You're the First, My Last, My Everything.

She: Am I adorable?
       He: No. 

She: Or sexy? 
       He: Not really.

She: Fine, but you like me?

       He: Of course, NOT.

She: Don't you wish for us to be together, always?

       He: Huh?! No.

She: Won’t you break, if I walk away.

       He: Never!

She: Thanks, I should leave! 

       He: But..

She: What!? 

       He: You are not adorable or sexy, you’re my most beautiful dream; my world. I don’t just like you, I love you. I don’t wish to be together, I know we will be!


She: But…

      He: But I wouldn’t just break if you walked away, I'll stop living!

3 people read and said:

Hafsah said...

aaahh <3 it's really hard to find the guy who says the rite thing at the rite time.. but wen u do, its surely a great blessing :)
love the 'He' in your post! =D

Monica Dhiman said...

nice one :)

Mahi S said...