Can You?

Can you wait for someone, 
who you will be with forever? 

Can you compete not with the fear of failing, 
at hand of ones who always win? 

Can you be strong enough to climb, 
higher than the highest plains? 

Can you lend an extra eye for the eyeless, 
who are crossing the road at the wrong time? 

Can you shout up for the speechless few, 
who can’t speak for their rights? 

Can you understand that life is not easy, 
and so we should stand together and stay undefeated? 

Can you find a strong will, 
to lie to me with honest eyes? 

Can you share your deepest secrets with me, 
the ones you never even expressed before? 

Can you offer a helping hand, 
to the less fortunate ones’? 

Can you believe love is true and as real, 
like it’s felt beating in our chests?

Can you find some solutions, 
or at least the answers to these questions? 

Can you smile, love and live, 
Like I wish for you and me!

8 people read and said:

Lehari. said...

to lie to me with honest eyes..pretty difficult..
btw..regarding all the above..

divsi said...

loved the flow...the words so simple yet so powerful:)

Sony said...

really nice poem....with altogether different subject.

S said...

:) Glad, someone asked me back.
I think I would, I can try at least :)

Thanks a lot. Long time, how have you been? :)

Thanks! Attempts. Though you'd still notice the stamps of what I love; Love.

rc said...

hey..just happened to come across your blog..some really nice post! great job!

Ayantika said...

Loved it :)

Bong's Belleza

mahua said...

Can you find a strong will,
to lie to me with honest eyes?
- woww!!!
loved it, keep writing...

S said...

@rc -
Thanks a lot! Keep reading :)

@Ayantika -
Thanks! Keep reading :)

@Mahua -
:) thank you! And you keep reading, good to see you finally leaving a comment.