I miss my heaven ! :(

An environment offering security and happiness; a place where people are cared for and the one place where I want to be as soon as possible ...

My home ! :)

Home'Its 3:15 am now and I have been trying to express what I feel, but the only thought/question is “Why am I not at home now?” ... to which I have answers but they seem to me as excuses !!! March, April, May and half of June ... almost four months of not being at home is something that is not mostly possible with me ... !

Sleeping like a baby ... the peace ... security ... the lovable atmosphere ... Mummy with that cup of tea to wake me up ... that being stubborn ... being pampered ... that special and exclusive caring ... aa helping Papa finish off his work ... robing Gaurav of his privacy ... throwing food to those small 1000’s of “we-are-always-hungry” fishes in the pond at home... smoking at the terrace ... the cutting chai at Chacha’s in those lazy evenings with lazier friends ... the long drives ... my bed ... my room ... mum-made food ... bird-watching ... counting every day of stay at home ... fighting with Mum and getting slapped 50 times a day... the story-telling ... more ... more ... and much-much more is what I miss every second since the last few weeks ... !!

Have nothing much to write,other thn writing out what I miss, which is never-ending ... so I am leaving this post incomplete with some promises made to my own self of being there as soon as possible and yes Papa I’d be there with you on the father’s day and Mummy will get you the stuff whatever you asked me to really very soon and bless you guys on your anniversary  ;)

Off from blogging till home !!!

Tagged … Honestly answered (Terms and conditions applied) ;)

Thanks for tagging me Deepika, I hope I’ll be honest in answering these 100 !! Have been thinking of taking up this tag for long, since the day I was tagged by you, but time-crunch and my laziness has forced me away from my blog. And yes I am posting after really long.  So its happy writing for me and hopefully a happy and an interesting read for the readers !! :)

(Actually I was busy planning the Osama’s, sorry Obama’s administrative committee, was involved with the game-planning of Delhi Dare-devils Team in S.A, had to constantly work with the National Election Commission, was running several mega-marathon’s …etc etc ... impressive yet stupid excuses .. forget it, my sense of humor is getting worse everyday !!! ;) )
1. Last drink: Tea (This would be my ans MOST time o 

1.  Last beverage: Water :P
2. Last phone call : ICICI Lombard (HR)
3. Last text message: Rs. 10 mein download karen Kareena Kareena ko (Idea’s msg, which meant her wallpaper, I suppose and no I am not at all interested, I’ll better buy two Wills Classic :D)
4. Last song you listened to: Ho Gayi Hai Mohabbat Tumse –My fav (Aslam/Shibani - album) or Koi faryaad from Tum Bin !
5. Last time you cried: I don’t cry aloud, for the answer's sake I cried y’day night ! !

Have You Ever...
6. Dated someone twice: I don’t date, I meet :D !!
7. Been cheated on?: YES !! :(
8. Kissed someone & regretted it?: Sadly YES !!
9. Lost someone special?: My Baba (grand-father), pet-dog (Tiger)and worst I lost my identity years back, but I’m back to life now !!
10. Been depressed?: YES. I was, but that was long ago !
11. Been drunk and threw up?: Only once … had 5 bottom ups of Vodka s shots !

Four Favourite Colors...
12. Black
13. Blue
14. Grey
15. Purple

16. Made new friends: Class II – Vijay Agarwal ( We are still in touch and he is getting married !! )
17. Fallen out of love: YES !
18.Laughed until you cried: Never ... I laugh, laugh and keep laughing !! :D 
19. Met someone who changed you: Hum nahi badlenge :D
20. Found out who your true friends were: Some 3-4 years back :)
21. Found out someone was talking about you: My brother was complaining to Mummy about me having his chocolate, when I was only 10 !!

Have You...
22. Kissed anyone on your friend's list:Yes !! :)
23. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life: Most of them !! :) Except few who are there just for formality sake !!
24. How many kids do you want to have: ONE !
25. Do you have any pets: I had, a dog – Tiger !! Miss him ... Have 1000’s of fishes at my home’s fish pond !! :)
26. Do you want to change your name: No, I like my name :Sourav Chandra Pandey
27. What did you do for your last birthday: My 25th B’day – Read the full article 
28.What time did you wake up today: At 9 am ... trust me it takes a lot of pain ... that’s my personal best !!! :D
29. What were you doing at midnight last night: Smoking !!! NO COMMENTS PL !
30. Name something you CANNOT wait for: About getting back home ... :(
31. Last time you saw your father: It was in Kashmir, 2nd week of April ... I wanna go home !!! :((
32. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: Wish I could have changed my age and made sure never to grow up beyond 15 !!
33. Most visited web page: My blogs, gmail and campusmail.

