The Photographer Committed Suicide 3 (three) Days After Taking This Picture! – NOT TRUE!

“The photographer could have saved this boy's life, but because of the photographer's ethics code he was prevented from helping in any way. This haunted him, and led him to commit suicide..”


Know the actual facts before concluding and accepting what is written all over internet about the photographer:

1. The photographer, Kevin Carter, did intervene. He chased the vulture away right after taking the photo.

2. There is no "photographer's ethics code" that said he should not have intervened.

3. The child in the photo is a girl, not a boy.

4. The girl was approaching a nearby famine relief center and had stopped to rest when this picture was taken. There is every reason to believe she got there and was fed. Admittedly, though, there is no way to know for sure. And admittedly, Carter did not help her get there.

5. The photo was taken on March 1993, and Carter committed suicide in July 1994. That was approximately 490 days later, not 3 days.

6. Carter's suicide note said he was despondent over his dire financial problems and the memories of what he saw while on assignment in Sudan. This image is but one of many very disturbing things he saw there.

7. There is thus no reason to attribute his suicide to this specific photo.

Note: I noticed a Facebook group with such a name, with thousands of people liking it; wonder what is wrong with them and their minds! The facts mentioned above are researched from internet, and I take no responsibility of them being true or not.

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Thank you.

12 people read and said:

Samadrita said...

Even if the photographer had committed suicide after witnessing this disturbing and distressing scene I wouldn't have had trouble believing it. :(
I hope the girl was fed and is alive.

moonlite:D said...

At last, happy to hear the good things,, (not about the suicide)
it was disturbing to read that the girl was not saved :!!

IceMaiden said...

yes i grew tired of telling people about this. FB fucked it up with those ridiculous become a fan and see why this man committed suicide :|

S said...

@Samadrita - Agreed! Even reading and seeing that picture is so painful! I don't know about that, but I really hope so too!

@Moonlite - Yeah! That was the only relieving thing!

@Ice Maiden - Not FB's, those silly page making people to earn some easy money do that non sense! And you know this picture really deserves a prize, it speaks!

Vinni said...

Funny, how i missed this picture all these years. shocking picture, with the vulture looking at the girl this way. Man, i would have been shitting bricks had I seen something like this.

Sathish Chandrasekaran (சதீஷ் சந்திரசேகரன்) said...

Almost 90% or even more of the people have this tendency to go with what the crowd says rather than understanding the facts...

Ann said...

Yeah.. the pic is really disturbing... It's a sorry situation :(

S said...

@Vinni - True! Just watching this pic is as hell scary!

@Sat_hi_sh - That's what makes me different! :D

@Ann - Really painful!

Siddhartha Agrawal said...

Ur first ever post where i really feel like commenting.
Thank u for sharing this and making constructive use of this space.

Mr. "Niraj" Lemon said...

a very disturbing pic....

Anonymous said...

And that's just one of the ways the media sensationalises things. You see it on the news. You see it on the internet. You see it through social networking sites.

zephyr said...

That was a really gruesome picture and the post was great. I have very little regard for the irresponsible media because they only have sensationalism on their minds. Thanks for sharing!

And thanks too for promoting my post. I would have loved a comment, though! :)