A dozen dreams of the last 25 and for the next 5 years !! :)

Tagged by my good friend Deepika ... yes, she is the one who keeps me getting back to my poor blog, which has been suffering my ignorance and occupied interests ... Thanks Deepika !! :) I'm not a big dreamer, I take things as they come, and half of my twenties is over ... but anyways I have certain aims and wishes too ... so welcome to my dreams ... happy sailing :)
1. Be happy !!! Hell, yeah that's a dream and a big task .. !! :D

2. Try to keep giving everyone reasons to smile who loves, cares or even bothers for me :) 

3. Since my MBA is almost over, and I'm one of the many who's been hit by recession, build on to my career by working for whatever I get and develop a platform for a secured and lavish future! Now the BIG DREAMS : 

4. Visiting, Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Kerala, Andamans, Goa and places I haven't been to ever and yes, even going back to beautiful places I have been to like Kashmir, Gangtok, Darjeeling, Puri, Chandipur and more ON MY OWN SALARY !! 

5. Touring half of the world on company's expenses. (Spain, Switzerland, Dubai, Greece, UK are the preferred ones) :D !! 

6. Do every adventure sport possible and get a calming body massage by a beautiful-hot girl in Kerela ! ;) 

7. Construct an all wooden bedroom for me, at my home...with an Italian water-bed illuminated with blue color, with beautiful paintings, decorative lamps and wind-chimes... while giving this lethargic creature the comfort to control everything on finger tips !! :D 

8. Buy a brand new TATA Safari/Honda CRV on my own!! :) 

9. Take Mum and Gaurav out to shop till my credit card limit, which won't be less thn 3-4 lakhs and gifting Papa an all gold watch!!

10. Make sure at least 75% of population of my hometown knows me well and I make a name for myself. 

11. To be the Regional or Branch Marketing Head at whatever place I work for in the next five years :)

10.Take a leave for a month and stay unnoticed and undisturbed at some village in hills ... my loveliest and the most peaceful dream !! :) 

11.Date, dinner and night with Drew Barrymore/Jeniffer Conelly/Carmen Electra or Katrina Kaif as the last option !! (Read somewhere, aim for the moon, even if you miss, would land among the stars !! :D)

12.And keeping the faith in me, and in everyone who's been a support to me all along or even at times... and giving my best to LIVE these dreams :)

I need your wishes and blessings ... please do so in the form of comments or better to me in person !! Carrying forward this tag, I'm tagging my sister, Preeti and friends; Vidhu, Ivy (Sapna), Deepak, Ramandeep and all my blog and real friends :)

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Anonymous said...

6. Buy a brand new TATA Safari/Honda CRV on my own!!

wooohoo !!!

main bhi !! :P

anyways wht i loved about ur tag thingy was tht it wasnt completely unrealistic except the dating drew barrymore part (haha..whoz the kid now) :P
u my frnd,r the man wid a plan :)
hope all of them come true. cheers.

PAWAN said...


preeti said...

Most of ur dreams are sumwher mine too...as u know how common we both r!!:)Ur post has sumhow inspired me to fufill my own dreams..n d word inspiration itself includes many qualities so no need to mention how nice ur post is......
My best wishes r alwaz wid u(n u know dis already)...hope u fulfill all ur dreams...if not all 12 den ..atleast those dat u really wish to..GUD luck!!

Deepak Hariharan said...

kerala eh?????welcome anytime yaar..seriously..full greenery!!
let me know if u r comin..anyways thanks for the tag yaar.>!

S said...

@Preeti ... Thanks ... ! :)
I know how similar we are since the time I can remember .. the dreams are obviously and strikingly similar too, and no surprises I knew it too ! Glad to know that I can inspire someobody, and that too, my 'phevrate' !! :D

See you on the top my lovely sister !! :)

P.S: Dating Drew Barrymore is my exclusive dream !! :P

@Dj ... I have been planning since long to go to Kerala, but I am almost sure I would see you within the next six months ... for free lunches and an absolutely free travel-guide and yes my one n only friend there !! :)

Unknown said...

Dreams r necessary 4 life...& nothing happens unless first we dream..so keep dreaming..& i just wish may god fufills ur every dream...(leaving dat kerala 1..!!:P) GUD LUCK!!

