Read and share, if you have the ‘cribbing-balls’ !!

You crib!

You complain!

You exaggerate!

You sulk!

You depress!

You are such a YOU!

Recently, I have seen, known, talked, met and encountered people who are just not happy about their lives in some or other nonsensical emotional ways!

  • some miss their soul-mates (Get over it guys, soul mates wouldn’t become your Ex, soul mates are SOUL MATES!)
  • some don’t want to get married for no reasons (Seriously, go for suicide, that’s the only good thing for you!)
  • some want to get married (Cool down, you’d get a honeymoon soon!)
  • some think about their past (Keep doing that and your present would be as messy as your past. Happy thinking!)
  • some just keep complaining about everything (Do you know what fresh air means?
  • some complain about love (Forget reciprocating, learn to respect!)
  • some think they can’t achieve (Heard of the word TRYING?)
  • some disrespect themselves (Nobody is going to prove you wrong, and you’d die as one loner)
  • some live in illusions (Get up, and get living?)
  • some crib as they were not wished on their birthday (You are getting old and you are happy about it? )

Offensive? Yet, true! I know I crib and curse too, but all in all I love my life, my family and few really close ones and I feel happy and blessed; and I am not wasting my life on any silly issues !

“The only kind of dignity which is genuine is that which is not diminished by the indifference of others.” – Dag Hammarskjold.

Love what you do, do what you want, love whoever you want and don’t take anybody’s judgment after all it’s your own life;  I do it my way, do you TOO?

PS – This post is not to be taken as an offense and personally, and if you did I’d add your name as a cribber on this post! :D

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Blasphemous Aesthete said...

LOL, “The only kind of dignity which is genuine is that which is not diminished by the indifference of others.”
It was only one or two days I read this as someone's google status.
And we all crib sometimes, but then too much is too much, and someone has to make it stop, by blunt words.
Nice one.

Unknown said...

i too read that quote on a gtalk status.
nice post mr. aquarian! :)

i hope i am not one of the 'cribbers'. :P :P

S said...

@Anshul - yes! That quote really holds some facts to it! Agreed, we all do! But there should be a line, and some forget! Thanks.

@Mehak - And whose status are you guys talking about? Thanks Miss Gujju, and you are partially one! :p :)

Anonymous said...

I do too :)

Unknown said...

right post at right time.. thanks.....:)

Free Falling said...

hahahaa yes i get why it would suit me sourav ! :P

S said...

@Nehha - We all do! :)

@Nidhi - Was this of good use to you? :D

Paulami said...

my birthday is just around the corner and no matter what you say i would still like if people wish me :P

Rashmi said...

Loved this one...

moonlite:D said...

kickass post!!

completely agree with ur views ..
“The only kind of dignity which is genuine is that which is not diminished by the indifference of others.” – Dag Hammarskjold.
Love what you do, do what you want, love whoever you want and don’t take anybody’s judgment after all it’s your own life; I do it my way, ..

take a bow :)

Anonymous said...

Lol the one whose name you add here wld become notable from then. :D

Kisise dushmani is tarah thodi nibhayi jati hai :P

Anyway. Nice post. And I complain too. I'l try not to. :)

Alcina said...

What a cribby post :P
Well i guess there is always a reason for these cribbing you listed above.I wouldn't like to disagree with the listed points so let's just say i wish to iron out some creases in me :)

Vishal Raj said...

i do it all. so what ?? this is what makes me content. i'm happy that way and the hell i care what others think of me.

Alka Gurha said...

laugh and the world laughs with you, whine and you whine alone....Great thought. But cribbers just cant help it...

S said...

@Free Falling - Am sure you would pretty well! :p

@Paulami - Hahaha! Such a cribber, you are! :P

@Rashmi - Thanks! :)

@Moonlite - Yo! Thanks! This was a no-nonsense post! ;)

S said...

@Bedlam - Haha! yes, that is the reason I am now dropping the idea of adding a name! :p
Complaining and cribbing are two different things, and for genuine reasons it's unavoidable too :)

@Vishal - Cool down buddy! We all do, and that's the hell with what others' think!

@Alka - *sigh!* They just can't!

Tanvi said...

Hilarious! Nice,I agree cribbing becomes a habit and then its depressing..... The quote is nice and the post is funny yet true :)
I liked it!


Nivedita Thadani said...

HI Sourav,
Very beautiful lines. Each line wakes you up.
Thanks for sharing these with us.
Are you talking about me!! here?
In a positive way(whatever you have written in the brackets)
I would love to share few things about me here, hope you don't mind:
I love my life, I live my life, My only weakness is"I get adjusted in any condition without complaining."
I may get angry that is justice,
I may cry over the past things, that is to thank the lovely present.
I may complain on others, becoz I want it near to the perfection(no body is perfect, I believe)
after all I am also a human being, But I love being a human.
Keep writing and inspiring us :-))))

Ankita said...

hey...wonderful post...sometimes we get so dissatisfied about everything around us that we forget that no matter what life is beautiful and we should cherish it...waise it's easier said than fiends say that I should crib time they say so i'll make them read this post..!!!

