..cause I only feel alive, when I dream at night!

Have you lost your sanity?
          Yes, I think I have.

Are you really hurt?
          No...and yes.

She really left you...
          Please, not now.

ALWAYS! 'til you realize.
          Realize what? That I'm a loser?

No, that you're feeling a heartbreak.
          No, I am feeling an heart-ache.

You feel for her, right?
          I feel… for her, no!

Don't lie to me.
          What are you going to do, huh?

Anything to help you.
          Then quit asking all these questions!

Sorry, no can do.

You know why.
          Tell me!!

Because you're not expressing.
          Do you want me to?

Yes, you loser..

You still in love with that girl!
          Yes, the one I am talking to, now

          What, what!

I Love You!
          Shut up and hug me!

Love Pain Seperation Hurt

33 people read and said:

Neha said...

nice :)

Anonymous said...

loved it :)
srslyyyyyyyy awesum sirji :)
rona aa gaya :(

Rajlakshmi said...

ahhaaa kiys izhaarrr... kiya ikraar :)
lovely write :)

PiCee said...

woww!!! serioulsy, how do u do it everytime??? loved it ...

S said...

Thank you Neha! Happy to see you here, after really long! :)

@Sweta - I knew you'd love it! Khushi ke aansu? :p

@Rajlakshmi - You have a really long name! :| Waah kya comment! Thanks.

@P - Things happen, and I do it! Thank you! :)

Priya Chilamkurthi said...

lovely!!! i felt lyk.. mummmmmyyy.. :'(

The Enchantress said...

so chweeeeet !!!!

S said...

@Pria - Thank you! Really happy my words can go someone so emotional! :)

@Nikita - Thanks!

Ekam said...

Sweet . Loved it :)

Real :)

Deepika said...

awefffome!!! :)

Ank said...

omg!! i loved it Sourav!! absolutely Superb :)

S said...

@Ekam - Thank you! :)
I don't know, if it is!

@Deeps - Fank you! :D

@Ank - Is it? You are always too sweet. Thanks! :)

Ank said...

ha!! not always only wid sm special ones ;) :P
btw who inspired u fo this rite up :)

S said...

@Ank - He must be really lucky! :)
Inspired, no, no one .. why do you think so? :p

Timeless Memories - My Bygone ! said...

Ahh Loved it..!! simply superb..

Anonymous said...

Like the way it unfolded, bro. :)

Mr. "Niraj" Lemon said...

thats sweet...:)

Anonymous said...

:) naah re remembered something someone hehehhee
me copying and pasting ur post on my BLOG :d:P

deepa kashyap said...

seems a whole love story is written in just few words !!
liked it ohh nooo just loved it ;) <3 <3

Sathish Chandrasekaran (சதீஷ் சந்திரசேகரன்) said...

Superb :)
really loved the way it ended :)

S said...

@Devil - Thank you! :)

@Sadho - Glad you liked it, thanks man! :)

@Niraj - I know, thanks! :)

@Sweta - Kisko remember karliya? ;)
Do you even care to take my permission? :p Thanks! :)

@Deepa - Sometimes, the deepest of stories are expressed in fewest words .. Thank you Deepa! :)

@Sathish - Thanks a lot dude! :)

Hafsah said...

awwww.. dis is so sooo cute <3
i wish i cud see the reaction of the girl!! short and sweet :) loved it.. write a story wid me ^^

Anonymous said...

Arre yeh kaun chura legaya tumko :'( :P
Naice naice.. ;)

S said...

@Hafsah - Is it! :p
Yeah, the girl must have cried and cried some more! Anytime with you! :)

@Bedlam - Aise thode na koi le jayega! :p Thanks, thanks! :)

Beyond Horizon said...

truly awesum....nvr thought d end wud b so lovely :)

Rahil said...

I was somewhere deep down, expecting the last part ;)

Simply beautiful, expressed really well.

Jaspreet said...

That's so beautiful!
Liked the end :)
I was expecting to read something refreshing after accessing the blogger after soooo many days and i must say, you havnt disappointed me :)

Anonymous said...

Well this is really fascinating indeed.Would love to study just a little a lot more of this. Great publish. Many thanks for the heads-up. This weblog was very informative and knowledgable.

S said...

@Beyond Horizon - Not all ends are bad. Thanks :)

@Rahil - I know you must be! Thank you ! :)

@Jaspreet - Well! I am really happy to see you back! And the fact that my post made you smile adds a feather to my cap! :D

Vishal Raj said...

This was really interesting and sweet.

Alcina said...

Oh so questioning..(kidding) :P

A very different form of writing that i witnessed just now.And after reading it i feel like the bud of the red rose has just emerged :)


Fatima said...

Awe...that was absolutely adorable and sweet :)

Take Care.

Anonymous said...

i loved it.....!!