Oh! Pretty Woman.

Day 1 

She: Hey! Happy birthday!
        He: Thank you, that was a pleasant surprise!

Day 15

She: You are a flirt!
        He: And you are pretty.

She: Saying that won't make you a lesser flirt.
        He: And that won't make you any less pretty.

Day 30

She: Do you remember our first conversation?
        He: Of course! You gave me your number 6 months after I kept asking for it.

She: No, you never asked. Anyway, as they say rest is hist..!
       He: Not history, the present.

Day 45

She: Can't you ever find a single fault in me?
        He: The way you smile can get me killed someday!


Day 60

She: So, did you miss me?

        He: No. I love you!

2 people read and said:

Sopalakish said...

awwww so cute! :')! Pass me a tissue, will u?

Ayantika said...

awesome...you made me nostalgic :)

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