That winter.


It was the first snow of the season. She woke up in his arms, while he whiskered away her hair out of her eyes and smiled. She questioned in a sleepy voice, “Smiling, why?'

He answered, “I think I have a new year’s resolution already!”

Really? Tell me, wha..” she couldn’t finish her question before he answered, “I'll not break anything anymore.” And in that very moment, he kissed her, “Promise, beautiful I won't leave you broken again.

That kiss and the promise marked a new beginning for them.




You know, I love snowflakes” he said while touching her lips; “and you’re like one to me. Strong yet melting away..” he added.


A bright sunshine morning. He had already left her alone, broke his own new year’s resolution and her heart too. She realized how he loved the snowflakes and not water. How he loved what she was and not what she might become.

But he left her with an end.

And a sunshine.

And for another new beginning.

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Sony said...

what was the reason he left