“She is as beautiful as is love expressed in whispers,
radiant yet still,
silvery dust of the moonlight,
misty leaves on the river’s bed.

Always in my sight,
I stand,
always close behind.
She can’t hide,
while playing in my mind.

All! That I wanted,
All! That I needed,
All! That I loved to love,
The air that I breathe!
A pain that I feel,
She thought unreal,
stays in my dreams.
I ever imagined.

But is she..?"


She is bits of the heaven left for me to admire.
She is beautiful,
but oblivious,
but she will see that in my eyes."

"Sure, is she yours?"

"She is her own,
And forever,

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black.barbie said...

If you admire or has been attracted to someone, you tend to see her everywhere and in anything you see or do regardless of time.

"Sometimes we waste too much time to think about someone who doesn't even think about us for a second." -Wiz Khalifa on Relationship quotes