Promises, broken for love.

She: You know we can try and make this work.
             He: I guess, we can.

She: But you need to assure me of certain things? Can you promise?
             He: Like?

She: Like, give me a promise me that you’ll never leave the hand soap box empty.  You’ve to promise me when when you drop that cup of tea, instead of leaving it like that you will clean it up. 
             He: No, I won’t promise all that. But take my word for this I’ll never leave you hands and your life empty of all the happiness. I promise to be there for every drop of tear, that life may ever offer you and clean it up with kisses.

She: I think I can manage with that.
              He: And I’ll need some promises too?

She: Let me know, I can try.
              He: You should never drag me along in chick-movie, where the guy cries more than the girl. Promise me you won’t spend half of my salary on dresses and shoes you’d probably never even wear.

She: Not done. But I will drag you along into the bed when we’re soaked to the bone with rain and our teeth are clicking and our hands are the only things warm on our bodies. I will promise that I’ll spend half my thoughts on ‘you’ and the other half on ‘us.’ And yes..
              He: Yes?

She: You’ve to love me the first thing in the morning even when my breath smells like last night and poor decisions. And to love me in the afternoon when I’m upset at you because your love would keep me in senses. Promise to love me at night when I’m cooking and impatient for that dinner because I couldn’t taste the food before serving as I was thinking about tasting your collarbone.
            He: Quite simple for me, I promise to love you always. Even when you’re stupid, gross, irritating or embarrassing.

She: Thanks! And I’ll try to be a little more sane.
            He: LIAR!

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