Calls Unanswered. A Letter Unread.

27th July, 2010.
12:30 am
She calls him for the first time.

"You there?"
"Say something?"
"Please talk, when you can. Bye!"

12:45 am
The 2nd time.

"I know you’re there. Aren’t you?"
"Listen, Arjun. Its very urgent!"
”Go to hell.”

12:52 am
The 3rd time.

“Sorry! I didn’t mean that.”
"Talk, please?"
"You know I can’t bear this much pain anymore.. I need to hear you!"

1:25 am
The 4th time.

"Please.....Please. I'm begging!"
"Okay, I won't do it anymore. Goodbye!"

1:29 am
The 5th and the last time.

"Seems I’ve bothered you enough."
"I know you’re listening, Arjun."
"You will regret. Or may be I will. Bye."


2:34 am
Arjun calls her back

"Hey! You wanted to talk? Sorry, I was away at a friend’s party.."
Hello Aisha?
"I think you’ve slept, give me a call. And take care"

29th July, 2012
A note.

Dear whoever is reading,

You discovered this letter too late. I’m no more. I wanted to talk to him but I wasn’t as necessary to him. I hope he now realizes how much he meant to me, but I just got tired of waiting. May be I didn’t have enough patience or may be he never loved me. Or may be I loved him more than I should’ve..

         ~Yours forever,

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