What's Your...
34. Name: Sourav Chandra Pandey
35. Nicknames: Raja.
36. Zodiac sign:Aquarius (Don’t believe much in zodiac signs)
37. Male or female or transgender: Male
38. Elementary:St. Michael’s School
39. School: A. G. Church School.
40. Colleges: Lucknow Christian College IMD, New Delhi
41. Hair color: Had colored hair, but its for the last 2-3 years now has not been experimented with and is Natural Black now !
42. Long or short: Medium and decent ... I am a good boy :) !
43. Height: 5’10 appx
44. Do you have a crush on someone?:I don’t have crushes anymore, I have accidents !! Political ans … was it ?? =P
45. Ever been in love?: Do I count and tell you !! =D
46. Piercings?: Never, except being pierced by medical syringes 3-4 times only in my whole life and got stitches just beside my ear ... that was painful !! =((
47. Tattoos?:Its better on walls, I hate tattoos ! :x
48. Righty or lefty: Righty !
49. First surgery: N/A !!
50. First piercing: Another N/A, Next quest, pl !
51. First best friend: Vijay Agarwal (Class II)
52. First sport you loved: Cricket (Outdoor) and Pillow-fight (Indoor) :))
53. First pet: Tiger ( Do I need to tell you again that he was my pet-dog) !
54. First vacation: Puri (The best sea-beach, I have seen... have been there thrice)
55. First concert: KG-II (I was the anchor of my Elementry school at a concert)
56. First crush: Honestly she was Jacky Ludgeweik, my class-teacher (VI) !!

Right Now...
57. Eating: No, but I am hungry, will take a break after a few question to have my Dark Choc cake in CCD !!
58. Drinking: Cigarette pee raha hu !! =D
59. I'm about to: Puke…. ehhh….. switch off my laptop !! ;)
60. Listening to: Truly Madly Deeply (Savage Garden) – one of my most fav romantic song :)
61. Waiting for: Gaurav, my brother to get ready to go out ... ohhh he is ready !!

Your Future...
62. Want kids?:Like being kids with kids, but for me I just want ONE as my own !! :)
63. Want to get married?:Yes, but after I start earning a substantial income !
64. Careers in mind?:Full time marketing ... I’m good at it !!  (C’mon self-praise is not always foolish !! :P

Which is better with the opposite sex...??
65. Lips or eyes:I differ, its Hair !! :)
66. Hugs or kisses:I’d like to change the question there should be no choice... my ans would be Smiles, hugs and kisses !! :)
67. Shorter or taller:average height (3-4 inches shorter thn me) is best !!:)
68. Older or Younger:Younger, an age diff of 3-4 years is ideal !! :)
69. Romantic or spontaneous: Romantically spontaneous, with a sensuous charm !!
70. Nice stomach or nice arms:Both ... I am being too demanding, so what, my choice ! :D
71. Sensitive or loud:Mostly sensitive in public, loud in private ! ;)
72. Hook-up or relationship:A hook-up before going into a relationship !
73. Trouble maker or hesitant: No extremes !

Have you ever...??
73. Kissed a stranger:Never had such :( luck ;)
74. Lost glasses/contacts: Never :P
75. Sex on first Date:Absolutely NOT.
76. Broken someone's heart:I have, but it wasn’t intentional, I got hurt too :( !
77. Had your own heart broken:I’m a very sensitive and emotional person, I get hurt very easily...!!!
78. Been arrested:Bad luck, never !!! =D
79. Turned someone down: Had to, but usually I turn down ppl !
80. Cried when someone died: Badly !! :((
81. Liked a friend that is a girl?: Yup my school friend, Namita, she was the sweetest friend I had (and for the facts she is a now a mother and has a cute son !!)

82. Yourself:My belief has been shaken up at times, but  I have full faith in my abilities and my own self ... My parents have strong faith in me which has been a strong point always :)
83. Miracles:In Rajnikant’s movies and fairytales !!! :D
84. God:For me my parents are God, and so I have a solid belief in GOD :)
85. Love at first sight:Exciting and possible ! :)
86. Heaven: My home ! :)
87. Santa Claus: In movies and novels only !
88. Kiss on the first date?:If a date is when I meet my love, kiss is a possibility :D
89. Angels:Be nice to me, and you are an angel for me ! ;)
90. Devils:Be cruel to me, and swear on YOU I’ll be worst person you have met ! :P 

91. Is there one person you want to be with right now?:Two (Mummy-Papa) Missing you both !!! :((
92. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time?: NO.
93. Wanted to kill someone ever?: I’m not such an aggressive person ... just don’t care about my could-be-murder-prospects !!!
94. Among you blog mates, whom would you like to kiss?: *Blinks* Nai bataunga ;)
95. Committed a blunder and regretted later?: Regretting is the worst blunder, and I try not to regret !
96. Wanted to steal your friend's boyfriend / girlfriend?:Sounds cheap, which I am NOT ! 

97. White: Formal shirt and a casual khaki !!
98. Black: My trousers, belts, sun-glasses and shoes !
99. Red: T-shirts only !
100. Pink:I have white-pink striped shirt, otherwise I stay away from pinks !
Posted as 100 truths !

Vidhu and Sonu you are tagged and my friends Saurav Taragi, Raveesh, Srishti, Ayantika who are not into blogging should take up this tag and publish it on facebook !!

Okay I am hungry, will have my dinner now ... will be back soon with a new post ! :)