AM said...

a common habit. runs in the human race. its all in the choices we make. to crib or not to. only downside is - the bad stuff is easier to believe.

great post. more like a virtual spank on the head.

Fatima said...

Hey Sourav,

Nice one felt that this post was absolutely written for a person like me..I don't crib all the times I do, we all do...but in the recent days it had become oh so too much that even I felt its too much and it needs stop !

Amazing post, though blunt to the core!

Take Care.

Tanishka said...

I' am soo much in love in life and like to take as it comes before me.., I don't understand what makes ppl crib all the time... :D

Afshan Shaik said...

I felt u r cribbing on people who crib :) :p
anyway GOOD read!!
Cribbing is part of life gives U an opportunity for improvisation
If its over dosage it defntly NEEDS a FULL STOP!!
or its always THE BEST to avoid ppl who crib ....rather than changing them......

Sarah malik said...

wah, awesome way to crib by writing about poor, miserable fellas :P
ab bechare log 'crib' bhi nai kar sakte...
cribbing according to me should be a constitutional right specially in India, where free advices and lectures are as common as pebbles on the road and u say the opposite? not fair! u deserve a punishment:P


S said...

@Tanvi - Thanks! :D Cribbing in limited quantity is okay, otherwise it sucks!
And you are not a cribber, am sure? :p

@Nivedita - Your welcome! :)
No, I wasn't talking about anyone in particular, it's just my way of cribbing about cribbers! :D
Of course, share all you want always !
Yes, you are as human as any human can be! And yes, I liked the way you expressed it :)
You keep coming and motivating me!

@Ankita - Way to go! Make them read this, and they'd not crib about you not cribbing! :D
And we skip the beauty of life by constantly cribbing about it!

S said...

@Lines n shades - Well said! Tough to find a balance.
Hope it makes sense to may out there! :D

@Fatima - Hello! :)
yes, we all do. But you know by cribbing more we are forgetting to see the colors of life! So stop a bit, and enjoy more :)
Had to be blunt to make sense!
You too take care !

@Tanishka - Ditto! You speak my mind!

@Afshan - Exactly, that was what I did! :p
Thanks. I never avoided cribbers, since some of them are real close to me, but hearing them always is not a good option either, punctures them more!

@Sarah - Those miserables make life more miserable, and it's for thei good anyway! ;)
hahaha! No way! It should be banned and fined :p
I deserve a gallantry/bravery award! :D


Priya Chilamkurthi said...

yes u r true n no i dont do like you.. wow what a phrase :P
just used no for phrase.. yes!! i love to go in my own way n seriously i dont need anyones judgement..

Beyond Horizon said...

after felt like a tight slap...ringing in ears and feeling dizzy :p

Its definitely blunt yet TRUE and TOO DIFFICULT not to!

everyone liked what have written since some point of time they crib too...and you have put a Beautiful...Amendable lesson...I think I should stop cribbing about How Jhakaas this post is! ;)

P.S. I have taken it personally not the cribbing part but "Love what you do, do what you want, love whoever you want and don’t take anybody’s judgment after all it’s your own life" :)

Megha said...

suicide is not the only option for those who don't want to get married :P
there are much more nicer things in the world!!! ;)
nyways a nice way to set ppls mind at place :)

transient said...

for someone who quotes the only dignity is the kind that cannot be influenced by the opinion of others you sure think a lot about criticism ;)

anyways, what was i going to say.... yeah, ha ha ha, i had a blast reading that post. Opinionated - sure, offensive, i don't know, i guess people take offense to all sorts of things so ... whatever.

though i am wondering if i a cribber, i guess some days i am, some days we all are :) That's the beauty of life, when you are cribbing, you think you are perfectly justified in cribbing, and when you are making fun of cribbers, you think you are perfectly justified in doing that too.

ash89 said...

Cribbing can be really beneficial too u know! I mean, we crib and we cry, and finally decide to do something about it! Or maybe someone does it for us :p
If it werent for cribbing and complaining, nothing would ever happen!!

Suruchi said...

oh wow...quite a almost made me forget what i was going to crib about next;-)

cute post!


''some complain about love (Forget reciprocating, learn to respect!)''
Umm.. Pardon my ignorance..but kindly illustrate some more..for i fail to get ur point..
What does respecting have to do with reciprocating..vis a vis Love??

"some crib as they were not wished on their birthday (You are getting old and you are happy about it? )"
Well, umm.. What's wrong with that? There r few ppl I love.. N i expect them to wish me on my bday..n in fact,do sumthn special fr me.. Its more f an obvious expectance than a functional..practical one..
If i am special to sumone..or if sumone says so..then expecting it is supra normal,I believe..
N thus, i'd b disappointed if they forget or they dnt wish me..

Cribbing i feel has a v.derogatory connotation and associating it with expectations and their corresponding disappointments.. I feel is blatantly exaggerated belief..and reflects ill patience levels!
Work on it buddy!
Try chanting.. Om Shanti Om!