S said...

@Vidhu ... Thanks for the wishes, and I will get them all and more ... Take care :)

@Pooja ji (see I din whacked ur names composition here :P) ... Thnx ... and I am sure with all your wishes, my dreams will come alive and yes Kerala-trip has been given the priority and so it will happen in an year for sure !! Ohhh, I'm so already lost there :D
Take care and God Bless, may you be the best Dental-mechanic :P

Clueless Woman said...

yaar point 7 is the best... `m pretty sure a lot in this is doable... well except for katrina part....
but u know wat the hell maybe the company which gives u a tour of half the world may even let u do dis... :D
Best of luck

BTW where are u doing ur MBA from???

Anonymous said...

the 1st and 12th are awesome.

dreams come true for those who work while the ydream

Anonymous said...

my dreams differ.. :P
but all the best for every dream of urz! recession wont last forever :P :D

Naina said...

that made a very interesting read.. and its a wonderful blog.. i wish all your dreams come true..

God bless

P.S. following you from now.. will be here more often...:)

Deepika said...

Being happy? Is it a dream??
You can be happy anytime you really wish to :)

Date, dinner and night.... ahem ahem ;) :)

travelling on company's expenses... smart haan! ;)

It was great to read... you know how to dream... just like me Mr. Marketer :)

Jaunty anima said...

Whoa...wish you all the luck..man!!get ur dreams fulfilled..n be a proud famous man...
n yeah smart choice of dates..:P....Happy dreaming!!!
N yes...v r similar in the travelling part...Go man..have fun n keep us updated thru ur blog!!
nice blog n m following it too..:D

Rashmi Drolia said...

Simply kooolll.. :)
I bet u must b a brat among ur frnds n ppl.
Too ambitious isn't? Honnestly dere r a few in ur post that i too long for...
Bt how do u get dese kool templates ya, plz tell me...m nt tat old on blogging u c.
Keep Chirping :)

S said...


@Clueless woman ... Thnkoos :)
(btw, i'm still wondering where did u go, saw u in my followers sometime back) !!

@Pritish ... Dude, I don't see you too much in my blog ... keep coming ... and thanx :)

@anonymous ... who you?? Tnx anyways ... and yes recession won't last long :D

@Rane ... Thanx for the follow and the wishes ... and yeah u'd be finding me on your blog too flooding you with utterly useless comments ;) :D

@Deepika (the too busy girl :P) ... Yeah .. I'm trying to be happy ... really ! :) and yeah we know how to market and hence dream and make others dream too :D

@Jaunty .. Thnx :) Have many more choices of the dates ... but had to be conetnt with these only ;) and yeah I love traveling too, have seen almost half of the country, on my own expenses .... its time those blood sucker corporates pay for me :D

@Rashmi ... Ambitions are just the beginning ... i hope it takes me there too ! And may u be blessed with whatever u aspire too ... I will surely help u out with the templates issue ... there is a lot u can do with this blog :)

Pinpaks said...

Hey Sourav! Nice to know you and a little bit of your dreams. I am sure there are more to come.

I am totally with you on 4,5 and mmm... even 6 (but in my case, my hubby will be my masseur) I have seen some beautiful parts of our country and yearn to see more of it..as well as the world.

You got a cool denimy blog here. :) Have fun! and Happy independence day. Celebrate it on my behalf too :) NO fun not being in India..

vineet said...

dear..wake up...its already noon.

sonali said...

point 10, *ahem*, shoot for da moon, hope u dnt land in some alien planet like rakhi sawant or malika sherawat, hahahahaha.... nice tag, loved it.

Ann said...

Well the list is quite interesting.. specially the message by kerala gals ;) is a great idea .. :)

workhard said...

Hi.. ur list is very interesting to read...

I like ur no.5 and 10 in BIG DREAMS...

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Sara Strand said...

These are awesome! OK, so I hope my 30/30 list isn't lame compared to your list! :)

And I LOVE Drew Barrymore. She is awesome. Her and I share a ton of similarities- she is one of my favorite stars.

Pooja said...

So how much have you accomplished in a year?

Anonymous said...

anonymous was me mama :|