Modern Technology, Owes Eecology, An apology.

Present Me : "How does the sky looks like? Cloudy today?"
Future Me : "The sky? Cloudy? What are you talking about?"

Present Me: "'s up there, see?"
Future me: "The Haze, you meant!"

Present Me: "The Haze, what?"
Future Me: "Yes, the Haze! It's thin, dusty brown today while someday it can be a thick orange too."

Present Me: "Are you joking? Can you even breathe then?"
Future Me: "Depends. On better days, you may go out without a breathing mask, wishing you don’t get allergies! On the not-so-better days – on an orange-ish sky – we’re stuck indoors."

Present Me: "Can't you breathe your own air?"
Future Me: "Well, some people are allergic to air, and that can spread in no time..."

Present Me: "Alright! So how do the animals breathe and what about the plants and trees?"
Future Me: "Are you trying to act smart with me? Everyone knows animals are just make-believe!"

Present Me: "...Haaaan, no animals? None?"
Future Me: "Are you drunk?! Hell, where would they live, with all the factories and urbanization around? You hardly get to see real trees, anymore!"

Present Me: "No plac...WHAT fake trees?"
Future Me: "Artificial ones, yes. Nature – if you can call it so is all we have now"

Present Me: "Sick! Must be horrible!?"
Future Me: "Come on, dude! This is the best it's been in years now, thanks to the new technology!"


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