Signed. Sealed. Delivered. I am yours!

He: I love you!
She: I know, but it's not that easy.

He: Why?
She: Other people are involved. Someone can get hurt.

He: But I don't CARE!!!
She: You will care if it's you being hurt.

He: I wanna marry you!! Don't you like me?
She: I know you do. Of course I like you.

He: So what's the problem?
She: I cannot love you. You would not understand.

He: Wh - why?
She: Because you are not the one for me.

He: But... but how can you say that? I am everything you said you wanted in a guy.
She: Do you like that song...

He: I want an answer.
She: Why would I answer you?

He: Coz you know that you love me.
She: But that is not enough!

He: Tell me, what will be?
She: ..

He: No, I don't care!
She: I..

He: ..ssshhh! I am yours, unreasonably yours!
She: *sigh*


“The worst thing you can do for love is deny it; so when you find that special someone, don't let anyone or anything to get in your way!”

38 people read and said:

Rajlakshmi said...

indeed never let the one you love...
lovely ending :)

Pooja said...

I love the song..

The post.. Hmm.. Didn't quite understand the end.

Timeless Memories - My Bygone ! said...

:) Loved the last prt.. never let, guess one should never giv up... tc

S said...

@Rajlakshmi - True! Thanks! :)

@Pooja - Me too. End is for you to understand! ;)

@Devil - Thanks!Yes, we shouldn't. you take care too :)

Ann said...

Ohh.. that was sooo sweet.. And the last part is a message.. how come you get such unique ideas?

Prateek Bagri said...

Aha!! Seems someone is continuously peeping into my mind and blogging my thoughts, also my next post for my own blog. You're evil. You wrote it before me Sourav. :P

sarah said...

wow..beautifully written..but y did she say someone can get hurt if she just wanted to deny the love?

and yes, u have got a great blog. even i m in love with me and my life :)

Anonymous said...

ahemahem thankuuuuuuu for giving me another chance for CCP :P
LOVE STORY PART 2 hehehehehehheeh

Anonymous said...


Point taken. But it's too late for me. :(

Jaspreet said...

That's so touching and beautiful Sourav :)

~ Lopa said...

Yes, worse thing you can do is to deny your feelings ! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I can't view your site properly within Opera, I actually hope you look into fixing this.

Different colors said...

The conversation had a meaning and an expected impact...keep writing...!!!

Sathish Chandrasekaran (சதீஷ் சந்திரசேகரன்) said...

very striking conversation Sourav :)
u put it across really well :)

keep em comin
cheers !!!

S said...

@Ann - Thanks! :) You are really sweet; such are mostly real life incidents.

@Prateek - Haha! Dude, that was actually effortless and I still don't realize that I did something so evil! :p

@Sarah - That girl is unsure, about his love and their future and the promises!
Great to see a fellow life lover, be in love always and thanks for the comment! :)

@Sweta - I have an idea, why don't you call my blog yours, instead of CCP (cut-copy-pasting) all the posts! :p But, seriously it's good to know that you really them so much! :)

S said...

@Sadho - Yeah.
Bro, it's never late am sure! :)

@Jaspreet - Thank you so much! :)

@Lopa - It's so good to be expressive at times! :)

@Anonymous - I checked, there is no problem. And may be next time you come around, realize your NAME.

@DC (Swati) - Happy to have you around after really long, where have you been bordering? And yes, thanks; you keep reading! :)

@Sathish - Glad, you liked it. Thanks man! :)

Vishal Raj said...

Everything is fine, but I do not agree with the statement in the pic. I completely disagree. I would have, if the world would have been perfect. Anyways, nice post.

Unknown said...

just love d last lines u hv written..

nd really a gr8 conversation.. i knw smtym its nt so easy to get ur love.. but evn its nt impossible ... so go fr it with ur full heart... God is wid true lovers.. nd vl surely help thm out.. so dnt let ur love go lyk anythng. just love it .. u vl get true happiness f ur life...:)

Harini said...

I liked the last part of the convo :). And I love the song.

Anonymous said...

Women! What can I say...

Pooja said...

I'm kind of lost here :(

pramod said...

very imaginative,
excellent presentation.
simple heart touching.

S said...

Vishal - To you, you are the world and if you are looking for perfection no you won't get it; coz no one at all is perfect! Thanks dude! :)

@Nidhi - I really like it when you comment here, it shows that at least some of my real life friends are actually reading my non-sense! :D
Yes, it's not impossible. I don't know about God, but true love in itself is as big as the concept God! :)

@Harini - Thank you! :)

@Kanishk - *sigh*

@Pooja - that is not completely a new territory for you, I suppose! :p

@Pramod - Thanks a lot for the comment and follow, I hope I can make you keep coming back here! :)

Anonymous said...

isshhhh...maar daala..
firse maar daala...
but is baar characters ko nai :P
merko ;)
waTTAAA lovely narration :)
and yes sigh! wonder why ppl have to choose between wat u want and wat others want..
why cant u simply be with the person you love :O
ye pyaar itna mushkil kyu hota hai..
ye sab dekhke m happy m not in love n never been too :D

Pooja said...

That is very true, I am always lost. For something or the other :(

Beyond Horizon said...

Oh...WOW!!! dis is definitely d 1 I can relate 2 ;)
But its difficult 2 follow d last line of ur post :(
m saying it coz...its not just birth of 1 lovely relationship...but many others 2 along with it!
(hope u understood :)

Malvika said...

Though the title uses words that in slight mixes are common in usage... it still is very distinct and fiery on its own.
That's a striking thing about your writing, the title in itself is a puller.

Words are used all the time but its always the right choice that makes all the difference.

The blog is cute, looks simple to write, but I can't be sure till I attempt something like this... precise, short, cute, neat and real!

Pratish said...

Again a gud emotional conversation...intresting..

Ekam said...

That was beautiful . And the last line! Very true. Never hide your feelings. One should never be late in expressing. Nobody knows how much time the two will get together. That time is very special. Never let it go.

That was such a beautiful post Sourav.. :)

Biya said...

i have one word.. Lovely!

Uma Anandane said...

Interesting Post

S said...

@Megzone - Hahahaha! teri comments! :p
Anyways that is so true, we can't be we when there is no love! I have been in and out of it, though no regrets! :)

@Pooja - It's okay! All the best for your exam, you'd be better off soon! :)

@Beyond Horizon - THANKS! Ahan, now I see the reasons for liking it so much! :)
True, with every relation there are so many commitments, relationships and people we get connected to. And yes, I do understand! :)

S said...

@Malvika - Thank you so much! I have never believed in using high sounding and confusing words straight out of Oxford! And yes, I think much more about the title thn the post!

Looking forward to seeing such a convo/post from you too, am sure you'd come up with something better. Thanks again!

@Pratish - Thanks man.

@Ekam - Look, someone is on my blog after an year! Thanks. You described it really well, the time we are in love should be felt and lived as much possible, we can never be sure about the future!

Thank you so much Ekam for the comment and your beautiful views! :)

@Bea - I have one word too, Thanks!

Anonymous said...

It's too, too late re. She's married. Got Kids. And only devil knows what more!:|

Damsel's world said...

ur blogs have deep essence n meaning...liked yaa...:)
do read

Apparently said...

You told me that everything in this post is true especially the feelings. And knowing you, u hardly ever express.

You do love her. she loves you too :)
Shaadi mubarak :P

CutePriya said...

That's the way to go guy...^_*

Neeha said...

Nice blog:)