Be there, forever.

They sit in a coffee shop, with snowflakes licking the windows, begging to be let in and to glorify everything with their crystalline glaze.

He gestures wildly with his hands, as he falls more and more in depth with his story, captivating he’s sure, more than himself.  He pauses momentarily, to sip from his hot chocolate, the sweet warmth caressing his throat and then exhales in appreciation.  He catches her eye, encouraging him to continue with his story.  He leans closer, placing his left elbow (making sure to push his shirt sleeves up first, of course) on the small, round table separating them before diving into his story once more, trying his best to quell the butterflies raging in his stomach.

The first two buttons of his shirt collar had been undone, revealing the fair skin of his neck. She sips her coffee, grateful for its bitter taste as she tries not to notice the smooth angles of his collarbone.

Above her, laid the young man she loved dearly. His eyes were narrowly open, gazing down at the beautiful maiden below him. He could feel her arms around his neck, her legs against his…inside her. His cheeks, were burning with affection, as did his heart. And every single time he moved forward, a shock-wave of love could be felt throughout their entire bodies.

Before long, Virat closed his and moved faster, the fire in his heart burning more wild. Anyesha held onto the boy as close and tightly as she could, vowing never to let go. Her chest, heaving from the giant breaths she took as the sensations grew higher and higher deep inside her.

Just as she could feel as she could hold it any longer, she pulled herself up and pressed her lips against the boys above her, and her entire body tensed. Her muscles tightened and as if given a cue, Virat pushed one final time, as deep as he could, and held himself there, returning the kiss Anyesha planted onto him.

After a few seconds of no movement, Anyesha slowly and softly broke the kiss, and gently lowered herself back onto the bed, gasping for air. Virat took deep breaths as well, beads of sweat covering both their uncovered bodies.

Anyesha took several deep breaths before opening her eyes to the young man above her, gazing gently back down at. She gazed into his deep eyes for the longest time before letting a small smile escape her lips. Virat smiled at the sight and gently cupped her cheek, softly caressing the skin upon her face.

Anyesha could still feel him, deep inside her body, and made no complaint. She smiled lovingly up at him and made no hint to leave her interior. 

Virat…you’re so amazing…I love you, so much.” She said in a soft, loving voice.  Virat couldn’t help but to blush a little and continued to stroke her cheek. 

My love burns more then you could ever know, Anyesha…” He said back in the same tone. As if reading her mind, Virat slowly pulled halfway out of her, and then softly thrusts back in, giving the girl a slight shiver as she recoiled her body a little. She moaned slightly and smiled, closing her eyes and holding the boy close to her. 

Ohhh…I love you…every time you do that…” She said in a soft, sighing voice. Virat smiled lightly and gently pecked her lips, keeping still once more.

I know, what you like…” He said, somewhat flirty but there was love and gentleness in his voice. Anyesha giggled softly and sighed gazing up into his eyes once more.

Anyesha though, this time, stared much deeper into his eyes, and her smile slightly faded.
Virat…” She said almost inaudibly, slowly tightening her arms around him. “Can you…stay inside me? Until we wake up, tomorrow?” She said very softly. “I just…want to feel you, when I fall asleep tonight.” She peered into his soul with wanting eyes, so Virat returned the gaze and smiled back down, softly nodding. 

Of course…anything, for you.” He said, immediately creating a smile on her face once more before she closed her eyes and breathed deeply, her chest rising and then falling.

Virat smiled and gently rested his body on top of hers, their stomachs touching, their chests touching. Virat softly rested his head over the girls shoulder and both of their faces pointed to each other. Anyesha, by just knowing, leaned forward and gave Virat and light peck on the lips, without even opening her eyes. Virat blushed and closed his eyes as well, sighing and wrapping his arms loosely around the girls body. 

The two laid there together, still joined.

Before The Candle Burns Out...

No, she did not feel naked. He was loving her soul inside her body.
Her breathing was uneven and shallow. His was no different.

There he was, on top of her, his glorious eyes piercing her beautiful ones. She blushed furiously and he smiled as he bent down to kiss her coral lips. The more she blushed, the prettier she seemed to him.

Her hands, already snaked around his neck, now knotted themselves in his hair, pulling him closer to herself, closer and closer still.

His fingers tingled her as they trailed across her naked form, arousing sensations that she had never felt, had never known to be existent.

She shivered. He kissed her harder, deeper.

Fingers intertwined, legs entangled, it was difficult to find one’s beginning and the other’s end.

They lost track of time, each moment a bliss, each pain an ecstasy.

A small whimper escaping her lips made him stop. She opened her eyes, worried, and found his eyes boring into her own, again. She smiled at him, raised her head and kissed his lips lovingly. and he pushed her down as he kissed her back passionately.

Moments later he let out an almost inaudible moan of satisfaction.

Her cheeks flushed, her entire being trembled. The beauty of this pain and pleasure was indescribable, much like the rainbow.

He kissed her forehead, her eyes, her warm pink cheeks and her lips.

I love you” he whispered huskily, quite out of breath.

I love you” she whispered back in a strained but happy voice.

            I am breathing in your love,

And, my life I am breathing out,

We don’t have much time, love,

Before the candle burns out...
DSC00509About the author : Subtly expressive, with that bowtie smile. Thoughts whirling and winding but most of them lost, she is a writer without ink and quill. A doll, with a beautiful face of porcelain white and many dreams; a mystery to many – Henna Multani, and such a sweetheart to me.