Osama Bin Laden, our love for you will keep you alive always – An open letter!

Dear Laden,

These status updates/quotes were dedicated to your pure soul, we will miss you very badly! Though do not worry, we will keep you alive in our hearts (by cracking non-sense jokes on you)! And you would be pleased to know that you are trending more than Rajnikanth on twitter and in our everyday conversations! With such beautiful thoughts, please accept our love for you!

"Osama is dead. Now can someone do something about Arnab Goswami? He assaults your sensibilities like no one else does! Even Siddhu is a poor second to him!" - Pushkal Kumar Pandey.

"ello der Osama, how ya doin' O.o" - Hafsah Qadir.

"Hello GOVERNMENT OF INDIA.Where is our CM and the crew?? Are you even doing enough or are you busy calling Obama and congratulating him on Osama's Death?? It's been past 48hours and all u give us is fake stories and false hopes...and precious Time is running out even if the Crew is safe.Are you even genuinely concerned??? I have serious doubts." - Vodoo Vibes.

"Doesn't the whole thing seem a bit 'staged' & exaggerated?? The guy who has been invisible & incommunicado for so many years was jus waiting arnd to be shot dead, that too without any civilian & US forces casualties .. Really testing our IQ, i say ;)" - Urmi Pakalpati.

"BBC - killing Osama Makes USA regain their arrogance" - Pritish Soundrajan. 

"Frankenstein monsters dont die so easily. The evil is inside the creator himself. So whom should we kill?" - Ruhi Sonal.

"So is he like really dead??? I mean the whole world practically searching for him and he is sitting in a comfy house in Islamabad..." - Shweta Wattal.

"Osama Bin Laden dedad but i will wait for Julian Assange's expert opinion ;)" - Shreya Shah.

"Congrats to white house.. after 10 years, $3 trillion, 2.5 wars, half a million deaths, you killed a really tall 54 year old on dialysis." - Pravin Mishra.

“The girl married her Prince. The bad guy is dead. It’s a real Disney weekend here on Earth.” - Kriti Sharma.

"Rest In Peace Osama Bin Laden." - Parth Dave.

"The Only Regret that Osama will be having while living in hell is, He Cldn't Update His FB Status to "DEAD" - Pratish Amin.

"हम छोड़ चले हैं महफ़िल को, याद आए कभी तो मत रोना..." - Giribala Joshi.

"This is worrying. Even Osama Bin Laden isnt safe in Pakistan :D" - Faking News.

"Correcting a gross mistake, [ Mar gaya re Obama! :D ] - "Mar gaya re Osama!" :/ - Sourav C Pandey (ME)

Abusingly yours,


I followed my friend Maitreyee's idea of collecting such updates, so special thanks to her! :D

Note : Now if you are funny, post some of your updates for our own Osama's love and I’d feature your name here! :D Or you have the option to share this and be cool, yes ‘KOOL’ very kool! :D

2 people read and said:

R-A-J said...

Can Obama please do a similar sting operation on Bangalore Auto drivers also ? I can provide the addresses and registration numbers....

Unknown said...

I'm submitting my post!
Point proved. No1's safe in Pakistan, not e1 Osama, but in India every1 is safe, e1 Kasab.