Longing : Tishnagi!

longing The dark night and the fire from his eyes
Playing the rays of the moon in the dark sky
Was captivating the powerless me..

At times his face was a mere message
And times it was an infrangible promise..

The face was a smile in a grief,
And a guardian to my modesty..

As pure as the virgin of paradise
The demand to a state of tranquility..

A face to my desires,
Oh The Almighty's gift..

A face that changes the hatreds
Into everlasting love..

It was the dark night,
And beside me was a lamp
And a reflector
To portray my illuminated soul..

Us andheri raat mein
uske absaar se woh aatish
baghaawat ki badr si roshni jaisi
be-taaqat mujhe, asir karrahi thi.

Kabhi pahlu mein ek paighaam sa
kabhi paimaan sa woh chehra..

Har taabish mein tabassum sa
mere hijaab ki hifaazat sa woh chehra..

Woh chehra tha koi hoor sa khalis
har dars ka raahat-o-khwahish, chehra..

Meri hasrat ko shakl di jo rab ne
hai woh inayat, chehra..

Jahan ki har nafrat se
karwade jo mohabbat, chehra..

Haan us andheri raat mein
mere pahlu mein ek chirag tha
aur us chirag ke paas tha ek aayina
jismein mera aks tha us chirag se roshan..


TAmannaAdamo Manna or Tamanna as I like calling her is my sweetest friend, who has been around since I could think of and understood the meaning of who a friend is. At the end of the day, I know she will be around to hear all my useless stories and bad jokes and still smile. She dreams as others do, but she doesn't wake up to forget what she dreamt the night. She rather loves chasing her dreams in broad day light. She is kind enough to write this for me, while she pens her beautiful thoughts at Sun in Virgo!

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Sh@s said...

Awesome. I loved the Hindi version. It beautifully captures the emotion and the mood. Intro of Tamanna was sweet.
Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sourav.. :)

Apparently Intellectual said...

awesome ..antastic..mindblowing..loved every word!!

YAM said...


HaRy!! said...

oooo sum1s turning all poetic!!

deepa kashyap said...

wow nice one !!
i loved the lines "It was the dark night,
And beside me was a lamp
And a reflector
To portray my illuminated soul.."

:D :D

MuddassirShah said...

nice, well written

D2 said...

Both versions were beautiful. The Hindi translation, especially, had me enraptured. Beautiful poetry, Tamanna. I was spellbound.

Alcina said...


With each line the subtleness grew.
Undoubtedly a very fantastic poem dedicated to you.

The part written in Hindi throws me into another world.