That letter, unsent!

This letter was just mailed to me by one of my blog’s reader, as he says this is an unsent letter to someone he always loved. Please do not comment on the language and the sentence formation, because all that matters at times is the intention and purity, and I can somehow really relate to this! Identity of that person is kept safe and I am just posting it on his request. Hope this does not remain unsent for long! Thanks!


18h April, 2009

This was the date I got to know someone whom I can irritate with my constant non stop PJ’s and puking all the sad stories of my life on !!

At this night of hour …ohhh wrote it wrong, its actually this hour of the night or rather morning I got nothing to do (exams r not considered important enough…lolz) I m blurting out whatever I am going through for the last few days or weeks. At times it is essential to leave some time for yourself and express your hidden desires, feelings and emotions just to your own SELF !!

Was at home…being with your loved ones is so wonderful, but the problem is I am never content with that “being”….always keep wishing it to be longer then longer…Mum’s constant pampering makes me feel like I have never grown up and I don’t ever want to either, how could I forget my sis…. our never ending issues and always criticizing each other for not doing what we actually should do in our lives actually serves us in a positive way to upgrade to a more practical life (money, job, car, etc)…I don’t crave for such a practical life, yet I know this is life’s reality.

I had a blast on my birthday …and was really happy about the wishes from a long list of people…but the most surprising one was from this girl, here goes her introduction …she is one person I wished I could have met much-much earlier and I am falling in love with her birthday wish now ;)

She is a girl (or should I say a kid) who since the first day I started talking to had been the one, I am getting really close too. I don’t know what love exactly is, as my feelings for love have been thrashed and smashed and still played on by certain people, who are not worthy of a mention here, but I am certainly looking forward to staying with this girl for life (yes, the word is life, which means always and forever or moments more than eternity)…wonder how and what do I consider my feeling to be (love, friendship, acceptance, faith, belief, care concern, understanding or all of these as ONE)…but anyways since she prefers to call it as ‘being friends’ …let it be for the time being, as the last thing for now in my life is to lose the people who I really want around me ALWAYS and it now includes her… an integral part of life now is the person who enjoys her ice-cream as much as she is concerned about life!

I didn’t notice but somehow this peace of article I am writing seems to be dominated by my ‘fren’ … but its justified since my last few weeks are as much delightfully dominated by her. So I am going to write more about ‘us’ now….since its my article and I need to be mentioned too. :D

She came into my life without asking my permission, but is now barred to go away without my permission, coz I now need her more than she needs me. She has been the ray of hope, when I could see things as dark as gloom. She supported me, without asking for anything in return … she smiled even at my lamest jokes even laughed at them…criticized me without the intention of hurting me or discouraging me…praised me for the fewest things I did right in my life. All and all it has been a happy sailing with her…loved any and every moment stayed and shared with her …and pray from the deepest corner of my heart that it never ends…never ever … wish to say and write more, but my situations are not allowing me to do so …

Beautiful_Day_by_Dr4kon I understand all your views and reasons girl, but what I don’t like is basing your life on the lines of those reasons and situations. Yet I know my wait will be worth it … for now concluding, with a promise to write more about things and my life newly discovered surprise which is YOU … !!!

Have so much more to write on us … I may end up writing actually never…!!

Love, like and miss u as a ’fren’, alwayz!!

9 people read and said:

Vivek said...

Love is a very special feeling , which just happens ..can't ..and things around us looks beautiful , there is special effect on our eyes too our vision gets a lift things looks brighter and clearer then before.

I'm glad you are in Love.
All the best :)

Good luck in love and life.

God bless you.

R-A-J said...

Moral of the story: Love will get u, irrespective of ur grammar. :D

Jokes apart, I think he should sent the letter; at least he’ll know what the outcome is – if it works, awesome for him!!! If it doesn’t, welcome to the club! :D

But the closet optimist that I am, think it will work well for him… she just needs that push n maybe this letter cud b the first in tht direction.. if she’s the one, thn he shud keep tryin, again n again n again… one day she’’ll get fed up of sayin ‘No’ n will say ‘Yes’ :)

Go for it..sent it ..we’ll all be praying :)

(fingers crossed) :)

Pramoda Meduri said...

Mixed feelings and emotions fill us at times; expressing ourselves always helps.. send it..)

Madhav Mishra said...

lets hope the gurl reads this letter..i ve heard women are very good wid 6th sense she ll find out eventually :)

Alcina said...

Oh! i can totally relate to this..
It's a situation where you want to say so many things to the person you love but you cannot and you write a letter whether with the help of a keyboard and soft page on PC or lappy or with the pen or a pencil on a paper...You think many times of sending it to her or him but you end up keeping it to yourself..some feelings are so hard to let know or so hard to let away that they remain with us and we think that some day he or she will know and then may be i can even show her or him this.....

Deepika Vasudeva said...

Tell this person to send this letter to her. Love once happened shouldn't be let go unconfessed..
And thats so nice of you to publish his letter here, maybe she'll read it herself here someday.. But yet details are too un-specific for her to know that's its for her.. Umm.. You got what i meant? I didn't though.

The Enchantress said...

that's what we simply call " TRUE LOVE" !!

which comes only once in our livesssss

Sakhi. said...

honest and sweet :)

Rituparna said...

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