Something Like Love and Love, actually.

15th November, 2003 :

He : You know what's beautiful? …read the first word again.
       She : You’re such a sweetheart, I loooooove you!

25th August, 2006 :

He : When are you free to talk?
       She : Not today, will call you.

15th September, 2007 :

He : Please don’t break up, I love you. Really DO!
       She : You irritate me. I’m tired of you and I love SOMEONE else now!

He : I’ll never come back to you, ever.  
       She : GOOD-BYE!

12th June, 2009 :

She : Hey! How are you? Longggg time!
        He : Awesome! All good?

She : Not really. My Fiancée cheated on me, I called off the engagement.
        He : Sad!

She : Lets meet sometime?
        He : Sure, will do SOMETIME.

21st October, 2011 : 

She : You still look the same. Handsome, cute and I never knew you wrote so well too!
        He : Haha! Thanks.

She : Can’t things be back as they were? I know you still love me like your Princess!
        He : What things? ..Oh!


She : I know I’m your dream girl… 
(phone rings)
        He (on call) : Darling, I’ll be with you soon, just met a random classmate. See you!     

She : WHatttt? But I lov..
        He : Listen I’m already in love with an Angel, who loves me as much too and that’s not you. I was just here to invite you to my wedding. Here, the card. Do come!


Modern Technology, Owes Eecology, An apology.

Present Me : "How does the sky looks like? Cloudy today?"
Future Me : "The sky? Cloudy? What are you talking about?"

Present Me: "'s up there, see?"
Future me: "The Haze, you meant!"

Present Me: "The Haze, what?"
Future Me: "Yes, the Haze! It's thin, dusty brown today while someday it can be a thick orange too."

Present Me: "Are you joking? Can you even breathe then?"
Future Me: "Depends. On better days, you may go out without a breathing mask, wishing you don’t get allergies! On the not-so-better days – on an orange-ish sky – we’re stuck indoors."

Present Me: "Can't you breathe your own air?"
Future Me: "Well, some people are allergic to air, and that can spread in no time..."

Present Me: "Alright! So how do the animals breathe and what about the plants and trees?"
Future Me: "Are you trying to act smart with me? Everyone knows animals are just make-believe!"

Present Me: "...Haaaan, no animals? None?"
Future Me: "Are you drunk?! Hell, where would they live, with all the factories and urbanization around? You hardly get to see real trees, anymore!"

Present Me: "No plac...WHAT fake trees?"
Future Me: "Artificial ones, yes. Nature – if you can call it so is all we have now"

Present Me: "Sick! Must be horrible!?"
Future Me: "Come on, dude! This is the best it's been in years now, thanks to the new technology!"


Can You?

Can you wait for someone, 
who you will be with forever? 

Can you compete not with the fear of failing, 
at hand of ones who always win? 

Can you be strong enough to climb, 
higher than the highest plains? 

Can you lend an extra eye for the eyeless, 
who are crossing the road at the wrong time? 

Can you shout up for the speechless few, 
who can’t speak for their rights? 

Can you understand that life is not easy, 
and so we should stand together and stay undefeated? 

Can you find a strong will, 
to lie to me with honest eyes? 

Can you share your deepest secrets with me, 
the ones you never even expressed before? 

Can you offer a helping hand, 
to the less fortunate ones’? 

Can you believe love is true and as real, 
like it’s felt beating in our chests?

Can you find some solutions, 
or at least the answers to these questions? 

Can you smile, love and live, 
Like I wish for you and me!