More than words.

If I am talking to you,
You don’t always have to talk.

Not your advices, nor your consolations,
If I am talking to you,
I’ll just ask you to stay around.
To let me know that you’re there,
And will always be.

Exhausted, most nights,
I patiently wait for gentle hands,
To hold me tight.

If am talking to you,
Assure me, that you understand.

Tell me, tell me it’s okay to cry.


Without saying a word,
Make your presence felt,
Often, all I need is,
To be heard. love with your heart.

Rehan’s arms snaked their way around her waist, his nose nuzzling her ear when Ria was lost in her own world looking at the setting sun out her window with a well-kept sadness in the depths of her eyes. Her heart echoed reoccurring thought, one that would just throw her for a tail spin into a slight depression. Would she be as loved and cared for when she wouldn't as young and attractive anymore?

“Ria was quite sure how their togetherness would short-live, in his wishes; within a blink of an eye and she wouldn’t be there in Rehan’s life anymore. And he would move on. His kisses would fade, his voice would lose it’s echo. When her face sours and her youth fades with time, she would just be a forgotten story to him.”

Ria's dark lashes fluttered on him as her eyes shut while leaning back into Rehan's embrace, breathing in his known and warm fragrance with a guilty amount of greed. She would miss this someday; the lazy winter days when she would gaze out of the open window and freeze in his warm embrace.


Rehan whispering how much he desires her, how much he looks for his own life when she isn’t around; but he never shared anything. Never. Why? He knew he wouldn't get any older, yet here she was; dying right infront of him.

Probably because he was selfish and never wanted to give her up to that thought. His reassuring kisses calmed her gradually as she holds his hand and counts her breaths.

She will live, even after she is gone for she fell in love with his heart. She will live for him, in his heartbeats.