I live my beliefs and can even turn the world around !

I wear my shoes over the wound,
No, not to cover it up or to hide.
But because I wanted to take a stride,
Yes, I am in love with me and my life!

You won’t be able to see through me,
Heaven or hell, I’m strong enough to be.
You are mistaken if you think it’s a shallow pride,
Yes, I am in love with me and my life!


I’d be hope, a beautiful dream and all your prayers,
Even if I am cut into layers.
I can love you beyond you, because
Yes, I am in love with me and life!

Past or be it the left over scars, 
I wear a metal, that just bars,
From bleeding, and by keeping back the past.
Yes, I am in love with me and life!

I’m mightier than any loser could ever wish to be,
Not, vengeance but I’d wake ‘em up,
Because they are weak and I move on,
Yes, I am in love with me and life!

I smile, I laugh and I live, of course, 
Yes, I am in love with me and life!

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Beyond Horizon said...

If you want to take a stride and dont want to hide the wound, then why the need to wear the shoe.

Loving self and life is not being narcissist at all,because I think its the first step in loving someone else. But it should not remain self love that might hurt others,if does then its never love.

You may call me an emotional fool,I wont mind. But I am not dumb not to understand things happening around me,and thinking they would change if I ignore them.

Beyond Horizon said...

Being your friend I would never hesitate to clean your wound and help it healing too,but not this time.

Talking about scars, No there aint any. Since its still bleeding.

Moving on is good,but ignoring and forgetting isn't sometimes. Because at the end,if you yourself dont take care of the wound the brain gives up and stop evoking the pain. The reality, it deepens more...

Lehari. said...

"I’m mightier than any loser could ever wish to be"

this is a hefty one for all those people living miserly and even the ones with delusions of grandeur..
Cheerz !

S said...

@Raj -
Thanks! :)

@Beyond Horizon -
Because I don't need sympathy for healing, I'd rather hide! Self-love never blocks love, it is not negative! I personally believe in not influencing anybody's decision or choices, I'd let situations and time decide for people. If you know there is a wound, there would be a scar soon!
Nothing stops, no not even healing. It all takes time.

Thanks for that comment! :)

@Lehari -
I choose to attack subtly-sharply, so that it cuts through with minimal efforts!
Cheers! :D

A grain of sand said...

nice! :)

Timeless Memories - My Bygone ! said...

This is one of those few posts where u will simply like it after reading just once.. truly in love with life no matter what.. should i say again that i loved it..

Rewa said...

Well said :)
Thats how life is. They screw your happiness and keep testing your patience. But you have to keep walking no matter how much you are wounded. Thats life and i am in love with me and life :)

nidhiwrites said...

Don’t wear the shoes to hide the wound... rather one has to be courageous enough to medicate & heal the same.. No worth in hiding man…
Wont be able to see through me.. again hiding..!!! Why..??? bring out the real you let the world leave with fact of what you are n who you are…! Don’t be plastic people should love the real you ..!! don’t be mean Being in love with thy self never means to show off something which you are not.. Its not shallow pride… but it’s a guilt some1 should have in their own…. Accepting the truth is not so difficult but its an act with which you gain more RESPECT…
You can still love people being in love with thy self but 1 thing SELF LOVE should not become so possessive so as to encourage you to heart other… Love thy self at the cost of hurting other is not right thing.. but a shameful act…
The Metals that bars from bleeding is great shield… And 1 understands present is what it is... People should try not to make repetitive mistakes..
I am sure EVERY human has a Beautiful, Charming, Attractive side in him/her which the person should be confident about … this will not let him/ her down… With all the heartful prayer I pray for a good future BUT again that in no case means person has any right to hurt someone.. One should move on BUT after accepting the error giving the full credit the deserved…
And see simple & beautiful life is with same smile, same laugh, same crack pots around who just in love with themselves, people around & their existence..
Today, you justified the title of your blog that’s simply great but I do carry lil contradiction to some of your thoughts…. But in any case nicely written superb post..!!
As a crack pot myself I will be always happy to be around!!! :)

Best Rgds,

Beyond Horizon said...

This is only for Nidhi :
Nidhi, I simply loved what you said. You have interpretated and written down in your words so nicely.
I am glad you said its a superb post, as somehow I could nt say that, not that I did not want to. But this time I never realised it,and just wrote what I wanted to say... :)

For the author :
Sourav, you are mad and I will never hesitate to say it :P

AM said...

I would like to get back to this as often as possible...maybe because I just read it at such an apt time.

There is a feeling that crept into me.. deep down... it is something I hoped for.

Glad to have got it from here. Thank you :)