...

LOVE the pictures on here. :)

workhard said...

Ur philosohy is so right.. when ur happy and busy being happy u dont have time to pick fights.. and get into arguments and that makes all the difference..

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Unknown said...

Sourav, just be you ... never change ... you are not liked by all coz of your genuineness and blatant words ! Just make sure you never change .. and try and hope... the two magical words ... master them and you got everything going all positive in your life :)

Take care !

Anonymous said...

you want to be yourself ... and not give into the perceptions of others ?? but aren't those perceptions created by your own behavior to a large extent ? so what is it that you need to find ? your true self ? but your true self is made up of perceptions too ... what you think about yourself ... what you think you are ... what you expect yourself to be ... and so on !

what is it that you're trying to say anyways ? you're trying to find your self ? how can you do that without the people around you ? the world around you ?

somehow, the thoughts are very confusing ... going through a rough phase of life, ehh ?