Love, before you lose; said winter!

"I think I have something to gift you today," I said while gazing up at the expanse of star-lit sky stretched as far as my eyes could.  “There they stand, the innumerable stars, shining in order like a living hymn, written in light - someone observed this so perfectly”

"True," she replied while being amazed and wondering what was I thinking.

"You like winters, don’t you?  I sure can give you that!"

She stared at me, probably trying to read my mind.  May be she thought I was mocking her or I am just randomly blabbering.  But she sure looked intrigued and puzzled.

"Winters?" she finally questioned, giving up to the thousand things you must have thought in that moment.  "Tell me you are joking, you are talking about a just can’t give me that.  I's just not possible."

That lost expression on her face made me adore her all the more.  Her cheeks dimpled; taking away her intensity and for that one special moment, she appeared less burdened.  Then her smile faded and I replied to her softly, "Ohh yes! I definitely can, will make any wish that you wish come true.  Any season that you desire of.  But I guess you’d love winter for now."

"Why? Do you think I'm a cold ruthless bitch?"  she said with a hint of hidden sarcasm, and laughed gloriously and endlessly.

Tonight we have the stars moons and the winters It was then, I held her close. Her beautiful expressive eyes met mine and got lost.  Jaded thoughts, skeptic views and worries fled.  I could feel her feeling senseless yet liberated, warm yet cold!  My warm hand touched her freezing cheeks and that kiss was achingly soft.  I whispered against her lips, "Do you see the beauty in it;  crystalline-silvery snow, shining skies. Despite that, everything seems more breathtaking - this cold, the end and this lack of light. But guess, what?"

"What?" she asked while breathing back into me.

"They’d only appreciate and miss you, when you're gone!"

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maithili said...

something different...and beautifully described :) nice nice :)

Lehari. said...

aw! this is such a sweet moment...
a 100 days of winter..

Simran said...

Delightful post with a very cute conversation:)

Tc..ks and keep delighting! :)

S said...

@Maithili -
Thanks! :)

@Lehari -
I liked your comment, could have used that as title instead :)

@Simran -
Thanks! :)

divsi said...

cute..simple yet striking!!:)

Unknown said...

it was lovely..